//Micro Vaped Essential Oil Vaporizer: The Kit Is Complete
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Micro Vaped Essential Oil Vaporizer: The Kit Is Complete

Micro vaped vaporizer kit

Made for vaping essential oils, the Micro Vaped Essential Oil Vaporizer is a remarkably portable device that can easily capture the interest of those who are always on-the-go. With its stealth and portable size, the Micro Vaped is very easy to carry around without having to look like some gadget-loving geek.
Micro Vaped Vaporizer Editor's Rating: 79
Micro Vaped Vaporizer User Rating: 93

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The Micro Vaped Design

MicroVaped vape pen

We particularly admire the elegance of this vape pen’s design. It is not something that can be considered highly sophisticated, but it is made with class and does not look like some cheap massively produced clone.

The Micro Vaped is built with quality materials that do not easily get broken, but to be on the safe side; it is best to handle this device with care as it is not as compact and solid as other high-end devices on the market. Something tells us that the glass globe may not survive a serious fall, so better be safe than sorry when using this attachment.

Vaped, nonetheless, bothered to place a smooth rubber sleeve on the pen’s stainless steel body, which makes it easy to hold and comfortable to the grip. The Micro is available in blue, red, black, pink, orange, green, white, and purple.

Kit, Attachments and Extras

Micro Vaped Essential Oil Vape pen Kit Contents

The Micro Vaped comes with one plastic mouthpiece, one skillet attachment, one metal mouthpiece, one USB charger, one dab tool, one lithium ion rechargeable battery, one instruction card, one warranty card, and an aluminum case that holds everything.

Anyone who does not want to use the stainless steel cartridge on the Micro Vaped can use the glass globe, which is sold separately. Either way, all attachments only differ in the materials used to encase the skillets. All of them have ceramic bowls and the same heating elements. Using the glass globe is quite entertaining, so to speak, as it allows you to see the vapor being produced before it gets to your lungs.

Other than that, we think it is only a matter of personal preference that affects the choice of any vaper. If one does not, however, want to use much metal on their device, then the glass globe is a perfect replacement.

Using the Micro Vaped

This is a no-fuss device. To use the Micro Vaped, simply remove the glass globe, put your material just right on top of the heating element, and place the glass globe back on. It takes around 10 seconds for the device to fully heat up, but when it does, it gets really hot and somehow burns the material.

Instead of holding the button for a few seconds, it is better to ‘pulse’ it a couple of times until there is enough vapor on the globe. You will see the vapor building up inside, and notice it coming out of the sides when the globe is full. The next thing to do is to inhale through the mouthpiece and repeat until you are done.

We found one little problem in the process, however. Since the device would not vaporize anything that is not directly in contact with the heating element, we were obliged to add the wax concentrate little by little on the coil itself. Quite inconvenient, rather, to have to reload the pen every two to three draws, especially if you are out and about.

Vapor Quality, Maintenance

Now, the quality of the vapor. As mentioned earlier, the Micro Vaped gets really hot, and thus produces a hot vapor that may not be suitable for everyone. The first draw was impressive, although there were no clouds of vapor (which we did not expect to get from this device, in the first place). The flavor was excellent, however. Then again, some good things never last and in this case, this excellence quickly turned into disappointing burnt reclaim.

The cartridges of the Micro Vaped are disposable and typically last for a few weeks before they need to be discarded. Once they have reached the end of their shelf life, you can purchase new ones from Vaped’s website at $50 for every pack of five.

Cleaning is very simple, as you only need to soak everything except for the battery in alcohol. To remove oil residue, simply use a Q-tip that has been soaked in alcohol as well.

Review Summary

The Micro Vaped is a great portable vape pen for essential oils of all kinds. If only for the size and design, one can say that this device was excellently engineered.

However, there is a problem with the coil sitting too high from the base of the bowl, which prevents it from vaporizing all the wax that you put on it. Aside from causing inconvenience, as you will need to reload the pen every two to three draws, this issue is also the reason for the reclaim and subsequent undesirable taste after the first draw.

The glass globe is a cool way to watch your vapor build up before taking a draw. On the contrary, it breaks easily and must be handled with care at all times. It is not, therefore, advisable to put the pen in your pocket when you are on-the-go. This kind of cancels out the ‘portability’ of the device.

The quality of the vapor is, again, a bit disappointing mainly due to the reclaim. Then again, the first draw was amazing and delivered full flavor from the oil. There were no billowing clouds; instead, there was just enough vapor like a regular vape pen produced.

Micro Vaped Vaporizer
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