The Atmos Jump Review – The Pen for Baking Those Herbs


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 21, 2022

Atmos Jump desktop

Review Score: 78/100

Price Range:
Black, Blue, Green
5.75“ length x 0.68”
Battery capacity:
1200 mAh
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Great potency and vapor taste
  • Fast Heat Time
  • It is easy to load, use and clean


  • The clouds of vapor produced are slightly thin
  • Has only one temperature setting

Starting Price: $ 59.95

One of the best parts about vaping dry herbs is the search for the next big way to improve your experience. Even if you’re a vaper new to the game, you’ll want to start on the best footing possible.

The vibrant market is always introducing new designs with better features in the hopes that users will the kind of experience that they are looking for. Among these exciting new designs is Atmos.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review: First Feeling

Atmos has not been on the vaping scene for long, but you could hardly tell based on the quality of products that they’ve been putting out. The Atmos Jump dry herb vape pen is the perfect example of a high-quality Atmos product.

The pen retails at a bit over $60, which is on the lower side compared to similar pens and perfect for beginners (like vape starter kits). Even for non-beginners, it’s a great price for a pen that features impressive quality and build.

Putting It Through Its Paces

Like most portable vape pens, the Atmos Jump has a single heating unit with an indicator light to notify you when the heating element is running. You have to give it a little time to get to the optimum temperature range, and once it’s there the indicator light switches to green.

After the heating element is ready, you can use the vape pen for up to four minutes non-stop. Users will notice that the quality of the cloud improves towards the end after the heating element has been heating for some time. So while you may see some weak clouds initially, don’t get frustrated and vape all the way to the end.

The Atmos Jump does well with clouds, but they’re not its high point. It is best used for aromatherapy, nailing flavors dead-on. Users should note that the chamber of this vape pen is shallow and wide. Try not to pack it too tightly and the vapor clouds may improve.

Atmos Jump desktop

Worth the Price?

For $67 the Jump is an impressive vape pen, to say the least. The body is made from carbon fiber which keeps the pen together and strong, and is more forgiving towards accidental abuse. The heating element is made from anodized metal, so it’s safe to vape from frequently. The design is relatively discreet in every aspect, from the size to the finish of the pen.

With your purchase of the Atmos Jump, you will also get a packing tool, a plastic mouthpiece, and a cleaning brush. There is also a user manual to help you with the setup and any troubleshooting that might be required at any point. Considering all that, it’s definitely worth the price.

Ease of Use

First, there is no assembly required here which is a big plus for beginners who may not be very adept with vape pens or those who appreciate ease-of-use. It also only has one button to get the heating element started. That is as easy as it gets when using vape pens. Likewise, the lack of variation in the temperature setting makes the vape pen easy to use. The tradeoff, especially when it comes to temperature control (like in the TC mods), is reduced customizability.

Cleaning is just as easy, even more so because it comes with a cleaning brush. But even in the absence of the brush, you can make use of a piece of cotton swab for cleaning. Not only will you have an easy time vaping, but you also get an easy time cleaning the vape pen after you’ve had your fun.

Overall User Experience

Be aware that every user’s experience is subject to a personal opinion, since every vaper will have different preferences. That said, we found the Atmos Jump to be a great vape pen with a great design for a great price. It is simple to use, easier to clean, and reliable.

When it comes to the clouds, the Jump is a little thin. Even without the vapor thickness, the flavor accuracy is incredible and more than makes up for the clouds. If you don’t want to spend too much on a vape pen, but want an impressive experience, you can’t go wrong with the Atmos Jump.


Atmos Jump
Battery: 1200 mAh
Power Output: 3.4V
Operating Temperature: 392F
Heat Time: 10 seconds
Heating method: Convection



  • Affordable price
  • Great potency and vapor taste
  • Long battery life
  • It is easy to load, use and clean
  • Crafted for durability
  • Has a long warranty (5 years)
  • Lightweight
  • Fast heat up time


  • The clouds of vapor produced are slightly thin
  • The battery takes terribly long to recharge
  • Has only one temperature setting

Is It a Good Buy?

Finding a good vape pen at an affordable price can be an uphill battle, since a good balance between price and features is usually hard to come by. But in the case of the Atmos Jump, you do get a great vape pen at an impressive price. Beginners and experienced users alike will be amazed by the Jump’s flavor accuracy and the overall vaping experience.

Published: December 6, 2016Updated: October 21, 2022

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