Smok G150 Review: The Best Small Vape Around?

SMOK G 150


Smok G150
Box Mod

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  • Battery:
    4200 mAh
  • Wattage Output:
    6-150 W
  • Resistance:
    0.06-3.0 ohm
  • Works with:
  • Starting price:

The Smok G150 is a high powered and portable mod that uses one of the best tanks in the industry. It sports a 150 watt variant of the Alien chipset and uses an onboard 4.200 mAh battery. The mod’s body is shaped like a miniature canteen, making it comfortable to hold and convenient to put in a pocket or bag. When coupled with the Big Baby Beast Tank, it provides incredible flavor and vapor production that can last an entire day.

Smok G150 Review

The G150 kit from Smok is a moderately powerful and battery efficient device that has a lot going for it. It can go up to 150 watts, and it can operate for a long time before needing to be recharged. It has several vaping modes, and the flavor and vapor are excellent in all of them. The long battery life is thanks to the 4,200 mah battery, which can last much of the day and more. A lot of people are disappointed that this mod does not use 18650s, but they should not snub their noses at it. The battery works as efficiently as most 18650s. But, vapers who are diehards for the 18650s should find a different mod.

SMOK G 150 x4

The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank compliments this mod nicely. It holds plenty of e-liquid. The user will need as much e-juice capacity as he or she can get because this vape is a real juice chugger. The mod is compatible with almost every tank on the market, so vapers can experiment with different tanks if they so choose.

What Comes with the Starter Kit?

The starter kit comes with everything needed to get started vaping. Not only does it have the mod, but it comes with the Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank. Two coils come with the tank, which are the V8 Baby Q2 (0.4 ohm) and V8 Baby M2 (0.15 ohm). A spare glass comes with the kit in case something happens to the old one.

SMOK G 150 kit

Also included in the starter kit are various spare parts, as well as two cables. One is a USB cable for recharging the internal battery, and the other is for upgrading the firmware. A user manual is included with the kit, as well.

Internal Build Quality and Design

The manufacturing quality of this mod is exceptional. The best design feature of this vape is its built-in battery. While some people like replaceable batteries, other vapers do not for various reasons, one being is that the price adds up after a while. With this mod, users do not have to worry about budgeting for the extra 18650s.

SMOK G 150

The next outstanding feature is its exterior design. It is unique because of its oval shape, which is not seen in a lot of mods. This makes up for its slightly larger size by reducing the hard edges, making it easier to haul around. Smok deserves a lot of kudos for the exterior design of this mod.

Battery Performance

The battery performance for this mod far surpasses many of its leading competitors. Having the 4.200 mAh battery is the equivalent to having two 2.100 mAh 18650s in it. This amount of power makes the mod suitable for nine to ten hours of moderate to heavy vaping. Vapers who do not often hit their devices can expect to get a day or two out of this vape.

The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank

The TFV8 Big Baby Beast is a 5 ml tank that measures 24.5 mm in diameter. It uses a hinge and lock top fill system that swivels open and closed. The tank features dual adjustable airflow that comes from slots measuring 16 x 2 mm. Also, it is constructed from stainless steel, so it will last a long time if not mishandled.

The vapor and flavor quality coming from this tank is excellent. Smok G150 coils work well in terms of flavor and cloud production, but the Q2 works a bit better.

TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank x2

Users who do not like the TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank can always get another one and buy the Smok G150 mod only. It can fit most tanks out on the market, including tanks measuring 15 mm in diameter.

Smok G150 Coil Compatibility

The Big Baby Beast tank is compatible with several coils, including ProCore and VapeFly Fantasy Mini M8 coils. Since the tank uses the Baby Beast Turbo Engine Coil Head, it makes cross-compatibility more convenient.

Power Mode Vaping Experience

The vape goes up to 150 watts. Some people like devices that go higher, but most people do not go that high because the vapor gets too hot, and such high temperatures drain the battery. The best flavor for this mod is around 75 to 100 watts, but the user has an additional 75 watts to play with if he or she wants to power up a little further. Going to the higher wattages means burning through a lot of juice, which is why 75 to 100 watts is a good level.

Temperature Control Vaping Experience

Temperature control mode is another good option, having a range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In TC, it has modes for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wires, and it can handle a minimum of 0.06 ohm.


Temperature control also delivers excellent flavor and vapor production. In fact, in every mode, the flavor and clouds are great once the right temperature or wattage level is found.

How to Use the Mod

Using the vape is easy. Once the device is turned on, charged, and filled, hold down the firing button and inhale from the mouthpiece. Do not hold the firing button too long, though, or the mod will shut off. But, it can still be held for a long time so that the user can inhale some deep drags.

How to Turn It On

These are the steps to follow to turn on the mod:

  • Fully charge it, and then fill the tank and give it two to three minutes to prime
  • Turn it on or off by pressing the firing button five times. It can also be turned off by holding down the vape button for an extended period.
  • To enter the menu, click the firing button three times, and scroll through it using the plus and minus arrows.
  • Switch vaping modes by holding down the firing button and pressing the plus arrow
  • Check the battery status by looking at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

SMOK G 150 x3

The vape has several safety features, including:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Puff monitoring system
  • Overheating protection
  • 12 seconds cut-off
  • Low battery warning

Even with these safety features, always be careful when operating the device. Do not drop or mishandle it. Doing so can damage the battery. If the device is running hot, there could be something wrong with the battery. Discontinue vaping and have it looked at by a professional.

Smok G150 Firmware Updates

To update, cycle through the menu system until you see “download.” That is for updating the firmware. Select this option, and the mod will prompt the user by saying: “firmware update: yes or no?” Select the yes option and plug it into the computer to download the latest firmware.

Common Problems

Smok G150 Battery Error and Replacement

Since it uses a built-in battery, there is no way to replace it. The warranty will cover the device if the battery malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect. To keep the warranty valid, do not mishandle the device or use it in ways for which it is not designed.

Screen Will Not Turn On

If the screen does not turn on, it could be locked, on stealth mode, or the firmware needs to be updated. First, make sure it is not in stealth mode or locked. If this is not the problem, try upgrading the firmware.

Always follow the guidelines in the Smok G150 manual to avoid issues like those mentioned above.

Competing Vape Mods

Smok G150 vs. Smok R200 Starter Kit

The most apparent difference between these two mods is the wattage. The Smok R200 has 50 more watts than the G150. Another key difference is the size.


The R200 is slightly larger than the G150, so it is going to be a little less easy to carry around. But, it is not so large that it cannot fit in a purse or cargo pocket. The final difference is that the tank for the R200 uses Clapton coils.

Smok G150 VS. Alien 220W Starter Kit

There are a lot of differences between these two stellar mods. One, the Alien 220W is much more powerful, being able to ramp up to 220 watts. They also turn on differently.

Alien 220w

The G150 uses a firing button to activate, but the Alien is turned on by squeezing it. The Alien uses 18650s, making it an excellent choice for those who like to buy batteries as opposed to being stuck with the one in the mod.

Concluding Thoughts for This Smok G150 Review

This is a wonderful vape to use. The combination of the G150 and the Baby Beast Tank is excellent and economical. The tank performs marvelously, providing the user with plenty of vape juice, and the vape offers plenty of power and battery life. Yes, other vapes can go to higher wattages, but most people do not vape over 200 watts, so why buy something with an unneeded feature?

Readers who have used this vape should leave a comment. Please tell us about your vaping experience and other details, including what vape juice, tank, or coils you use with the mod.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Internal 4200mAh Battery
  • Great screen
  • Puff and fire counters, firing timer
  • Smart and understandable settings
  • Memory mode
  • Updatable
  • No rebuildable coils support
  • A bit heavy

Smok G150 Box Mod Specifications

Smok G150 Box Mod
Battery Capacity 4200 mAh
Construction Stainless Steel
Wattage Range 6-150 W
Resistance Range 0.06-3.0 ohm
Temperature Range 200-600F
Charger microUSB

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