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Price: $59.95

Our Verdict: An affordable mod kit for both beginners and advanced users, the Mini Mig Kit makes for a powerful mini vaping kit that sports a discreet design while allowing for satisfying vape production. It is one of the most reliable and sophisticated mini kits on the market priced at such a reasonable rate.

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X-5 Mini Mig Kit: First Impressions

Design: Toning down its box mod vape kit into a discreet and handy mini kit, Mig Cigs has brought an affordable upgrade for beginners who want to level up in their vaping journey (using vape starter kits). The design is modern and holds a resilient build, with stainless steel that accents the black and silver IStick batteries.

The overall feel of the X-5 1050 Mini Mig Kit speaks of quality and superiority over other mini kits within the same price range.

Build Quality: Mig Cigs made the Mini Mig Kit as a miniature version of its larger and higher mod kits, maintaining its durable build in its X-5 tank that has a completely replaceable body. The glass and stainless steel versions of the tank are both exemplary in keeping the unit working for a long time.

The buttons on the side are intact and responsive, and work very well with an LED digital display that is modest and truly practical. Both features seem to have been engineered to last for years.

What’s in the Box: Included in the kit are the following: (1) 1050 mAh IStick Mini Battery with a power consumption meter on the button, (1) USB cable for charging, (1) X-5 tank, (1) pack of 5 spare BDC coils (1.5 ohm resistance), (1) eGo to 510 adapter, (1) 30 ml free MigQuid, and a manual with directions on how to use the product.

Vaping Experience With X-5 Mini Mig Kit

Usability: The Mini Mig Kit fills the gap between mini cig kits and mod varieties with larger battery capacity. It is easy to use. All one needs to do is fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid, tightly close the cap, attach it to the battery and you are on your way to vaping flavorful clouds of vapor. Anyone who has spare Xtreme series and Phantom batteries can put them to good use with the Mini Mig kit, as it fits them, as well.

The glass tank holds 1.5 ml of e-liquid, which is enough to allow the user to vape for a couple of hours, although it does have some inconvenient engineering issues. It requires to be at least 1/3 full to avoid leaks, and since the metal tube in the center is prone to getting filled with liquid during refills, leaks or gurgling noises are common with this tank. You will need to blow through the mouthpiece while holding a piece of paper towel or cloth at the battery end of the tank to remove the liquid.

Also, the seals loosen up when the base of the tank is removed for refilling, allowing liquid leak into the battery or mouthpiece. Leaks also happen when the atomizer head gets worn down, though it can be easily replaced.

Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production is quite impressive with this mini kit. It has variable voltage capacity and works with a 1.5 ohm dual bottom coil atomizer, which means more vapor with just one press of a button. This does not equate to sub ohm kits, of course, but it is a great transition from cig-like and less powerful kits to sub ohm tanks. A lot of users are satisfied with the vapor produced by this kit and decide to stick with it, because it’s handy and makes just the right amount of vapor. Users find that the vapor produced does not interfere with their sight while trying to perform everyday tasks.

Battery Life and Atomizers: One of the best attributes of the Mini Mig Kit, setting it apart from other mini kits, is the battery life. With 1050 mAh of power in such a tiny box, you are sure to vape more with a single charge. It is far from the slim and small batteries that come with cig-like units, and has a remarkable display, buttons for adjusting the voltage, and a resilient build that will last for years.

The atomizer, as mentioned, is dual bottom coil at 1.5 ohm resistance; not as low as sub ohm kits, but it is good enough to allow for up to 5.0 volts into the tank to produce satisfying clouds of vape. Charging takes as little as an hour and a half using a 1A wall adapter—not bad for something that lasts for hours when in use. The coils are replaceable and the kit includes a pack of 5 coils for replacements.

X-5 Mini Mig Kit Review Additional Details

In spite of its size, the Mini Mig Kit is a notable kit for advanced users. It has the capacity to produce impressive amounts of vapor, the power to last for long hours of use, and variable voltage that enables the user to adjust the quality of the vapor being produced. The price is fairly low, given its box mod 1050 mAh battery and glass/stainless steel tank, and the kit also comes with replacement coils.

The unit is compatible with other batteries, such as the Xtreme and Phantom batteries, which means the user can save on purchasing extra batteries if they happen to have these available from old kits. The quality of the kit is excellent and is built to last for years. For advanced users who are committed to taking good care of their kits, the minor issues with the tank (liquid getting into the center tube, seals coming loose when unfastening the bottom cap for refilling, and the required 1/3 full to maintain the vacuum and avoid leaks) can be worked out with cautious handling of the product.

Since heavy and advanced vapers who are looking for more flavor, throat hit, and intensity in the vape cannot use their primary units when driving, working, or in a social gathering where too much vapor can distract from activities, the Mini Mig Kit is a perfect choice for an advanced user’s portable back-up.

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Published: August 11, 2015


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