//Atmos Jr Vape Pen Review – Top Looks and Functionality
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Atmos Jr Vape Pen Review – Top Looks and Functionality


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Overall Performance: 80%

User Experience: 95%

Value for Money: 80%

Oil/Wax/Dry HerbPrice: $64.95

Our Verdict: Sleek, gorgeous, and built solidly, the Atmos Jr Vape Pen is capable of using dry herb and wax/oil concentrates. Though its dry herb vaporizing capabilities aren’t the best, it does well with wax and oil concentrates, making this a good buy for the price.

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First Look At the Atmos Jr Vape Pen

Design:The Atmos Jr is a beautifully designed piece of vape gear. It looks more like a penlight than a vape pen and it is small enough to fit in the user’s pocket without easily getting lost. It could be considered the perfect stealth device for medical marijuana users.
Build Quality: The Atmos Jr is built exceptionally well, despite its diminutive size. Tight tolerances ensure it doesn’t leak or rattle in one’s hand, and its overall feel gives off an air of quality rarely seen in vape pens at this price point.
What is in the Box: Along with the Atmos Jr Vape Pen, users also get one mouthpiece, one heating chamber, one battery, one USB charger, one packing tool, and one manual

Vaping Experience with Atmos Jr Vape Pen

Usability: Using the Atmos Jr is fairly simple. To turn it on, you just need to press the power button, which will then light up to indicate that the unit is active.

Filling the chamber of the device is easy, as well. Wax is dabbed onto the ceramic heating element. If oil is used, a few drops are applied. This will last for approximately six solid draws.

Users will need to insert a mesh screen when using dry herb. This can decrease the space for herbs, resulting in fewer draws.

Holding the power button will heat up the coils. It will take approximately five seconds to build up enough vapor for a draw. Users can press the button for a few seconds more if the vapor is too weak. Longer press times may be required for dry herb.

Vapor Production and Performance: The vapor production of the Atmos Jr with wax and oil concentrates is superb. The ceramic chamber ensures you get a clean vape and it rarely leaves residue behind.

Results vary with dry herb. Sometimes vapor can be good, while other times it can be too weak. It’s easy to think that the Atmos was designed primarily for wax and oil with the ability to vaporize dry herb as an added afterthought. It is good for a quick dry herb vaping session when no other options are available.

The extra versatility gives the Atmos Jr added value.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Given the size of the device, battery life is average. Users can expect a fully-charged battery to provide around 45 minutes of vape time.

The initial charge takes about eight hours. After that, the device takes one to two hours to fully recharge.

The heating chamber of the Atmos Jr is ceramic, giving users a clean and flavorful vape. It also burns through wax and oil effectively, rarely leaving any residue within. This cuts down on the time spent on cleaning.

Tight tolerances ensure that the heating chamber of the Atmos Jr does not leak during transport. While this should always be the case with every vaporizer, there are a number of devices out there that leak at the slightest movement in a pocket or purse.

The heating chamber is very efficient, heating up in just a few seconds. Together with its stealthy profile, this makes the Atmos Jr perfect for quick draws while out and about.

The Stealth Winner

Stealthy, sleek, easy to use, quick to heat, and superb with oil and wax, the Atmos Jr is perfect for users who are always on-the-go. Though performance with dry herb is spotty, it is still worth the price.

Users who primarily use dry herb are better served with other, more capable, devices. For those who use wax and oil, the Atmos Jr is a great vaporizer. You get a versatile, capable vaporizer that’s built to last for a great price.

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Atmos Jr Vape Pen
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