Sigelei Spark 90w TC Review

Sigelei Spark 90w TC86100

Sigelei Spark 90W TC MOD Review

The Sigelei Spark 90w TC mod is a neat, little device, which is perfect for firing your vaping juice up to a maximum of 90W. With superior build quality and awesome ergonomics, this device scales high in user-friendliness, but what’s even more intriguing is that you can fit any tank with 510 screw-head onto the top and start vaping with rich flavor. Since Sigelei Spark 90w is a TC mod, you don’t have to worry about setting the wattage or the resistance. You only need to focus on one single parameter, the temperature, and once you master the basics of temperature control in the Sigelei Spark 90w TC, you will have mastered a wide range of vapor-quality, with varying density, texture, warmth and flavor. Sigelei is known for its classy designs, but the Spark mod feels a bit outdated, especially the interface of the OLED display. Let’s go through the hits and misses of this product before we take an in-depth look.


  • Sub-ohm vaping.
  • Pass through vaping.
  • Magnetic locks.  
  • Matte Finish.

  • Battery not powerful enough for 90w.
  • Only nickel (Ni-200) and pure titanium (TI) coils.
  • Hard to understand interface.

The beast of Temperature Control, the Sigelei Spark 90w TC

If you are tired of dry hits or burnt wicks ruining your vaping experience, it is time to shift to temperature control mods. Engineered to keep the temperature within a certain ceiling, you can get pure vapor till your very last drag. Sigelei entered this niche with the Spark 90w TC, which is a lower variant of 150w. The Spark 90w is small but punches well above its weight. That Sigelei mod has a dimension of 83 x 36.9 x 23 (mm), which makes it amazingly stealthy and portable. It gives you an amazing range of operations and the temperature can be varied from 212F – 572F.

The Design

The Sigelei Spark 90w TC is ergonomically designed to fit the curve of your palm and the matte finish gives it’s a nice premium grip. The design is similar to that of IPC D2 from Pioneer4You, except for button placements. The fire button is tacitly milled on top of a zinc alloy covering, which looks nice but a bit outdated. On the other side of the OLED, you have the up and down buttons. Even though it is a charm to use, the product lacks the signature Sigelei touch of elegance, which we see in the Snow Wolf or the GW mod or the Moon box mod. The OLED display is bright and clear, but it is a bit complicated to the change the various parameters. It does get better with experience, but we expected something better from a brand like Sigelei. The product is well ventilated from all sides and there are no heating issues with the Spark model. You have to use a 18650, 3500 mAh, battery with the device. You can safely use Ni2000 or Ti wiring, to make your own coils but you can’t use Kanthal or stainless steel below SS430.

Why can’t you use Kanthal/stainless steel coils on the Sigelei Spark 90w mod?

The Sigelei Spark 90w is a temperature controlled (TC) mod and all TCs are only compatible with Ni or Ti coils. This is because Nickel and Titanium coils have a linear relationship between temperature and material resistance. This prevents any chance of overheating the coils, which produces dry and wick-burnt hits.

Vaping Experience

When it comes to vaping, the Sigelei Spark 90w TC stands out from the crowd for its exceptional vapor density, which comes out from sub-ohm vaping. The device can operate in a range of 0.1-3.0 Ohms, and it can produce a variety of flavor intensity and density. The device is highly flexible as you can change the wattage, the temperature, and the resistance. However, its best to experiment with just the temperature. In wattage setting, you can vape in a range of 10-90w, while in TC mode, you can vape in a range of 212F – 572F, with a maximum power of 75 Joules. This huge range covers most of the aromatics inside your vaping juice. While the fruit-based aromatics can be comfortable vaped at 210F, other flavors like vanilla, coffee, candy, etc. boil at above 550F. Nicotine vaporizes at 477F and most mouth sweeteners range in below 500F range. This covers a wide spectrum of vape juices in a single vaporizer.

What is the temperature control in the Sigelei Spark 90w TC?

Temperature Control is a revolutionary technology that puts Sigelei Spark 90w TC in the league of mods that optimizes your battery as well as vaping juice. You can now minimize vape juice consumption by simply setting the temperature as low as possible and let the device burn just whats needed.

The Sigelei Spark 90w TC kit

The Sigelei Spark 90w TC comes in a small plastic box. Being a mid-range mod, don’t expect too much from the packaging. Inside the box, you will find the main mod and a silicone case for extra protection. The silicone case comes in white or black color and has the brand name written at the very bottom. You will not get a battery with this kit.

Our conclusion on the Sigelei Spark 90w TC

If you want a durable product, that lasts long, then Sigelei is the brand to choose. The brand is well-known for its build quality and the Spark 90w fits the bill perfectly if you are looking for a reliable TC mod. The range of operations is also a big plus as you get sub-ohm vaping with auto-regulated temperatures. It gives you room to play with your vapor density and you can create massive clouds with this tiny machine. You can buy this portable little device on.

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