The New Smok Fortis 100W Mod Kit: A Cloudy Dream Machine


by Christina Matthews

Updated: August 16, 2022

New Smok Fortis 100W Review

Review Score: 96/100

Price Range:
$49.99 - $69.99
Battery Capacity:
Single 18650 and 21700s
Wattage Range:
5W - 80W(100W)
Silver, Black, Blue, Brown, Red, and 7 Color
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Hgh vapor and cloud protection
  • Compatibility with 18650 and 21700s
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design


  • Comes two of the same coils
  • Drip tip can come off

Starting Price: $ 49.99

The Smok Fortis mod has some unique benefits that make it stand out. Overall, it is an outstanding starter kit with high wattage output, excellent build quality, and several other features that make it worth looking at.

Smok Fortis Review

The Smok Fortis is a device capable of generating 80 to 100 watts of output, depending on the type of battery in the vape. It has a durable build and is compatible with 18650 and 21700 single batteries.

New Smok Fortis 100W

Additionally, it comes with the Smok TFV18 Mini Tank, which has a 6.5 ml juice capacity and a sliding top cap with a large fill port beneath. Also included in the kit are two sub-ohm coils that generate a lot of vapor.

Vapor Production

Vapor production is very high, as it comes with a low resistance coil capable of handling nearly the entire output of the vape. Expect to blow huge clouds and to be able to clear a room.

Power Modes

This is a straight wattage mod, so there are no power modes to worry about.

Safety Features

  • Smart Atomizer Protection
  • Battery Detection
  • 8-Second Cut-Off
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection

The Smok Fortis 100W Kit

New Smok Fortis 100W Starter Kit

  • TFV18 Mini Tank
  • Two Coils
  • Spare Bubble Glass
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • Bag with extra o-rings and top-fill gasket
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Internal Build Quality and Design

The vape has a solid build quality, with a nice pseudo-leather and padded grip that adds an extra level of comfort. Also on the surface is a large firing button and adjustment buttons that are easy to find and very responsive.

Beneath the buttons is the USB C port. Since the port is not on the bottom, the vape can be charged standing right side up instead of laying on its side.

Another good thing to mention here is that this vape can accommodate tanks up to 28 or 30 mm in diameter with no or very little overhang.

New Smok Fortis 100W Tank

There is a little bit of branding, there always is, but it is nothing too flashy, just the brand name on the grip.

As for the design, it is sort of like a tube mod because it has a rounded, circular design, but it is difficult to say whether it is an actual tube mod. But the thin, round design makes it very ergonomic, portable, and comfortable to hold.

Battery Performance

This vape is compatible with single 21700 batteries, and it comes with a sleeve to make it compatible with a single 18650.

One of this mod’s unique features is how the wattage settings adjust to the different batteries. The mod will support 100 watts with a 21700, but only fire to 80 watts with a 18650 inside.


This screen is excellent. It is color and very vivid, and no one should have any trouble reading the display. Also, it shows all the information one needs to know, including battery life at the top, followed by wattage, resistance, puff counter, and timer.

The TFV18 Mini Tank

This tank is one of the best out there. It has a high 6.5 ml, which means fewer refills throughout the day, and the airflow control ring is at the bottom, which is pretty typical with most tanks like this.

The best feature of the tank is the top cap. Press a small button, and it slides back to reveal a large fill port. Above the fill port is a gasket just inside the top cap for preventing leaking.

New Smok Fortis 100W

There is a good drip tip on top, but it comes off too easily, so users should be very cautious when handling the tank. However, it is replaceable, so it is not a big deal if it comes off.

As for how it vapes, it has a lot of airflow, allowing users to blow huge clouds, as mentioned above.


The starter kit comes with two 0.2 ohm V18 mini mesh coils. It was nice of them to include two coils in the kit, but something with a different resistance would have been better. But getting another coil is no problem, as they are not that expensive and easy to find.

The flavor is excellent at 70 to 80 watts with the 0.2 ohm coil, even though Smok recommends vaping the coil at 60 watts. 60 watts is likely the best setting for a balance between flavor and battery life.

New Smok Fortis 100W

The good thing about the V18 coils is that they can handle the vape’s full wattage range. But to max out to 100 watts, the 0.32 and 0.15 dual mesh coils are needed, as the 0.2 ohm maxes out at 80 watts.

Compatible Nicotine Juices

These low resistance coils get very hot, so a nicotine juice with 80/20 vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol is called for. 70/30 will also work for those who want a tad more flavor. But do not go with 60/40 or 50/50 liquids because they will not be able to handle the heat well.

How Long Do the Coils Last?

The coils should last one or two weeks, depending on how often they are used.

How to Use the Smok Fortis

  1. Prime the coil by dripping three or four drops of nicotine liquid inside.
  2. Then push it inside the tank.
  3. Slide open the top cap and insert a bottle nozzle or syringe into the fill port.
  4. Fill the tank to capacity.
  5. Close the top cap and wait five to ten minutes for the coil to saturate.

When turning on the vape, the device will ask whether the vape has a 18650 or 21700 inside. Depending on what you answer, the chip will adjust the settings appropriately.

Button Combinations

  • Click the firing button five times to turn it on/off
  • Use the adjustment buttons to cycle through the wattage
  • Click the firing button three times to lock/unlock the power
  • Press the up and firing buttons simultaneously to change the screen’s color
  • Press the down and firing buttons simultaneously to clear the puff counter
  • Press the up and down buttons simultaneously to lock/unlock the wattage

Competing Products

Smok Fortis vs. Vandy Vape Jackaroo 100W

Vandy Vape Jackaroo colors

  • There are three main differences between these vapes.
  • First, the Jackaroo is more durable than the Fortis because it is rated against water and dust.
  • Also, the Jackaroo has three power modes: voltage, power, and DIY mode.
  • Finally, the Jackaroo comes with two coils of different resistances.
  • However, the Jackaroo is around twenty dollars more expensive.

Smoke Fortis vs. Lost Vape Grus 100W TC

Lost Vape Grus 100W TC

  • The Grus is on the same level as the Fortis, but it has power and temperature control modes, as well as two coils of different resistances.
  • However, the Fortis is slightly less expensive, and it is top filled, while the Grus is side filled.
  • Side fill ports are not that bad, but top fill is always better.

Smok Fortis 100W Box Mod Features

Dimensions: 94mm x 38.8mm x 32.4 mm
Battery Compatibility: Single 18650 and 21700s
Wattage Range (18650): 5 to 80 Watts
Wattage Range (21700): 5 to 100 Watts
Voltage Range: 1.0 to 6.4 Volts
Resistance Range: 0.1 to 2.5 ohm
Charging Type: Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
Intuitive Firing Button:
0.96 Inch TFT Color Display:
Threaded: 510
Charging Type: Type-C USB Port
Fortis Colors: Silver, Black, Blue, Brown, Red, 7 Color

Smok TFV18 Mini Tank Features

Diameter : 28 mm
Tank Capacity: 6.5 mL
Glass: Reinforced Pyrex
Construction: Stainless Steel
Sliding Top Cap and Top Fill:
Coil Compatibility: Smok V18 Mini Series
Mini Mesh Coil: 0.2 ohm TFV18
Dual Slotted Airflow Control Ring:
Threaded: 510


The Positives

  • Hgh vapor and cloud protection
  • Compatibility with 18650 and 21700s
  • Sliding top cap
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design

The Negatives

  • Comes two of the same coils
  • Drip tip can come off

Final Thoughts About the Smok Fortis Mod and TFV18 Mini Tank

There is nothing wrong with the vape itself. The only criticism is that the starter kit should have come with a higher or lower resistance coil. However, that is not a big deal. Another thing was the drip tip. It comes off easily, so when Smok starts putting new kits together, they should add an extra drip tip.

The mod and tank shine in all the other categories. Good vapor and flavor, solid build quality, compatibility with different batteries, and an easy to open sliding top cap. Plus, the airflow is very wide and open, making it a great vape and tank for DTL lovers.

If you have used this new vape and want to chime in, feel free to do so by leaving a comment below.

Published: December 17, 2021Updated: August 16, 2022

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