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Halo Triton II Vape Review: Top Style & Performance

The Halo Triton II is not an intergalactic spaceship, although that would be a fantastic name for one (make a note of it). The Halo Triton II is the latest from Halo Cigs, one of the OV’s (original vaporizers) whose G6 model e-cigarette helped usher in the era of modern vaping.

The Halo Triton II is a starter kit package that comes more or less ready-to-use. The device itself is streamlined to perfection to deliver all the basics without being basic-looking. The sleekness of the design makes it look like a classic Chevrolet coupe turned into a vape pen. The kit comes with everything you need to start vaping right away.

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It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

The Triton II comes in a durable carrying case, with a spring-loaded cover, so you don’t need to worry about the box opening and spilling out all its contents.

Once you open it up, here’s what you’ll find:

  • User’s manual
  • Two 700mAh batteries
  • Two 2 ml clearomizer tanks
  • Three 0.75 ohms coil heads
  • Two mouthpieces
  • One adaptable mouthpiece
  • Wall charger
  • USB charger

Distinguishing Features

I’m just going to come out and say it, objectivity be damned: Halo Cigs makes a great product. The Triton II is just what you want for a starter kit: easy-to-use and attractive.

Some of the Triton II’s more endearing features are:

  • A two hour charge time that lasts an entire day
  • The adaptable mouthpiece lets you attach different clearomizers
  • The battery has a separate set of threads at the top that allows you to use different atomizers if you so desire
  • Two pre-installed stainless steel coils (with a third independent coil included)
  • 15 second cut-off time for batteries

Halo Triton II Vape Eye Catchiness

As I mentioned above, I don’t know exactly what it is (the Triton II doesn’t have tail fins or large wheel wells,) but something about it just recalls the Golden Age of Automobiles. Maybe it’s the fact that Halo Cigs is an American company and it proudly manufactures all its products in the US of A.

But whatever it is, just from the sturdiness of the case, you can tell that the Triton II was built to last. All the parts of the Triton II are easily removable and you can do a lot with each of the components.

You can attach the atomizer from the G6 and then screw on the adaptable mouthpiece cone to make it more inconspicuous. Each of the batteries has two sets of threads on them making it easier to attach a lot of different tanks or mini-tanks if you want.

The glass tanks were a good design decision if you ask me. With two batteries and interchangeable tanks, the clearomizers make it easy to distinguish between mods if you have different liquids in them.

While not exactly as disappearable as the original G6 cigalike, the Triton II is still a good road mod. The sturdy carrying case, as well as the two charging options (outlet or USB), makes it great for travel. And you can always attach the plastic caps to ensure it doesn’t leak or that nothing dirties up the mouthpiece.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Since it is designed as a starter kit, all you need to do to start vaping is charge the batteries (again, two full hours should do the trick) and then fill the tanks. When you’re charging the batteries, the trigger mechanism will flash red for a few seconds. When the button turns a solid red, you’re good to go as the battery is fully charged.

The clearomizer tanks have the measurements printed on it so you can decide how much juice you want to use. Halo raised the atomizer in the tank to make filling the Halo II that much easier. No need to worry about spilling any e-juice or worry about it leaking.

After the Halo is fully charged (the trigger button will turn red once it’s fully charged) click the trigger five times to turn it on and then you can just start vaping. The Halo is a mouth-to-lung vaporizer, so it doesn’t require a lot of effort to draw out the vapor.

And once you do get that vapor out, it doesn’t disappoint. I wasn’t exactly pouring smoke like a steam engine, but the longer draw you take means a lot more cloud. I took some serious hits with the Tribeca juice and I felt I like had stuffed my mouth full of Snickers bites and was just letting them melt in my mouth.

Halo is known for manufacturing their own e-liquids. They usually have great sales and enormous discounts when you order a kit, so I took advantage of this and got the Freedom Juice, (just, because, of course). The other one was the aforementioned Tribeca.

Halo Triton II Vape Pen image


I was never a smoker, but I still do vape nicotine (yeah, I know, strange), so I imagine that most people looking to make the transition to vaping from cigarettes will be reminded of the experience.

I also decided to swap out the Halo clearomizer with my G6 cartomizer, which makes the whole apparatus a bit more portable and lightweight. So if you want to take the Halo mobile that would be the best option. I found that the vapor went more to my throat than anything else, so it didn’t leave a bad taste, but I liked the MTL vape of the clearomizer.

Other Things I Noticed


I really liked the ability to swap out the atomizer with different cartomizers. Halo obviously encourages this since they included the adapter cone to make the Halo Triton II more aesthetically pleasing and by adding a different set of threads.


Being a starter kit, this was something that Halo had to ensure. The packaging lays out everything (even though the battery and the tanks were not screwed together, which I assume was Halo’s way of pushing you to become more familiar with the device by having to screw it together yourself) and the user’s manual walks you through the basics of the device.

Halo Triton II tank coil battery details image


Two Batteries

I mean, TWO batteries. Who else does that? For the retail price of $45, you get two vaping options. If you’re feeling generous, you could gift one to a friend or loved one, but if you’re not so inclined (and shame on you) you could keep one as a backup, so when your main one runs out of juice, you can just pick up the second one and keep vaping away.

Swapping Out

One thing that didn’t seem to add up (at least to me) was that the Triton II, despite its versatility, is not compatible with the original Triton model, although itiscompatible with the G6, as I mentioned before. The different cartomizer produced another kind of hit, but other than that there wasn’t much difference.

If you wanted to compare this starter kit with something like the Innokin T22 starter kit, which is a bit pricier and a little heftier, the Triton II is the more portable of the two. And being able to order a more powerful battery for the Triton II (up to 900 mAh) means that you could even surpass the Innokin’s power if you felt like it.

Halo Triton II: From Start to End

The Halo Triton II is an e-liquid vaporizer with not a lot of complexity to it, which is a good thing for a starter kit to be. But, Halo Cigs, also gives you the option to play around with the device, as a way to introduce you to the possibilities involved in vaping.

It practically comes already assembled, and there’s not much you could do to it that will upset your vape. The MTL vape gives you a smoother vape option, so if your lungs are not quite ready to handle vaping, then you’ll be okay. But switching out the cartomizers lets you figure out what kind of vaper you are.

Thumbs Up

  • Easy to use
  • Two batteries (just, wow!)
  • Easy to fill tank
  • Versatility
  • Price

Thumbs Down

  • Can’t think of anything I didn’t like and I tried really hard.

Halo Triton II
Vape Rating: 80/100 by