Innokin T22 Vape Pen Review: Come With Me If you Want to Vape

Innokin T2290100

The Innokin T22 is a sequel of sorts in the Endura series. First came the T18, which sounds like the least popular entry in the Terminator series, but in reality was the first starter kit in the Endura series.

The T22, just like with the Terminator series, beats its predecessor in a couple ways, namely in power and tank capacity. The Innokin T22 makes use of a 2000 mAh battery and features a T22 Prism Tech Tank that gives the Innokin T22 its namesake.

Innokin T22 Review

But apart from the added punch it packs, the T22 is also designed to help ease new vapers into the game. The Innokin T22 features a one-button layout that makes it easier to use than an elevator.

Innokin wanted to make a vape pen that was pret a porter (ready to wear) since the T22 box comes with as detailed a guide to its contents as the pop-up chart that spells out what chocolates come in the box.


  • Simple controls
  • Easy-to-clean/use/maintain
  • Vaping while charging feature with a cool-looking stand
  • One-button firing
  • Easy to fill tank

  • No menus or adjustable settings

T22 The Box! The Box!

  • 2000mAh battery for a longer vape
  • A top-fill, 4 ml capacity Pyrex glass tank
  • A pair of 1.5-ohm coils (one of them already on the tank)
  • USB cable
  • Extra ‘O’ rings
  • User manual

The Innokin T22 Vape Pen Look and Feel

The T22 has a lot more to grab onto that its svelter sister the T18 with its larger battery capacity. Even so, the T22’s box mod design is still small enough to disappear into a fist, with only the tank and mouthpiece showing when completely enveloped in your hand.

Height-wise, the T18, and the T22 are more or less the same. The T22 comes in a few different colors from blue or gray metallic neons to simple, Knight Rider-esque black with red stripes exterior.

The T18 made for a more portable and discreet model for those looking for the same mechanics of smoking cigs or cigars, but the T22 has a little more bulk making it easier to hold while giving you an extended battery and tank life.

The stainless steel components make the T22 incredibly durable and smooth to touch, with a powdered matte feel to aid with the grip. The firing button gives a satisfying click for the three-clicks on/off function which glows red and green or amber respectively. The button colors also function as the battery life indicators.

Getting to Know the Innokin T22 Vape Pen

Innokin had those first-timers in mind when putting together the T22 package. The T22 comes laid-out simply with the tank and box mod packaged separately. The box flap spells out what’s in the box and gives you a quick cram session on the basics of the T22.

Taking a look first at the battery, I noticed that it was lightweight for its 14-watt power output and that it has the micro USB port for charging right in front. Apart from that I also noticed the conspicuous lack of any LED screens or further buttons for adjusting.

The T22 is intended to be a simple device so it doesn’t feature many other bells and whistles that might appeal to the more graduated vaper.

The T22 Prism tank attaches as quickly as possible to the battery. The self-adjusting 5/10 pin lets more air flow through the vents ringed around the pin. The Delfin drip tip comes attached to the tank and features two O-rings already in place to help secure the mouthpiece to the atomizer tank.

Taking Out the T22 Vape Pen for a Spin

Innokin took out some of the more complicated steps in setting up your vaporizer to make it the T22 ready within minutes. The 2000 mAh battery comes already charged. The tank is easy to fill by simply unscrewing the top and filling up the liquid around the coil (be careful not to get any liquid in the center).

Keep the T22 vertical for at least five minutes using the handy make-it-yourself stand that comes included in the kit. The untreated Japanese cotton coils guarantee a clean, pure vape since the cotton coils do not contain any chemical additives or bleaches.

After the e-liquid has soaked right through, the T22 turns on very easily by clicking the trigger three times with another three clicks to turn off the device. I used juice that was majority VG but using juice with a lesser amount made more sense, giving you a nice balance of flavor.

Since the T22 is a mouth-to-lung vape – the vapor mostly collects in your mouth before you inhale, something akin to cigarette smoking – the Delrin drip tip gives you a smooth intake of vapor that’s meant to evoke the same feeling as a regular tobacco product. The T22 delivers on what it was intended to deliver, a rewarding sense of flavor without the added effort of long draws.

How the Innokin T22 Vape Pen Performs

In keeping with the Innokin’s commitment to simplicity of design, the T22 takes only a few minutes to get going. With that said, once the tank is filled, the coil primed and the battery charged, it only requires a quick click of the firing button to get vaping.

There’s not much to modify or change with the T22 since it was intended as a gateway for those people starting to get curious about vaporizers. The coils are easily changed and removed, but make sure the tank is empty if you don’t want your valuable e-juice spilling all over the place.

You can change the coils after at least a week of use with the tank being able to resist at least 1.2 ohms, so you can’t sub-ohm on this particular device.

Despite being aimed at first-time newbies, the T22 does also feature its version of training wheels, when it comes to the safety features built into the device. There’s a 10-second cut-off, so your battery doesn’t drain from unintentional firing.

Overloading the tank and low battery voltage protection are just some of the other safety features built into the design making the T22 a perfect, fool-proof device.

Taking Care of the Innokin T22 Vape Pen

The T22 has only two parts, so its assembly and upkeep aren’t such time-consuming tasks. These steps will make cleaning the T22 easier:

  • The stainless steel tank comes off easily and can be run through with some soap and water to clean up any juice stains
  • The coils come off just as easily, you just pop out the old one and insert the new
  • The box mod can resist all kinds of punishment and its scratch and dent-resistant so no need to worry about dropping it or taking it with you

The T22 comes with an easy-to-follow diagram of its insides so familiarizing yourself with all the different parts shouldn’t be so hard. The users manual goes further in-depth on the proper care, and maintenance techniques so be sure to consult it if you have any more questions on cleaning or upkeep.

Vaping With the Innokin T22 Vape Pen

The T22 is set up to give you a mouthful of flavor, while not taxing your airbags too much. The mouthpiece is easy to wrap around, and the amount of effort you have to put in is minimal for a smooth, sustained haul.

Your cloud won’t be breaking any records in terms of cloud size, but you don’t want that anyway. The T22 is supposed to be more of an introduction to vaping and not the advanced weather-making machine that veteran vapers prefer.

Battery and Tank Life

The T22 can give you at least a full day’s worth of vaping if you fill up the tank to the max. Battery life is also guaranteed for at least two days at a full charge. The one-button function also lets you know where your battery level is at with green, amber and red settings.

Differences and Similarities

The T22 has double-everything when compared to its little sister, the T18. The battery size gives you at least three days of battery life compared to the T18, and the 4.5 ml tank means you don’t have to refill as often.

While the T22 is bigger, it makes it easier to handle, rather than the T18 with its tubular design that can make for awkward handling.

The T22 charges from the USB port located on the front, while the T18 charged from the bottom. You can also vape while charging, although that’ll take some time out of your recharging time.

The T22’s 14-watt system makes for a warmer vape than others, but that doesn’t translate to making it untouchable while vaping.

Getting to the Bottom


The Innokin T22 is a great starter kit for anyone looking to dip their toe into the vaping pool. It retails at close to $30, but you could probably find some on sale out there, so it makes for a great buy if you or a friend are just starting to get interested in vaping. -10/10.

Look and Feel

The Innokin T22 doesn’t overwhelm the first-time vaper with too many distractions and hidden settings. It’s simple and straightforward design is both appealing and functional especially when combined with the fashionable colors it comes in. – 10/10.


If you are slowly getting drawn into vaping culture, the extended battery size and tank capacity ensure you a steady stream of flavorful vapor without too much fuss or mess in either refilling the tank, charging the battery or changing the coils. 10/10.

Wrapping Up

The Innokin T22 can quickly become a favorite among rookie vapers for its simplicity of design and function. The T22 assembles easily and doesn’t confuse with too many mods or attachments. You get an incredible amount of flavor from the almost 5-inch deep, a strand of Japanese cotton inserted into the atomizer making it soak up any juice you put in there.

The lifespan of the coils makes the Innokin T22 a step-up from disposable or “cigalike” vape pens, which is where most people were before using something like the T22. There is a fixed power and airflow setting, so you don’t have to fiddle around with the device, which is a good thing if you want to get straight to the vaping.

Again, more advanced or veteran vapers might not be impressed with the T22’s simplicity, and the T22 is not for them. But for those people wanting to have a smooth introduction to the vaping life, the Innokin T22 is a reliable guide to a new way of vaping.

Published: November 30, 2017 Updated: February 12, 2019



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