Smok Devilkin Review: Blend Of Power, Performance, and Style


by Christina Matthews

Updated: July 29, 2021

Smok Devilkin desktop

Review Score: 84/100

Price Range:
12 colors
Dual 18650
86 x 49.6 x 34.2 mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Sturdy, ergonomic build
  • Industry-leading tank with massive capacity


  • May be slightly heavy for some users that prefer lightweight mods

The Smok Devilkin is one of the newest products from SmokTech, and it offers the vape enthusiasts a powerful box mod that allows them to customize their vaping experience. Its stylish and ergonomic design, industry-leading Prince tank, Prince V12 coils, and powerful dual 18650 batteries, give it the firepower needed for a great vaping experience for both flavor lovers and cloud chasers.

Thanks to a big OLED screen, users can easily see their battery and vape juice levels, as well as tweak settings like voltage and temperature. Its feature-rich design and sturdy construction make it one of the most value-rich starter vape kits to look out for.

A Close Look at the Device

The Smok Devilkin is the latest vape mod by the popular vape brand SmokTech. With a sturdy and stylish design, power-packed features, and user-friendly interface, Devilkin is an excellent choice for vapers who appreciate high-performance and good value. This box mod runs on dual 18650 batteries (sold separately) and has a massive 225w output.

The Devilkin has an ergonomic design that offers a good grip, easy to use up, down and firing buttons, and a large 1.3” OLED display screen. The screen shows a variety of useful info such as battery use, puff counts, temperature, and voltage settings. The vape comes fitted with the popular TFV12 Prince sub-ohm tank, which is a great performer with a massive 8 ml e-juice capacity. The TVF12 tank has an easy top-fill system with a locking mechanism that prevents spillage.

Smok Devilkin desktop

Its internal chipset offers temperature control where a user can choose between 200 to 600F and resistances between 0.05 to 2.0-ohm. Its adjustable airflow, wattage, and voltage control, as well as preheat and memory mode, let a vaper fully customize its vaping experience.

The Devilkin comes pre-installed with a V12 Prince 0.4-ohm Q4 Quad coil, which provides a smooth, rich flavor and works between 40 to 100W. The kit also includes a 0.12-ohm V12 Prince T10 Decouple coil for 60 to 120W usage, and which provides great flavor and vape production. The Cobra drip-tip is user-friendly with a good mouthfeel. Also, this mod has all the crucial safety features such as short-circuit, overheat, and discharge protection. The box mod is available in 12 beautiful colors and appears to be a good combination of performance, user-compatibility, and visual appeal.

What Comes in the Box?

SMOK Devilkin kit

This kit comes with the following components:

  • 1 x Devilkin 225W Box Mod
  • 1 x TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.4-ohm V12 Prince-Q4 Quad Coil (Pre-installed) (For use between 40 to 100W)
  • 1 x 0.12-ohm V12 Prince-T10 Dec Coil (For use between 60 to 120W)
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 x Smok Devilkin Instructional Manual

The dual 18650 batteries do not come with these kits and have to be bought separately.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The Smok Devilkin has a sturdy build, with an elegant and a snake pattern at the back for a stylish touch. This slip-resistant design and material offer a very comfortable grip. It has an easy-to-carry, lightweight build (177 g) with dimensions of 86 x 49.6 x 34.2. This mod is available in 12 interesting colors and adds a touch of luxury with its design.

SMOK Devilkin x2

The box mod features a huge 1.3” OLED screen, which is quite easy-to-read even against sunlight. The screen gives important info on the battery level, puff counts, wattage, resistance, voltage as well as temperature levels. This device is quite sturdy, with a minimal rattle, and can last for years with some very basic maintenance and care.

What Batteries Does It Run On?

This vape mod runs on dual 18650 high-amp batteries, which are not included in the kit, so a user will have to buy them separately. These batteries easily allow for a full day (or more) worth of vaping to the user. They allow the Devilkin to offer quite a high-performance vaping experience, with a max output as high as 225w.

The batteries can be easily fitted into the device with a bottom-mounted door that has a slide-to-open action. The battery door is well secured and fitted, so a user will experience barely any rattle even if it vigorously shakes the device.

Smok Devilkin Tank

This device is fitted with the TVF12 Prince sub-ohm tank, which is well-known in the industry as of the high-performance tanks and high-quality build. It has a durable stainless steel exterior build with a sturdy pyrex glass tube. These tanks stand at 63 mm tall with a wide 25mm base, and its construction is explosion-proof and high temperature resistant. The TVF12 tank has a top-fill rotary design, which allows for easy refilling.

SMOK Devilkin with tank

Its patented push-button locking mechanism protects against spillage of precious vape juice. TVF12 has a 5 ml juice capacity, which can be expanded to a massive 8 ml with its convex glass extension. Its large e-juice capacity cuts down the need to continually refill and allows a long-lasting, hassle-free vape experience.

A Look Into Its Vaping Experience

The Smok Devilkin delivers a rich and deep flavor with bold cloud production, with enough features to allow the user to adjust the vaping experience based on their personal preferences. Its powerful batteries offer the energy needed to enable this vape mod to perform at a max output of 225w.

The dual bottom adjustable airflow, high capacity sub-ohm tank, and high-quality coils all work in synergy with each other for a great vaping experience. The temperature and resistance control, voltage, and wattage control as well as memory modes work in favor of the user. This range of user-friendly features ensures that the mod caters to the unique preferences of a wide range of users.


The Devilkin comes with two high-quality coils that greatly enhance the user’s vaping experience. It comes pre-fitted with a 0.4-ohm V12 Prince Q4 Quadruple coil, which is ideal for use between 40 to 100W.

SMOK Devilkin tank and coil

This coil provides a smooth and rich flavor and appears to offer the deepest and richest flavor best at around 60W to 80W. The Devilkin kit also comes with a 0.12-ohm V12 T10 Prince Decouple coils, which are ideal for use between 60 to 120W. This coil offers great flavor and bold cloud production and works its best between 80 to 110W.

Type of Airflow

One of the best features of this vape mod comes with its convenient dual bottom adjustable airflow. This easy to use airflow system lets the user modify the airflow to get the perfect balance of flavor and vape production that the user desires. So whether the user is a fan of a richer flavor and medium clouds or bold cloud production, the adjustable airflow will easily allow the tweaking needed to achieve it. To further add to the airflow control, the Devilkin comes with an 810 cobra drip tip, which has a great mouthfeel for the user.

Flavour and Vapour Production Can Be Expected

Thanks to having one of the most powerful and high capacity tanks in the category, coupled with high-performing coils, the Smok Devilkin delivers both on a great flavor and vapor production. All its features like temperature control, adjustable airflow, and coil features come together if providing a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

SMOK Devilkin x2 Vaporizers

The pre-installed 0.4-ohm V12 Prince Quad coil delivers a rich flavor at around 60W, which is within its 40 to 100W limit. For bolder cloud production, there is the option to install the 0.12-ohm V12 Prince Decouple coil (for 60 to 120W).

The Competition

Smok Devilkin vs. Smok Alien

The Smok Alien is a portable, lightweight setup that also features dual 18650 batteries like the Devilkin. However, its Baby Beast TFV8 tank has a capacity of 3 ml, vis a vis 5 to 8 ml for the Devilkin.

Alien 220w Starter Kit by SMOKTech img

The max output stands at 220 watts for the Alien, while its 225W for Devilkin. The Smok Alien is a good option for users who want a light and portable mod, and are ok with a much lesser vape juice capacity.

Smok Devilkin vs. X-Priv

The Smok X-Priv is quite similar to the Devilkin in many aspects but has a few added features that put it at a higher price range. Its Prince tank is the same as the Devilkin, with a 5 to 8 ml capacity, as is the 25 mm diameter base and max 225W output. It also runs on dual 18650 batteries like the Devilkin and has variable temperature, wattage, and memory modes.


The X-Priv has a larger display screen at 2” compared to the Devilkin’s 1.3” display. There are, in fact, very few differences in the critical features of both mods. It is up to the user to decide whether the X-Priv’s slightly added features justify its higher price.

SMOK Devilkin Specifications

SMOK Devilkin
Dimensions: 86 x 49.6 x 34.2 mm
Construction: Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass
Output Wattage: 1 - 225 W
Output Voltage: 0.5 - 9 V
Input Voltage: 6.4 - 9 V
Output mode: VT-Ti / VT-Ni / VT-SS / VW / MEMORY
Resistance range (VT mode): 0.05 - 2 ohm
Resistance range (VW /BYPASS mode): 0.1 - 2.5 ohm
Temperature range: 100 - 315C / 200 - 600F
Tank Capacity: 5 mL / 8 mL
Weight: 177 g

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Sturdy, ergonomic build
  • Industry-leading tank with massive capacity
  • Great battery life
  • Convenient modes that let the user control their vaping experience
  • Power-packed features for great flavor and cloud production

The Negatives

  • May be slightly heavy for some users that prefer lightweight mods
  • The flashy design may not appeal to users that prefer a stealthy look

Final Thoughts: Power and Performance In A Stylish Build

The Smok Devilkin offers a power-packed mod with features that can cater to the preferences of a wide variety of vape enthusiasts. Its ergonomic build, stylish design, and convenient buttons make it easy to grip and use. The dual 18650 batteries give it the firepower it needs to last for over a day of vaping, and a massive max output of 225w.

The industry-leading Prince sub-ohm tank provides a massive 5 to 8 ml e-juice capacity and comes with a convenient top-fill and locking mechanism system. Its easy-to-read screen, coupled with temperature, resistance, voltage, and wattage control, make this a worthwhile purchase for vapers looking for a powerful and convenient starter kit.

Have you tried out the Devilkin already? If yes, then please share what your experience was like in the comment box below.

Published: April 28, 2020Updated: July 29, 2021

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