Yocan Uni Pro Review: Variable Wattage Oil Vaping


by James Bickford

Updated: December 14, 2022

Yocan Uni Pro desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
Black, Stainless Steel, Black/White, Red, Blue
Battery Capacity:
Voltage Range:
2.0V - 4.2V
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Variable voltage settings


  • Feels cheap and fragile

Starting Price: $ 19.95

The Yocan Uni Pro box mod supports oil vape cartridges. The box mod consists of an internal 650mAh battery and a 14mm (0.5”) opening for users to insert their tanks. In addition, the kit includes a special 510 adapter to attach to non-510 cartridges.

The Uni Pro has a tiny, side-facing display with up/down buttons for users to input their voltage. The new box mod has a power output range between 2.0 and 4.2V. The unit can take any size width of a tank as it has an adjustable dial for users to control. In addition, the Uni has USB charging and even has a preheat feature for improved vapor production.

Yocan Uni Pro Review: A Closer Look

The Yocan Uni Pro and the Yocan Uni are two different devices. The former is the newest version. The latter is the older version. The major update to the Yocan Uni Pro is the OLED that lets users input a precise voltage output. The older Yocan vape had preset levels. Besides that main difference, there are other contrasts and similarities.

Yocan Uni Pro desktop

The form factor and build quality are similar. The two Yocan devices both stand 75mm tall (2.9”) and 35mm across (1.43”). The unit has mostly zinc alloy in its build construction. There also feels like there are some parts that are plastic. The build material, nevertheless, makes both of them very lightweight and portable. Also, there is a control panel along the side of the Yocan Uni that the original did not have.

Yocan UNI Pro kit

The panel resembles one from a Yocan box mod. It features an inverted OLED with two up/down buttons underneath it and the main firing button above. Beneath the two adjustment buttons is a micro USB port to recharge the internal 650mAh. The first Yocan Uni also had a 650mAh battery.

A viewing window and a slide adjustment lever to change the tank bay area’s depth on the control panel’s opposite side. Users can raise the level of the battery contacts inside or lower it; there are only two positions. The viewing window lets users check their oil level, which the older model also had.

Yocan UNI vs. UNI Pro

These devices are excellent products by Yocan Technology Co. Both vaporizers are very similar because these are portable 510-threaded devices; however, there are also some differences. Let’s take a look.

  • Design: Yocan Uni is super-lightweight and portable: 74.5 x 33.9 x 25.3mm, Pro is also small and designed for discreet vaping, but its size is a bit larger: 75.5 x 36.5 x 25.7 mm. The buttons are also redesigned; now, the power button is square-shaped and 3 voltage adjustment button instead of the round-shaped power button on the original Uni.
  • Vapor Production: both devices have huge vapor performance, but the Pro version has an advantage in voltage control options. Users can choose between 0.1V, 2.0V, and 4.2V and customize the vaping process. The best option for Yocan Pro is between 2.2 and 2.6 to get the pure flavor and a long draw. Yocan Uni doesnt have multiple voltage settings. You should choose the highest voltage option to get big clouds with the original Uni.
  • OLED Display: the most significant advantage of UNI Pro is the screen where you can check the battery level and voltage settings.

The Yocan Uni Pro is an upgraded and innovative version of the Uni. It features a new OLED display, voltage settings, and a larger size. The Pro version is good for beginners, but Yocan Uni is also a perfect choice if your budget is tight.

The Look and Feel

The unit feels very lightweight. A person can quickly wrap their hand around the frame and make it disappear. With that said, the unit feels so thin that it does not feel very durable or that it could stand up to a fall. The rest of the box mod also feels cheaply made, as do a lot of Yocan products. With that said, the new Yocan Uni does have a responsive control panel. All the buttons work well, and none of them misfire or get stuck.

Power Source and Voltage Levels

The first Yocan Uni had preset power levels. Unfortunately, it did not let users set their precise voltage levels. But let users press the power button to change between three presets. The Uni Pro has an OLED that can let users choose a power output between 2.0V and 4.2V. The setting changes by 0.5 increments, and they move very fast.

VD Yocan UNI Pro

Both Yocan devices have a 650mAh battery, suitable for this kind of box mod that only vapes cartridges. The adjustable power levels do not make much difference regarding performance, though. There is not much change between 2.0V and 4.2V, so users can set it at 3V or 3.2V does not make a difference in vapor production.

A small-capacity battery can both be an advantage and a disadvantage. It is advantageous as it can recharge very fast, which the Yocan vape does, at only an hour to recharge fully. It is a disadvantage as the power runs out quicker than most devices. But for its portable size and lightweight figure, it is to be expected.

How to Use the Yocan Uni Pro

Users have it easy with the Yocan Uni Pro. The vape is straightforward to use. The adjustment dial in the center can wrap around any tank a user puts into the slot. If the base is too low, users can raise it. Users can switch with the slide adjuster if it is too high.

The battery uses USB charging and can be ready in under an hour.

To turn on the device, users need only:

  • Click the firing button five times

After the new box mod activates, they can load their preferred tank. Firstly, attach the magnetic 510 connection to the base of the tank. This way, it connects with the contacts inside the Yocan Uni Pro. If the tank is too small, users can make the opening tighter. If it is too big, users can make the opening larger.

Once the tank is installed, users can then:

  • Set their ideal voltage setting with the up/down buttons

After their voltage is set, users can just press the firing button on the Yocan vape. There is a simple process to enable preheat mode:

  • Users just have to click the firing button and hold it for two seconds

The new Yocan Uni will heat automatically for ten seconds. There is, by the way, a fifteen-second cutoff as well. Users who press the firing button for longer than fifteen seconds will see the message on the OLED.

Vaping Time

For a portable, lightweight device like the Yocan Uni Pro, there is not much to expect. Sure, the variable voltage addition is excellent, but it does not affect vapor quality. The first Uni had only preset, but the new version did not surpass the original’s highest output of 4.2V. So if the box mod just fired at its highest power output, the vapor quality would be unchanged.

VD Yocan UNI Pro Colors

The addition makes the Yocan Uni Pro look modern and updated, but it does not affect the mod’s performance. Vapers could choose to vape at their ideal level, but there is too little difference between the values to improve the vapor.

With that said, the Uni Pro works well. The adjustment dial is easy to use, and all the other moving parts of the device do not cause problems.

There is not much to worry about leaking, so the new Yocan Uni stays clean and up-to-shape. The buttons work well and do not get stuck, so the user experience is very satisfying. The Yocan battery charges fast and can last for up to 200 puffs. So whenever you see your tank getting low, you can just remove the tank.

Yocan Vapes: The Main Difference

The Yocan Uni Pro is an updated version of the Yocan Uni. The main difference, as said before, is that Yocan Uni Pro comes with new features like variable voltage control and an OLED to precisely regulate the device’s voltage.

Where can you buy the Yocan Uni vapes?

The Yocan Uni is widely available through several outlets. Users can find a Yocan Uni on the official Yocan website or other online vape retailers. Several web-based retailers, like Amazon, also carry the box mod.

How to charge Yocan Uni devices?

The Yocan Uni and Uni Pro feature 650mAh batteries that use Micro-USB. If the vape is not charging, try ensuring the USB port is clean and the cable is connected correctly. You can also try to unscrew your cartridge and screw it back, but not too tightly, as it might crack the battery connection.

The Vape-Off: Yocan Uni Pro vs. CCELL Silo vs. the PCKT One Plus


The CCELL Silo is a pocket-friendly device for 510-oil cartridges. The unit consists of a tiny, aluminum hand-held battery with an internal capacity of 500mAh, so just a little under the Uni Pro. Unfortunately, the opening for the tanks is not adjustable, so users have to use a specific type of tank or a tank of a certain size.

VD ccell Silo Concentrate 510 Battery

The unit itself is tiny and stands at just under 3”. The CCELL is draw-activated and does not have any user control features. Instead, users insert their 510 tanks into the slot and start puffing. The device’s highest power output is the battery’s direct voltage.

PCKT One Plus

The PCKT One Plus has an internal 660mAh battery to vape cannabis oils in its lightweight frame. The device stands close to 3.5”, and there is a single power button on the unit’s base. Users can click this button to activate the battery and change the power settings.

PCKT one plus battery

The PCKT One Plus has three preset power settings loaded onto its battery, the highest being 5.1W. The One Plus also has a preheat function like the Yocan Uni Pro. It also takes USB charging, but it does not have an adjustable tank opening like the Yocan box mod.

Yocan Uni Pro Specifications

Yocan Uni Pro
Battery Capacity: 650 mAh
Voltage Range: 2.0V -4.2V
Display: OLED Screen
Threaded Adapter: Magnetic 510
Battery Indicator: LED Light
Charging: MicroUSB
Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Black/White, Red, Blue

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy-to-use and maintain
  • Variable voltage settings from 0.1V to 4.2V
  • It lasts more than 2 days and has fast charging time
  • 510 connection compatible with many atomizers
  • The display allows to monitor the CBD/THC oil level


  • Feels cheap and fragile

Conclusion: Yocan Uni Review: Ergonomic and Lightweight

The Yocan Uni Pro has an updated control panel, variable voltage capabilities, and an adjustable tank opening to accommodate different tank sizes and shapes. You can think of everything. Only the biggest “improvement” of the box mod does not affect the unit’s already-good vapor production.

The variable voltage feature is nice, but it could have expanded or reached other high levels instead of remaining the same. Maybe an OLED looks useful to some vapers, but more people probably like the clean, untouched look of the CCELL and the PCKT One Plus.
The new Yocan Uni box mod does cost less than the PCKT One Plus but more than the CCELL Silo. However, it also performs at almost the same level as those other devices, so it is a matter of taste that separates all these atomizers.

Published: March 26, 2020Updated: December 14, 2022

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