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by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: September 8, 2021

Canna Blast Vape desktop

Review Score: 79/100

Pink, Black, White, Silver, Rainbow
Tank Capacity:
Works with:
  • Oil icon


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Quick heat up
  • Ceramic coils and internal makeup


  • Is not a full-size vaporizer

The Canna Blast is a vape pen that provides full flavor with every pull. Easy to conceal and slip in your pocket, with an even heating mechanism found inside, every hit from the cannabis oil vape pen is a great one. With one button use, this vape pen is easy for everyone to use and fill to get the full effect and flavor that it provides.

Find out if this is the best vape pen for you to use when you have CBD or other thick cannabis juice that you want to inhale and enjoy.

Canna Blast Vape Pen Review

The Canna Blast Vape kit was made for CBD and thick oils to run through. The netting that is found on the inside of the pen provides the coverage that is needed to catch anything that might fall through.

The ceramic make-up of this pen provides everyone with the strong-hold, delicious flavor that they want but with the medical grade build that they desire from such a device. It truly provides the flavor and packs a punch. The ceramic system is patented to make it stand out and become one of the biggest and best pens that are sold in vape shops around the country.

Canna Blast Vape desktop

The manual push button and automatic battery work together to provide an even heating system inside that create the vapor. This cannabis oil vaporizer is what is sent up through the mouthpiece for the user to breathe in.

One of the best parts about this vape kit is that you get every last drop from the pen. You don’t have to worry about wasting any. The pen is easy to load with thick liquids and oils from the bottom. Simply pour the liquid into this area and then let it heat up when you push the one button operation. With ceramic coils, you don’t have to worry about having leftover burning residue.

Canna Blast Vape Pen box

Reload up to 20 times with just one tank, allowing you to get the most from the pen that is working for you. This is reloading that can provide you with a way to enjoy the thick vapor each and every time you pull on the pen.

With many different colors to choose from, everyone can find the personalized pen that works for them and provides them with everything that they need to enjoy vaping, especially while on the go with this sleek, easy to conceal pen.

Mig Vapor Canna Blast Vape Pen colors

Pyrex glass is what brings the entire pen together, by providing a clear, yet strong coverage on the top of it, you can pull and know that every drag you take is a clean one. With top-end construction throughout the entire vape pen, it is a go-to product for so many that want a cleaner, better tasting vape that doesn’t cause dry mouth.

Canna Blast Vape Tank Atomizer

The Pyrex glass tank is new thing that is not usually seen on a CBD vaporizers. Providing a cleaner approach to vaping, this tank is see through and holds enough liquid or oil for up to 20 hits off of the pen. This is a decent amount that a pen as small and sleek as this one is able to hold, offering more room and better usage time.

Canna Blast Vape Pen atomaizers

The ceramic coil wire is baked inside. This prevents burning from happening. The coils are at the top of the market and provide the best full flavor that money can buy in such a small pen that packs a punch. Easy to use and smooth operation come together with the one button operation that heats the coils and dispurses the oil and flavor.

How to Open the Canna Blast Cartridge

The tank sits on the top of the pen and it just has to be screwed off of the pen in order to open the tank area. This is where you would fill it and then screw it back on, slip the mouthpiece on and use the one button to heat up the oil inside.

Super Power Canna Blast Batteries

In order to connect the tank to the battery, there is a sleeve. This sleeve has to fit over the tank and onto the battery in order to get the pen to work. If the connection is not made, then the product is not going to work correctly.

The 4.2 volts that come along with the pen provide the user with a way to push the button and get the best results. The battery lasts for hours on a single charge, while also being easy to charge when it does die. The battery can be switched out for another if you want a different brand to use inside the pen.

The Bug Battery is also compatible with this model of pen, making it an easy choice to go with if you want a compatible pen that you can vape with.

How to Use the Canna Blast CBD Oil

For those that want to use the Canna Blast and ensure that they are loading the oil inside the tank the correct way, they can follow these directions:

  1. Charge the pen according to the instructions that come in the box (please, note that new device requires attention while first use)
  2. Take the mouthpiece off of the top of the pen
  3. Unscrew the tank that sits on the battery piece
  4. Fill the tank using the CBD oil of choice
  5. Screw the tank back onto the pen
  6. Place the mouthpiece back over the tank
  7. Press the button on the front
  8. Inhale through the mouthpiece

This is the easiest way to use a vape pen while on the go. The Canna Blast is one that provides one of the easiest operations and the smoothest pulls. Quickly heat up and inhale in.


BugRX Oil Vape Pen

While BugRX is a powerful vape pen, it is one that is smaller than the others on the market. It has a sleek look, but it doesn’t last as long or provide as much power. The liquids that go into this pen have to be thinned out, unlike others that take on that thick liquid or oil and turn it into smoother, better-tasting vape.

Canna Blast Vape Pen BugRX Oi Review

The temperature regulation and superior performance of this pen gives it a great name, but if you’re looking for something that lasts a bit longer while you are out and about, as well as holds more liquid, or thicker liquid, this might not be the best choice to go with.

There are numerous pieces that fit together and have to be taken apart to be cleaned regularly, meaning that more time is put into cleaning the piece, rather than using it.

PAX Era – Oil Vape Pen

This oil vaporizer is more like a pod and not like a vape pen at all. This is something that many find interesting, as it doesn’t give off the same pen-like appeal that you would get. It has more of a new futuristic quality that you wouldn’t be able to recieve from others.

Pax Era works with PAX Era Pods which is an ideal thing to avoid leakage. These pods are closed system, and are not supposed to be refillied. There are only a couple of components that come together to create the look and feel of this pen. It is sleek and smooth and stands out.

Canna Blast Vape Pen PAX Era Review

It is also leak resistant and clog-free, which is ideal but the parts might be hard to get too if you ever want to clean it, which might not be ideal for those that want to continue to use the pen for some time.

Canna Blast Vape Specifications

Battery: 4.2 Volts
Tank Capacity : 1.7mL
Material: Ceramic
Material of Coils : Patented Wire in Ceramic



  • Ceramic coils and internal makeup
  • 4.2 volt power inside the pen
  • One button operation
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy and sleek to conceal by slipping it into your pocket
  • No burning inside the pen
  • Easy to see through tank
  • Durable, heavy-duty Pyrex glass tank


  • Is not a full-size vaporizer
  • Is only good for thicker oils and CBD
  • Burns to the last drop

In Conclusion

The Canna Blast is a decent pen that provides the user with a long lasting experience that they need and want from a pen. It lasts for some time and it is able to provide a smooth, enjoyable experience with every breath in. They want something that provides value and flavor and this is it.

Have you used the Canna Blast vape pen before? Do you currently use it? Share your experience with the rest of us that want to know how you felt about the product and how well it worked for you. This way, you can ensure that other people know how much you liked the pen and what they should consider when choosing the right one for their needs.

Published: April 9, 2019Updated: September 8, 2021

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    October 1, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    Why is my Mig Vapor Canna blast blinking 15 times? I charged it fully , and when I don’t have the tank attached it will not blink but as soon as I screw on the tank one I’m currently using or even a new one it will shut off and blink 15 times?