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VooPoo X217 Box Mod

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Review Score

  • Battery
    2 * (21700/20700/18650)
  • Output Power
    5 - 217W
  • TC
    200 - 600F / 100 - 315°C
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The VooPoo X217 is a dual-21700 mod that features the brand new GENE.FAN chip. The device is also compatible with other battery types like 20700 and 18650. The unit features a sturdy zinc alloy frame outfitted with resin, leather or carbon fiber panels.

The X217 also comes with a prominent 1.3” TFT screen for easy readability and flawless control. The device features a typical three-button control panel on its front. The chassis also has LED slits inlaid into its base that light up whenever users take a vape.

A Closer Look at the X217

The VooPoo X217 has an ultra-futuristic look although it does not differ so much from similar models like the Cylon or the YiHi G-Class. It has a bottom battery bay door where users can install two of any style of 18650, 20700 or 21700 cell. The battery bay door features a hinge that is spring-loaded and opens up when users push open the tab.

There is a silicone case for the two 18650s in case users want to install them. The other battery types can go in easily. The side panels on the exterior of the X217 are only faux carbon-fiber stickers, rather than real carbon fiber. But the rest of the mod’s exterior design makes it stand out from the crowd.

The centerpiece of the mod is the 1.3” X217 screen that sits front and center. The screen features a high-resolution display and the large interface lets users navigate the menu systems with ease. The rest of the device features a zinc alloy frame that comes in several color options (five in total).


The top plate on the device measures 33mm (1.3”) so it can comfortably accommodate tanks up to 30mm in diameter. The entire top section is stainless steel and features a centered 510-connection, which also increases the space that the plate has to hold larger atomizers. There is branding from both VooPoo and Woody Vapes on either side of the device, as the X217 is a collaboration between the two companies.

What’s in the Box

The X217 comes as a stand-alone device so there is no accompanying tank. The kit does include basic vaping gear and accessories so do not expect to get a lot with this device. Here is what to expect if you get a Woody Vapes VooPoo X217:


  • One x VooPoo X217 mod
  • Two x 18650 Battery Adapters
  • One x USB Cable
  • One x User Manual
  • One x GENE Chip Card
  • One x Warranty Card

How the Device Handles

The X217 tc box mod from VooPoo measures just over 90mm at 93mm and features sturdy zinc alloy build elements. The interior of the device, where the batteries are held, does have a larger size than other devices because they support larger battery types. There has been some chatter about the battery rattle using any kind of cell.


But there was no rattle from using the device, even with all three battery types. The battery door, conversely, is also secure and does not have a lot of play when closed. As the foundational design element, the TFT, high-resolution screen holds up the rest of the device’s performance. There were no issues with the buttons of the control panel nor were there problems with the screen.

There is a USB port on the bottom of the control panel for users to install their firmware updates. Two independent LED lights run parallel and vertical to the main screen and they light up in different ways and colors. Users can access the menu to control the lights via the screen or opt to enable the “Breathe” mode that, according to VooPoo, “realizes a new VAPE experience with intelligent human-device interaction”.


The X217 utilizes a control-button configuration that is similar to many other styles of devices. Despite its futuristic design and aesthetic the box mod is very straightforward. Users can turn on the device with five clicks of the top power/firing button, which is located right above the screen.

The button itself has an unusual design that features a resin-coating as well as a smaller size than typical buttons. The main menu brings up the device’s current settings. Users will see such values as the current vaping mode (there are four in total on the GENE.FAN.FIT chip, more about them later), dual battery life indicators, the current wattage, puff counter, puff timer, resistance, and voltage.

Three more clicks of the firing button let users change their mode. Users can also press and hold the firing and up button to lock the mod. In each mode, users can then press the firing buttons three times again to enter the Function screen that lets users set the non-vaping parameters.

In the Function menu, users then press and hold the up/down button to set the screen’s wallpaper, the date, the time, the LED color pattern, etc. In the TC mode, for example, users can also access the sub-menus that support temperature control mode like setting the resistance.

Vaping Performance

There are four central vaping outputs loaded onto the GENE.FAN.FIT chip. Users can choose from power (aka wattage mode), temperature control, voltage, custom (aka curve mode, spelled “Cruve” on the screen). The mod, or the chip, does not quite seem to hit its 217W rating even with two 21700 cells installed.


Using the lower-capacity types only confirms this fact, as the vape felt like it was closer to a 150W or a maximum 200W. In Power mode, users also have two boost options to provide a preheat setting, but they do not drastically improve the vapor quality.

The Curve mode allows for more versatility as users can pre-program up to five different slots. You can program the voltage for a span of ten-second with one-second increments. The temperature control feature on this chip is also dubious as the highest temperature still feels like it is missing something. The highest temperature on the GENE.FAN.FIT is 600F, which is a standard value, but it still feels like it could be a little stronger.

How Long Can It Last

The X217 has multiple battery options. Few devices are standard 21700 devices so it is a new configuration to see. Even still, choosing the 21700s as the device’s power source ensures a long-lasting vaping experience. If users decide to vape the device under 100W with two 21700 cells they could conceivably last for days.


A lot also depends on the coil types, the tank, and the settings, but with all those values set at their lowest, or mid-range levels, the X217 could last for several days before needing new batteries. But as the chip has trouble delivering high-powered hits, even at 100W, users may up the wattage or temperature to get a quality hit, which would then drain the batteries faster.

Other Mods in its Class

VooPoo Drag 2

The Drag 2 is the follow-up to the wildly successful Drag mod from VooPoo. The Drag 2 features the same form factor with two removable side panels, although at a reduced size than the original.


The Drag 2 is still a dual-18650 device that uses the previous version of the GENE.FIT chip that gives it a high-power output of 177W, which is a little more accurate than the X217. The Drag 2 also features several new vaping outputs that can improve Cloud size, Flavor quality or extend Battery life.

GeekVape Aegis Legend

The GeekVape Aegis Legend is a legendary box mod that features a dual-18650 set up in a near-indestructible outer chassis composed of silicone, stainless steel, and zinc alloys. The Legend has a 200W capability with its onboard AS chipset, which also allows users to vape in wattage mode, temperature control, curve mode, as well as bypass mode.


The Legend features a leather-wrapped back panel, along with a silicone seal that makes it waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant.

Conclusion: VooPoo X217 Review: Needs Improvement

The VooPoo X217 is a tc box mod that has a lot of potentials but does not rise to the occasion. Its gleaming surface is nice to look at, but the build quality and performance of the mod are lacking in a few areas. The user experience is also confusing and muddled, as the many buttons combinations for different functions can be overwhelming for new users.

Only vapers who have had experience with other dual-cell devices like the G-Class would be comfortable using this device. The screen does make the information very easy to read and interpret, but the many button combinations make it difficult to access. The LED lights – maybe the most (over)-hyped feature of this tc mod – is also gimmicky and distracting.

VooPoo X217 Box Mod Specifications

VooPoo X217
Dimensions 93.6mm x 49.6mm x 33mm
Output Power 5-217W
Output Voltage Range 0.5-7.5V
Resistance Range 0.05-1.5ohm (Power Mode) / 0.05-3.0ohm (TC Mode)
Temperature Range 200 - 600F / 100 - 315°C
Battery Compatibility 2 * (21700 / 20700 / 18650)
Screen 1.3' TFT IPS HD color screen
Modes Power/Voltage/TC(SS/Ni200/Ti/NC)/Custom

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Big, bright, high-resolution screen
  • Excellent outward appearance
  • Nice button configuration
  • Solidly built from quality materials
  • Nice color options
  • Many vaping modes thanks to the GENE chip
  • Lackluster vaping performance
  • Struggles in temperature control

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