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VaporFi VOX Mini Vape Box Mod 40-Watt image

Overall Performance: 95%

User Experience: 90%

Value for Money: 85%

Price: $79.99

Our Verdict: A powerful, compact mod, the VaporFi Vox Mini 40 is an advanced user’s dream. Capable of putting out massive clouds or, if you prefer, discreet vapor, the Vox Mini is a variable wattage device that gives users a whole lot of customization. Its portable size makes it easy to carry, and with a slew of safety features gives users peace of mind.

How It’s Designed
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At first glance, the VaporFi Vox Mini looks like an oversized lighter or a fat Pez dispenser. This gives you an idea how portable it is. It has a beautiful matte silver finish with a black stripe on the front of the device. On this dark strip, one can find the fire button, plus and minus buttons, OLED screen, and the charging port. Buttons are square, which look okay though circular ones would have been better. Overall, it is sleek and portable, a device that one would have no problem carrying around.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Vox Mini is excellent. The buttons do not rattle when shaken and they give a solid clicky feel. The OLED screen is bright and easily readable while the charging port looks robust. Some devices have their charging ports get pushed in over time, but so far, the one on the Vox Mini seems it would stay put. The finish is nicely done, and everything feels solid. There’s no doubt the device can take daily rough handling though care should still be taken since the OLED screen might break.

What’s in the Box:

Users who purchase the Vox Mini 40 Watt Mod Vaporizer will also get a USB charger with it. The device already has a built-in 35A battery, and since it is for advanced users, tanks and other accessories are sold separately.

VaporFi Vox Mini: Vaping Experience


Using the Vox Mini is relatively simple, especially for more experienced vapers. Beginners might have a hard time figuring out the features of such an advanced device, but given time, it becomes second nature. If you are only starting your adventure with vaping you may be interested in list of best vape starter kits available today.

Just as it is with other variable wattage devices, the plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the wattage of the unit. The fire button is used when taking a drag, while charging is done via USB. The OLED screen displays the battery level, the ohms of your atomizer or tank, how many volts is being fired, and the wattage the device is set. Users can use atomizers with resistances from 0.3 ohms to 3.0 ohms while wattage can be set from 7 watts to 40 watts.

The Vox Mini also has a spring loaded pin, which is good news for those with multiple atomizers or tanks and tend to swap them out often. Users are protected via the safety features in the device, such as low voltage protection and output short-circuit protection.

It can not be stressed enough that advanced units such as the Vox Mini are designed for experienced vapers. Especially, users with advanced knowledge of how variable wattage devices work, how ohms and watts interact, and how to keep things in check to ensure safety. Beginners should at least ask an experienced vaper for advice before delving into variable mods.

Vapor Production and Performance

The good thing about variable wattage devices is that users can control the vapor production. Those who are after huge clouds can go all-out and crank the device up to 40 watts. Those who prefer a more subdued or stealthy vape can dial it down to produce less vapor.

That said, the Vox Mini is a superb performer. Users who attach an atomizer or tank with adjustable airflow can go from cloud chaser to stealth vaper with just a few adjustments. Combined with the portable profile of the device, the Vox Mini is an excellent everyday tool for all types of vapers. Whether you are a cloud chaser or a flavor seeker, or even both, it is nice to have one device for all your needs instead of having to lug around different mods all the time.

Battery Life and Atomizers

The battery life on the Vox Mini is great. Despite its diminutive size, it packs a powerful battery that can last users a day or two of usage. Heavy vapers may have it last for at least six hours while casual vapers can easily stretch it out to two days. The battery is built-in, meaning users can charge it right away without having to purchase or look for batteries to insert into it. Whether this is a good thing or no, depends on how the user sees it.

As an advanced unit, no atomizers are included with the Vox Mini. Devices at this level assume that you already have some tanks and atomizers on hand, and all you need is one device to rule them all. 

Additional Details

It is no secret that there are a lot of similar devices out there that can do what the Vox Mini can. However, this is probably the most powerful relative to its size. Others are bulkier and harder to handle, but the Vox Mini can easily fit into the palm of one’s hand, as well as conceal it while in use.

Advanced users who are looking for a portable option should take a look at the Vox Mini 40 Watt Mod by VaporFi. It is great as a backup and good enough to become one’s primary device as well. This speaks a lot about its versatility.

Take a look at VaporFi VOX Mini:

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