PAX by Ploom Vaporizer Review


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Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 85%

Dry Herb, Wax/OilPrice: $199.99

Our Verdict: PAX by Ploom is powerful, extremely portable, and one of the most popular vaporizer pens in the past few years. PAX by Ploom still stands tall as one of the best and comes highly recommended by many.

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First Impressions on Pax by Ploom Vaporizer

Design: PAX by Ploom is roughly the size and shape of a regular lighter. It is a well-designed vaporizer that doesn’t look at all like other vaporizer pens. Sleek and sophisticated, the outer beauty of PAX is rivaled only by how well it works.

Build Quality: Made out of aluminum, PAX is a solid device with little to no tolerance. This device is well-made, which is evident when the user holds it. It doesn’t hurt that Ploom backs it with a 10-year warranty.

What’s in the Box: When you purchase a PAX, you also get one wall charger, one cleaning kit, two packs of lubricant, a product manual, counterfeit protection, and a 10-year warranty.

Vaping Experience

Usability: Good looks won’t get it very far if the device is frustrating to use. Fortunately, PAX delivers quality, because of its simplistic operation.

Users can fill PAX using magnets, foregoing the usual snap and lock, or screw-on types employed by other vaporizers. Because of this, the device undergoes less stress, thus it is less prone to breakage.

Settings can easily be adjusted to low, medium, or high. The exact temperature to use the device is dependent on the type of herb used, or according to one’s taste.

The unit also has an indicator light that alerts the user of a number of things. Users can see how much life the battery has left, what setting they are in and when the unit is in standby mode

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor from PAX can be described as potent. At times, herbs don’t heat evenly. Users may note a faint plastic smell emanating from the unit when it is on the verge of being empty. These instances are a rare occurrence, but it’s important for consumers to know.

Some users find the draw to be a little tight. This may be preferable for people who prefer a tighter draw, but for others who prefer an airy and relaxed draw, this device may take some getting used to.

Aside from these quirks, PAX works very well, especially for its size. Once a user gets used to the tight draw, they may find that every vape with PAX is a pleasant experience.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Despite the size of PAX, it is capable of giving approximately an hour’s worth of vaping. That kind of battery life is pretty good compared to other vaporizers in its class.

The best part is that it also fully recharges in about an hour. Other vaporizers take hours to charge and give you only a fraction of vape time. PAX has hit the perfect balance between recharging and usage times.

The heating chamber is efficient, heating up in less than a minute and it heats without fail. With each use, the chamber heats up to the last temperature it was set to, eliminating constant fiddling with the controls and providing the user more time to enjoy the vape.

PAX consistently heats up quickly with no waning of power even when the battery is low and the heat setting is at its highest.


Pax by Ploom: Additional Details

 PAX is by far one of the best vaporizers out there today, and despite being a few years old, it still performs better than newer models. Though the tight draw may be an issue, one can easily get used to it. PAX, however, costs a bit more than comparable vaporizers. Given the size, design, and overall performance of PAX, it is well worth the extra cost. If you are a medical marijuana user looking for a portable, well-designed vaporizer that performs well, PAX by Ploom comes highly recommended. 

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PAX by Ploom Official Overview

Pax Vaporizer (by Ploom)
Vape Rating: 89/100 by


  1. Worst company ever DO NOT BUY claim a 10yr warranty but all they do is have you MAIL your personal used item to them they clean it and send it back saying everything is fixed and there JUUL product is even worse all the pods do is leak I suggest the MLV products like PHIX and look for a vaporizer that has better support in terms off standing behind there product after all it’s $275 worth it while it’s working but cross your fingers

  2. Also just so you see there business ethics
    Juul by PAX labs has an amazing and best nic pods which are mango
    Guess what you have to by them off their site not sold in stores and you have to pay shipping
    Get Level Up Mango Salt Nics and fill it yourself instructions on YouTube and one $18 bottle fills over 30 pods and taste better with the same hit 50ml high nic which is what is in the greedy companies pods!!!

  3. Worst vape product ever. Mine does N.O.T.H.I.N.G. It HEATS up, even gets hot, but no vapor, not even smoke. WAY overpriced ($250) for what you get.
    Bought a G-pen for $50 dollars and it DESTROYS the pos Pax.
    NEVER AGAIN Ploom!!!

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