VaporFi Vox TC Box Mod Review

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vaporfi vox tc box mod review
Review Score: 93/100 - 93
Price: $48.75
Colors: Black, Silver
Temperature range: 200 - 600 F
Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches
A little box mod with impressive capabilities, the VaporFi Vox TC Mod is an advanced vaper’s dream. It has up to 50 watts of power, has temperature control features that deliver consistent vapor all throughout. It’s portable, has replaceable batteries, and a build quality that’s made to last.
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The Vox TC is a regulated mod, meaning power output is controlled no matter how much power is left in the battery. Power output is controlled via wattage or temperature adjustment. This is more convenient than variable voltage devices; in that, once you find a wattage or temperature that works for you, you can leave it at that setting and forget about it. No matter what kind of atomizer or tank is used, the device will adjust power to match the desired wattage or temperature. For users new to temperature control devices, it may take some experimentation to find the right wattage.

The Vox TC can save up to five settings, which can be useful for users who need to experiment with various settings and different e-juices.

Vaping Experience with Vox TC

Being a variable wattage device, the Vox TC is capable of producing massive clouds of vapor. Quality is determined based on the settings the user inputs so that mileage may vary. Higher voltage means more vapor, but fewer flavor. Some flavors react differently. Some taste better at higher wattages while others taste best at lower settings.

vaporfi vox mod review

This device is also capable of handling atomizers with low resistances up to 0.05 ohms. Sub-ohm tanks are growing in popularity these days, so this feature is a welcome addition.

Overall, the performance of this box mod is very impressive. Many similar box mods exist, but either they cost more or are cheaply made. The Vox TC is the perfect combination of quality and affordability, without compromising performance.

Battery Life and Atomizers

The VaporFi Vox TC Mod comes with a powerful high-quality 18650 battery. This inclusion is very convenient for many users because other mods that require external batteries don’t come with one. If they do come with one, usually it’s the low-end kind.

Battery life depends on the power output. Power users who push their devices to the full 50 watts will get less than a day’s worth of battery life. Casual users, however, will be able to get a day or two from it. Charging can be done either through the USB port located under the device or by removing the battery and using an external charger. Either way works, but charging via USB can be more convenient since the Vox TC also provides pass-through capabilities (meaning one can use the device while charging it).

When it comes to atomizers, buyers get to pick one of three: the Volt Hybrid Tank, the Rebel Tank, or the Bolt RDA. The Volt Hybrid Tank gives users a choice between using pre-made organic cotton atomizers or to make their own using the included rebuildable deck. There are also pre-made RBA coils for the deck for times when users can’t be bothered making one themselves. The tank features adjustable airflow, a spare Pyrex glass, and the tools necessary to rebuild coils.

Last, but not least, is the Bolt RDA. It is an advanced, rebuildable dripping atomizer designed for experienced users. It has sub-ohm capabilities, large posts to accommodate large coils and adjustable airflow.

All three are premium atomizers/tanks that can produce massive clouds of vapor.

Design and Build Quality

Box mods tend to be big, bulky, and rather unattractive, but the Vox TC is an exception. Smaller than traditional box mods, it has rounded corners on one side for better grip comfort. Overall, it is a well-designed box mod that you won’t mind showing off.

The Vox II is heavy for its size. Instead of counting this as a negative, the extra weight gives users a feeling of quality. It’s solid, well-built, and it doesn’t feel like it would break if you were to drop it. Threading and finish are smooth, and buttons don’t rattle; a testament to the precise machining the mod has undergone.

Vox TC Review Additional Details

VaporFi has hit a home run with the Vox TC. Box mods are the preferred choice for advanced users these days, and VaporFi came through with their own version that smokes the competition.

eleaf 50w box mod

There are similar box mods with the same power output (50 watts) as the Vox TC, which cost less. ELeaf, a Chinese company, for example, has their own 50-watt box mod that’s cheaper. A lot of users are reporting that their ELeaf mods have started to autofire on their own, with some firing continuously until the unit overheats. While the Vox TC costs more, it’s of better quality and more reliable, both of which are worth the premium cost.

Power In Your Pocket

Powerful, customizable, removable batteries, a slew of safety features, and impeccable build quality; all of these features define the Vox TC.

For serious vapers looking for a serious device, don’t let the diminutive size of the Vox TC fool you. It packs a mean punch and is worth the attention of even the most jaded of vapers.

Specifications of VaporFi Vox TC Box Mod

Colors: Black, Silver
Temperature Range: 200 – 600 F
Voltage Range: 1.0 – 7.5 v
Atomizer Resistance: 0.05 – 2.5 ohm
Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches
Price: $48.75
Review Score: 93/100 - 93
  • Can save up to five wattage settings
  • Portable box mod with replaceable batteries
  • Great build quality
  • USB charging option
  • Portability
  • Only 50 watts of power

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