The Steam Crave Titan PWM RDA / RDTA: A Monster Vaping Device


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: July 21, 2021

Steam Crave Titan PWM desktop

Review Score: 80/100

Price Range:
$124.99- $129.99
Black, Silver
Battery Type:
Quad 18650
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Easy to build and wick
  • Versatile build deck section


  • Not meant to be a portable vape

The Steam Crave Titan PWM RDTA is a bold new vape starter kit with incredible specifications that make it worth examining. The box mod generates 300 watts of output, and it has an LCD screen that displays the output settings, resistance, and battery life.

Steam Crave Titan PWM desktop

The mod is powered by quad 18650s that lock securely into the mod. All of the terminals are made from 24K gold plating. The kit comes with a tank that has enormous liquid capacity. This device is made incredibly well, and vapers will not regret making this purchase.

The Steam Crave Titan PWM and Aromamizer Titan Kit

The box includes several items. There is the mod, and two chimneys in separate boxes. Three posts are there, too. Also, there is a vape band, Ultem drip tip, and a bag of spare parts. Many spares are in the kit, making this one of the most complete starter kits ever put together.

Steam Crave Titan kit

Internal Build Quality, Design, and Features

The build quality and design are excellent. There are also several impressive features incorporated into the design. First off, the device has two wide drip tips that are very comfortable and enjoyable to use. One is black, and the other is Ultem. The top cap is well designed, too. The knurling on the sides allows the user to get a good grip and easily remove it. Another good thing about the kit is that the fill ports are super-wide. They are so wide that there should be no problems with juice spillage.

Steam Crave Titan x3

The best feature is the removable chimney. The 18 ml chimney can be replaced with an extension for increasing juice capacity. With the extension, it holds 28ml of juice. The user can also take out all the glass and chimney, put it back together, and run the tank in RDA mode.

Finally, the machining on this mod and tank is superb. All of the parts fit snugly together. This is especially true with the notches and cutouts on the build deck. There should be no problems taking it apart and putting it together.

The Best Coils for the Aromamizer Titan 28ml RDTA / RDA

Each terminal measures 3 x 2.5 mm, so they can accommodate large coils. The user will be able to vape at the full 300-watt range using 0.12 and 0.21-ohm coils.

Overview of the Steam Crave Tank RDTA / RDA Decks

The deck can be easily pulled out because it has notches on the side that fit the base’s cutouts. This design allows the user to create several types of build decks.

Steam Crave Titan tank

Postless Deck

The deck arrives in a postless form that can support two to three coils depending on their size. 3.5 ml ID coils should suffice for triple builds, with enough space left for wicking. Double builds leave even more space. If using a double coil build, be sure to use extra cotton in the wicking ports.

Velocity Deck

The velocity style posts are inserted into the center terminals. The post holes are large enough to accommodate large builds. Make sure the coils are large enough to hold enough cotton.

Series Deck

This deck is useful when the user wants to double the resistance of his or her coils. The resistance is increased by combining two wires into one and using the insulator pins to create a negative post. This build makes for excellent vapor and flavor.

How to Use the Mod

Once the coils and wicking are put onto the deck, wet them with juice and allow the cotton to saturate. When the wicking is saturated, screw the tank onto the mod. Next, open the battery door by pushing the silver button.

Steam Crave Titan

The door and button are located at the bottom. Put four 18650s in the mod and close the door. When the door clicks, it is shut completely. Click the silver knob five times to turn the mod on and off. Turn the knob to adjust the voltage. Look at the screen to monitor voltage, wattage, resistance, and battery life.

The Vaping Experience

The Steam Crave Titan mod produces excellent flavor and clouds because it has an airy tank. With the airflow open completely, the user will blow clouds that fill an entire room. The flavor is excellent, too. The flavor is not as good with the extension, but that is to be expected. With the short chimney, the taste of the vapor is outstanding. Even so, the difference in flavor quality between the two tanks is not that different. The flavor and vapor are great in RDA mode, too, and it holds 5 ml of liquid. But it burns through juice very quickly.

Competing Products

Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan vs. Aromamizer Plus

The Aromamizer Plus is an upgraded tank that has several more features than the Tita. For one, it can support mesh and single coils, giving the user more coil options. Secondly, it has a juice control ring that improves juice flow significantly.

Aromamizer Plus

Even in cold climes, it works well. Finally, the Aromamizer Plus has a flip over airflow control ring, allowing for improved airflow over its predecessor.

Steam Crave Titan PWM Specifications

Power Output: 300W
Voltage Range: 1-8.4V
Screen: LCD
Battery Type: Quad 18650
Thread: 510 Stainless Steel
Construction: Zinc Alloy
Colors: Black, Silver

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Excellent and smooth airflow
  • Easy to build and wick
  • It produces humongous clouds and superb flavor
  • Versatile build deck section
  • Great build and design quality

The Negatives

  • Works well with only a few mods
  • Not meant to be a portable vape
  • Burns through juice too quickly

Our Opinion on the Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan

The Titan PWM and the Aromamizer Titan go very well together. The tank looks good on the mod, and the vape helps the tank produce outstanding vapor and flavor. Of all the things to like about this contraption, they are the build deck and the extensions. These features give the user a lot of vaping options.

There are only two issues with this kit. One, it is expensive, but well worth the price because of the vaping experience. Secondly, although this is not a con, it is big and not very portable. But, it is designed to be large. Because of its size, this set-up is better suited to use at home rather than on-the-go. Overall, this starter kit is one of the best out there, and well worth the money spent.

Published: July 20, 2020Updated: July 21, 2021

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