Vaporesso Armour Pro Review: Power and Performance In A Budget


by James Bickford

Updated: September 8, 2021

Vaporesso Armour Pro desktop

Review Score: 89/100

Price Range:
Black, Blue, Silver, Green, White, Red&Blue
38.5 x 27 x 91.4mm
Works with:
  • Oil icon


  • Sleek, lightweight and portable design
  • Sturdy build and good ergonomics


  • Battery door tends to be loose when it is open

Starting Price: $ 49.95

Blending a portable design with a powerful vaping experience, the Vaporesso Armour Pro is an impressive and budget-friendly option for vape enthusiasts. This single-battery sub-ohm mod comes with a Cascade baby tank, a triangular airflow, and a super-fast firing speed of 0.002 seconds for thick and flavorful vape clouds every time.

With a sleek, curved design and 6 stunning colors to choose from, this vape device is as prominent on looks as it is on performance.

The Vaporesso Armour Pro: An Overview

A combination of power, portability, and performance, the Vaporesso Armour Pro delivers a smooth vaping experience with this kit. This budget-friendly vape device by the popular vaping brand, Vaporesso, re-establishes the comeback of single battery vape devices, vis-a-vis the bulkier, and heavier multi-battery setup. With a max output of 100 watts, this device can run on a 18650, 20700, or a 21700 single battery. A sub-ohm setup and triangular airflow ensure thick, flavorful vape clouds, and its cascade baby tank has a substantial capacity of 5 ml.

Vaporesso Armour Pro desktop

The kit includes the mod itself, a cascade baby tank, a GT mesh-coil, a GT ccell2, an easy to understand user guide, as well as a USB charging cable. Right off the bat, there is everything needed to set up the device. This device comes with all the important safety features expected in a mod, such as an overcharging alert and short-circuits protection.

Its updated omni board 4.0 chipset ensures a super-fast firing speed of 0.002 seconds and a 2 amp quick charging. This means instant and even heating, allowing thick and flavourful vape clouds every single time. This device has a pre-installed 0.18 ohm-GT mesh coil, which offers a great balance of a greater heating area and lots of flavors.

Moreover, its top-fill system ensures hygiene, and the tank’s isolation structure prevents burn-hits and ensures a longer-lasting coil head. A colored 0.96-inch screen and a smooth, curved design make this vape device aesthetically pleasing and easy to grip. Thanks to its 91.4 mm height, it is portable enough to be taken anywhere. Choose from a variety of 6 beautiful colors — from black, silver, white, midnight blue, green and red-blue.

What Comes in the Kit?

The kit comes packaged in an attractive cardboard box, with each component in its own slot. Each kit has the following components in it:

Vaporesso Armour Pro kit

  • 1 x The Armour Pro mod
  • 1 x Cascade Baby Tank
  • 1 x Pre-installed 0.18-ohm GT mesh coil
  • 1 x GT CELL2 (0.3-ohms)
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x User manual

Internal Building Quality And Design

The internal build and design of this device appear to be of high quality. With a colored 0.96 inch screen, curved design, and sleek build, it has a modern design with immense visual appeal. It has a sturdy build that can be felt as soon as it is gripped. It is available in 6 beautiful colors — black, white, green, red-blue, silver and midnight blue.

The Cascade Baby tank comes in black for all color variants, except for the white variant (that comes with a silver tank). Standing at a 91.4 mm height, this is a sleek, lightweight, and portable device that is easy to carry. The base has a battery door with venting and safety stamps. The device’s top has a stainless steel 510 plate with a gold-plated and spring-loaded 510.

The Battery

This device is a single-battery mod, a setup that is coming back in trend now. This makes it lightweight and portable without compromising its performance. The device can be powered by a 21700, 20700, 18650 single battery.

Vaporesso Armour Pro battery

Fitting The Battery

While fitting the battery, there is no rattle, no matter which of the 3 types of batteries are being used. However, when the battery slot is opened, there is a movement by the battery door, though this gets resolved once the battery is fitted in place. The battery slot has the orientation sign, but it is in black-on-black, making it hard to read.

The Cascade Baby Tank

This powerful vape device is fitted with a Cascade Baby tank with a capacity of 5ml. With the same isolation structure as a full-sized tank but with a 24.5 mm diameter, it has a triangular airflow system for thick vape clouds. The drip tip is a 510 fitting.

Vaporesso Armour Pro with tank

How to Fill the Cascade Baby Tank?

The top-fill system with a locking mechanism allows for easy pouring, avoiding any spillage issues. Look out for the indicator on top of the tank, just underneath the top-cap to see where to open the tank for filling. The top section is spring-loaded, so it has to be lifted first, after which the top moves on one side to reveal the fill slot. Once the juice is filled in and placed back, then the top cap would lock in place.


This vape kit is an attractive blend of features, high performance, and portability, especially given its price point. The instant firing ability and triangular airflow ensure even and quick heating, which means thick vape production every time. It has accurate temperature control as well as wattage, voltage, and temperature curves.

Vaporesso Armour Pro

The cascade baby tank, paired with the ceramic 0.3-ohm coil, brings out the flavor pretty well. The device has a good battery life and has safety features such as overcharging and short-circuit protection.

Vaporesso Armour Pro Coils

This device comes with two different types of coils — a 0.3-ohm ceramic CCell 2 coil, which is ideal for wattages between 35 to 40 watts, and a pre-fitted 0.18-ohm GT Mesh coil which is best used between 65 to 75 watts.

Vaporesso Armour Pro

The GT Mesh coils increase the contact surface area on the coils, which means a thicker and more flavorful vape production. It also means relatively more even heating and a longer-lasting coil and battery life as well. The device’s tank, Cascade baby, is fully compatible with GT cores.

Flavour and Vapour Production

This device comes packed with a robust internal build that all work to ensure one thing — a thick vape cloud production that is full of flavor. This is made possible by its cascade baby sub-ohm tank, a rapid Insta-firing system of 0.002 seconds, a triangular airflow system, and the updated Omni board 4.0. All these features ensure a rapid and even heating, as well as a stable and dense flavor every time.

The Competition

Vaporesso Armour Pro vs. Aegis Solo

Standing at 86.4 mm tall, the Aegis Solo is slightly more compact compared to the Armour Pro and is also a single-battery device. However, the Aegis Solo can only run on 18650 batteries, whereas the Armour Pro can also run on 20700 and 21700 batteries.

GeekVape Aegis Solo 100W Kit blue image

The Aegis Solo has the same wattage as the Armour Pro at 100 watts and is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof. It features a Cerberus sub-ohm tank and super mesh coils. The Aegis Solo kit comes with the mod itself, 2 x 0.3-ohm super mesh coils, a Cerberus tank atomizer with a pre-fitted super mesh coil and a 5.5 ml bubble glass, a spare parts pack, an extra glass tube, battery door assist tool, a USB cable ad finally a user manual.

Vaporesso Armour Pro vs. Vaporesso Swag

The Armour Pro is a more compact variant from the Vaporesso brand, with an 80-watt maximum output. Its NRG SE tank capacity stands at 3.5 ml, depending on the option that is chosen, while Armour Pro can fill up to 5 ml of e-juice.


Also, the Vaporesso Swag can only run on 18650 single battery, whereas the Armour Pro has more battery options and can fit bigger tanks.

Vaporesso Armour Pro Specifications

Vaporesso Armour Pro
Size: 38.5 x 27 x 91.4 mm
Tank Capacity: 5 mL (Refillable)
Output Wattage: 5-100 W
Resistance Range: 0.03Ω-5Ω
Single Battery: 21700 / 20700 / 18650
Charging Current: 2 A
Output Modes: Smart VW (H/N/S) / VT (SS, Ni, Ti) / TCR / BYPASS / CCT / CCW/VV / CCV
Coil: Mesh coil and CCELL coil
Screen: 1.0.96”

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Sleek, lightweight and portable design
  • Sturdy build and good ergonomics
  • Powerful performance
  • Good battery life and quick charging
  • Colored screen

The Negatives

  • Battery door tends to be loose when it is open

Final Verdict: Rich Vaping Experience

The Armour Pro is a well-designed, the portable device that gives thick vape clouds and flavorful vaping experience. Its single-battery setup and 91.4 mm height makes it lightweight and easy to carry — perfect for those who are looking for a stealthy and easy vape setup. The Cascade Baby tank ensures an even heating experience, delivering thick vape production. The instant-firing system of 0.002 seconds provides a great hit, while the GT mesh coil means a longer-lasting coil and a higher contact surface area.

This feature-rich device not only performs well but looks great as well. Its sleek and curvy design has lots of visual appeals, and the colored 0.96-inch screen is the cherry on top. There are 6 vivid colors to choose from. Finally, its budget-friendly price point seals the deal.

Have you ever use such a device? How was your experience? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Published: April 20, 2020Updated: September 8, 2021

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