Micro Vaped Essential Oil Vaporizer: The Kit Is Complete

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Micro Vaped oIl Vaporizer review image
Review Score: 67/100 - 67
Color: Black
Works with: Concentrates
Vaped, a California based e-cigarette brand, provides its users with vaporizer pens for on the go solid concentrate vaping. When it comes to Vaped, expect every session to be impressive. The building quality is impressive, and users can feel the durability immediately they have the device in their hands. It is an ideal vaporizer for solid concentrate. It is not something that can be considered highly sophisticated, but it is made with class and does not look like some cheap massively produced clone.
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The device is small, discreet, and comfortably fits in the pocket. All parts of the vaporizer are entirely branded, which makes it more legitimate than most generic brands out there. The vaporizer produces high-quality massive hits of vapors with satisfying flavors taste. Its small and stealth size might be deceiving; it burns the oil relatively fast without delays in sessions. Users can enjoy vaping anywhere anytime.

Vaped designed this vaporizer pen to be operational with a lithium-ion and uses a skillet cartridge. Vaped cartridges are replaceable. They are available in several colors: black, blue, orange, red, purple, pink, white, etc. and are sold separately. Also, the pen comes in 4 different versions – V1, V2, V3, and V4.

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What’s in the Package:

  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Vaped Skillet Attachment
  • Loading Tool
  • USB Charger
  • Aluminum Case
  • Warranty Card

Micro Vaped Vaporizer: Design

The pen comes with a charming design and branding, looking like a luxury writing pen. Vaped made this excellent device with stainless steel and used smooth rubber sleeve for its coating. Users can feel its quality mere placing it in the palm. Unlike other pens from the most manufacturer, the Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen has all items in the package featuring “vaped” logo somewhere. Vaped ensured the amount of plastic and metal used in manufacturing the device, by incorporating stainless steel XL cartridges and also Glass Globe option. Although there are several cartridges with different build material encasing the skillet, they are similar in design and the bowl encasing the wick and coil is made with ceramics.

micro vaped vaporizer box image

Micro Vaped Vaporizer: Performance

It offers users discreteness and portability. The vaporizer pen heating element is made of Aluminum-Alloy coil with 2.5 Ohm resistance, which gives it a fast warm-up time of about 2 seconds and ready for on-the-go vaping. The device is configured with the 5-Click Battery Lock technology, get started by clicking five times.

The premier pen comes with 10 seconds automatic shut-off to avoid burning up the coil, your pocket or property. It delivers high-quality and satisfying vapors when used with either liquid or concentrate, which it is solely designed for. Another fantastic feature of this devices is its heat up time – 30 seconds. Undoubtedly, there are vaporizers out there with 10, 15, 20 seconds heat up time, but Micro Vaped 30 seconds heat up time allows you to heat up as long as desired.

When it comes to simplicity, the Micro Vaped Vaporizer performs outstandingly. To get started, load the skillet attachment with the concentrate and press the trigger button for instant vaping. The device features a 510 threading that allows users to easily pair other attachment with the Vaped pen, including the Vaped Glass Globe for more powerful vapor production. It also features a 5-Click Battery Lock, and turn the heating mode with just three clicks.

Micro Vaped Globe Vape Pen Starter Kit

The Micro Vaped Globe can take wax concentrate or even a hard shatter. Everything needed to get started comes with the Micro Vaped Globe. Tucked snugly in a cool carrying tin are the vape pen, a loading tool and USB charger. Take the glass globe off the heating chamber and load the dab on the heater. Yes, more concentrate can be used, but careful not to overdo it.

Micro Vaped Globe Vape Pen image

Replace the globe and turn it on by clicking the start button five times. For best results, it pays off to let the dab melt slightly before taking a draw. Hold down the start button and take a deep draw. With just the right amount of airflow, a thick cloud will fill the mouth. Flavors are extracted nicely for a full taste experience.

Micro Vaped V4 Wax Pen

The Micro Vaped V4 is a very portable and discreet vape pen. It is also lightweight and comes in two separate pieces – the battery, and the mouthpiece. It also features a metal clip to slip the Micro Vaped V4 in with the rest of the pens users carry in their front shirt pocket. Apart from that, the Micro Vaped V4 dab pen seeks that most coveted feature of all vaporizers – not to be seen or noticed as a vape pen – and it accomplishes that much.

The USB charging port on the V4 is found on the base of the pen, and it needs at least two to three hours to get fully charged. The top mouthpiece screws off, to reveal the dual quartz atomizer that prevents leaking because of its depth so there is no need to worry about any liquid dripping back. The chamber is easy to fill using the handy dabber pick that Vaped has provided.

Micro Vaped nano v4 vape pen

Just take anything from a waxy concentrate to a hard shatter and dip it into the quartz crystal dish that has two Gr2 titanium wrapped rods to get a straight hit of unmatched flavor, which is something that premium materials like quartz and titanium guarantees. In its mild-mannered, civilian guise, the Micro Vaped V4 delivers a consistently delightful stream of flavor. Cloud size is negligible and standard for a device like this, but when the Micro Vaped V4 gets untamed (by attaching the detachable glass globe attachment), one can watch those clouds swirling inside the globe like a typhoon during monsoon season.

Similar Pen-style Vaporizers

This one of the top-notch device ideal for newbies starting out with vaping concentrate. The pen comes with an elegant, sleek all-black design. G Pen Quartz comes with a dual-quartz coil for effectively vaporizing concentrates. Its vapor cloud is not as impressive as Micro Vaped Vaporizer.

G Pen Vaporizer (Dual Quartz) and the box

The pen comes with a fantastic design, sturdy and still with an affordable price range. Dr. Dabber does not feature any heating mode. Users cannot customize the vapor quality, density, and taste which makes it ideal for newbies. All you have to do is load the wax, press the button and get an instant, satisfying plumes of vapor.

dr dabber light kit image

Is Micro Vaped Vaporizer the Best Pen-Style Vaporizer?

The device is fantastic, especially the 30-seconds heat up time. The pen-style vaporizer parts screw well and flawlessly. Its design is luxurious and elegant. In the palm, one can feel it sturdiness and how outstanding it build quality and engineering is. The device is discreet, sturdy and substantial vapor production and a comfortable mouthpiece. If you want something portable and offer a big pack of punch, then Micro Vaped Vaporizer is the right pick.

Review Score: 67/100 - 67
  • Sleek, elegant and portable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Charges with USB, making it suitable for on-the-go vaping
  • Produces a large vapor hit
  • The coil sits up high in the bowl causing oil reclaim build-up.

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