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Sigelei 213 FOG
sigelei 213 fog
10/10 icon-question
  • Wattage range: 5-200W
  • Dual 18650 device
  • All zinc-alloy exterior

The Sigelei 213 FOG is a powerful, dual-18650 device that features an advanced chipset that gives it capabilities like high-wattage outpu...

Sigelei Sobra
sigelei sobra
  • Wattage Output Range: 10W - 198W
  • Temperature Control Supports Nickel, Titanium, And Stainless Steel
  • TCR Mode
Sigelei Chronus 200W
sigelei chronus
  • Zinc and aluminum alloy build
  • High wattage mark: 200W
  • Temperature Range: 200℉-570℉

The Sigelei Vapes Top Performers

The Sigelei has a wide catalog of devices that range from newer pod devices to more high-tech mods that many vapers already know and love. These five products represent only a tiny sample of the capabilities that the company has come to be known for. But they also show how much the brand has been able to achieve.

#1 Sigelei 213 FOG

An Innovative Smart Mod

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Sigelei 213 FOG is a powerful, dual-18650 device that features an advanced chipset that gives it capabilities like high-wattage output and curve modes. The Sigelei FOG comes with the IFV960 chipset that gives it super-fast outputs and enables a 200W maximum power output.

The FOG has a slimmed-down design made of zinc alloy that also features a small 0.96” TFT for users to adjust their settings.


  • Wattage range: 5-200W
  • Dual 18650 device
  • All zinc-alloy exterior
  • Autosmart Curve mode

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want an advanced, high-performance chipset
  • You want an accurate device with many new vaping features
  • You want a reliable, easy-to-use device
  • You want to fine-tune your vaping experience

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 Sigelei 213 Fog Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card


  • Accurate power rating and capabilities
  • Good, ergonomic controls and design
  • Full temperature control suite
  • Several safety features and protections


  • Too advanced for new vapers

#2 Sigelei Sobra

Elegance and Power in a Mod

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Sigelei Sobra stands out among most of the brand’s offerings for its unique shape and design while still boasting a high-wattage output of 198W. The Sigelei Sobra features a rounded top that slims down in the middle to give a super-ergonomic grip.

Not only that, but the unit features a large, 1.3” HD display screen that is the right option for an elegant mod such as this. The Sobra pairs with the Sobra tank with a 5.5ml e-juice capacity, dual bottom airflow, and a ULTEM drip tip.


  • Wattage Output Range: 10W – 198W
  • Temperature Control Supports Nickel, Titanium, And Stainless Steel
  • TCR Mode
  • 1.3” HD Screen

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want an elegant, unique-looking mod
  • You want a full-color HD screen
  • You want a tank and mod starter kits with style
  • You want a dual-18650 device that does not look like a dual 18650 device

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Sobra 198W Starter Kit By Sigelei
  • 1 x Atomizer (Bulb Tube)
  • 1 x MS Coil
  • 1 x Spare Normal Glass Tube
  • 1 x Sealing Ring
  • 1 x Instructional Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Certificate Of Authenticity
  • 1 x Spare Parts


  • Unique, design and build
  • Easy-to-use thanks to HD display
  • Very fast firing time
  • No lag in temperature settings


  • Sobra tank can leak sometimes

#3 Sigelei Chronus 200W

A Solid, High-Wattage Performer

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Sigelei Chronus is a sturdy, dual-18650 device with the bulk and heft of a powerful mod made for sub-ohm vaping. The Chronus features a classic box mod shape that features colorful paint finishes paired with a gleaming, centrally-placed TFT screen.

The unit has a spring-loaded 510-connection up top for use with the compatible Chronus tank. Users can control the device via its side-firing button and single, rocker-style button on the front. The device can reach as high as 200W and features a full complement of temperature options.


  • Zinc and aluminum alloy build
  • High wattage mark: 200W
  • Temperature Range: 200℉-570℉
  • Compatible with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want an impressive, solidly-built box mod
  • You want to vape at high wattages and sub-ohm resistances
  • You want something reliable and sturdy
  • You want an easy-to-use control interface

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Chronus Mod
  • 1 x Chronus Tank
  • 1 x Replacement Coil
  • 1 x Normal Glass Tube
  • 1 x Sealing Ring
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Certificate
  • Spare Parts


  • Solid, sturdy build
  • Easy-to-use control interface
  • Accurate power ratings
  • Very fast firing time


  • A little heavy
  • Temperature settings lags sometimes

#4 Sigelei Spark 90W

A Slim, TC Device

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Sigelei Spark 90W is a temperature-controlled device that takes a single 18650 cell as its power source, giving it a slim, portable outer frame. The Sigelei Spark has a silicone sleeve atop its interior zinc alloy build, so it is comfortable to hold and very lightweight, but it can also be removed. The device has a simple, three-button control interface paired with an OLED to let users control the joules, resistance, and battery life.

Reasons to Get This:

  • For temperature control lovers
  • Slim, portable build
  • Fast firing time
  • Good for sub-ohm coils

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 Sigelei Spark 90W Box Mod
  • 1 Silicone Sleeve
  • 1 MicroUSB Charger
  • Instruction Manual


  • Easy-to-use
  • Comfortable silicone sleeve grip (optional)
  • Sturdy build
  • Wide temperature range and control


  • Too small OLED


  • Easy-to-use
  • Comfortable silicone sleeve grip (optional)
  • Sturdy build
  • Wide temperature range and control


  • Too small OLED

#5 Sigelei Top 1

A Luxury, Power Mod

8/10 icon-question Review score

The Sigelei Top 1 is a dual-18650 device with a top-heavy, luxury exterior design with an oversized OLED screen for better control. The Top 1 can reach 250W and features a full temperature control suite, including stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.

The device has carbon fiber inlays throughout its build to give it a more ergonomic feel and look. Users can adjust their settings via a side-firing button paired with a two-button interface on the front.


  • Dual 18650 device
  • Luxury elements like carbon fiber
  • 1.3-inch TFT screen
  • Full temperature control suite
  • Works with the Top 1 chipset

Reasons to Get This:

  • You want power and elegance in a dual-18650 mod
  • You want a full wattage range and temperature control options
  • You want a mod that fires accurately at low-ohms
  • You want new features like preheat functions

What’s in the Box:

  • Sigelei Top 1 230W
  • Micro USB cable
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • Certificate


  • A powerful device with a lot of capabilities
  • Accurate power readings
  • Good temperature control
  • Many screen and output options


  • A bit bulky

Top Sigelei Box Mods and Kits

Category Product Price Rating
Best Innovative Vape Sigelei 213 FOG 39,99 10/10
Best-designed Vape Sigelei Sobra 24,99 9,5/10
Best Powerful Mod Sigelei Chronus 33,99 9/10
Best Sigelei Vape Sigelei Spark 90W 32,99 8,5/10
Best Stylish Mod Sigelei Top 1 44,99 8/10

Working Sigelei

There are so many different types of Sigelei vape that there are no uniform instructions for using one or the other. Every Sigelei mod will come with its operating instructions depending on the type of mod it is, like whether it is:

  • A dual-18650 box mod
  • A single 18650 mod
  • A pod device

Sigelei is known for its more extensive, more advanced devices that have more complicated chipsets and other features that are not that well-known to casual vapers. For these devices, however, users who know their way around the different operating systems and parts will have no trouble handling the devices.

There are also little maintenance and upkeep to Sigelei vapes. While the company does make a wide variety of tanks to accompany its high-powered mods, the tanks are easy-to-use and clean, like any other typical sub-ohm tank. Users can disassemble them and clean or remove all the necessary parts without any hassle.

Where to Get Sigelei Vape

Users can find many, if not all, of the brand’s products in online vape retail shops or from other authorized dealers. Users can also buy directly from the company to see the full extent of the brand’s selection and inventory if they are interested. The company is based in the vaping capital of Dongguan, but they ship internationally.

The company has been in the business for so long that they are a regular brand on many vape store shelves worldwide. Users will have no trouble finding any of the company’s more famous and well-known mods in various vape stores or online stores, no matter where they go.

Warranties and Deliveries

Sigelei does operate a retail store on its website, and they ship internationally to many different countries. Depending on the location, the store will charge an appropriate fee, also based on the size and quantity of the shipment. The brand uses DHL for most, if not all, of its deliveries, and users should get their packages within a stated time frame. The brand ships out most orders within two days of purchase.

Warranties and guarantees are all based on the purchases made and apply to certain products, but the company offers a 90-day warranty on all its goods. Users should contact the company directly if they have any issues with their purchasers or if the purchases arrive damaged or malfunctioning somehow.

How to Save & Customer Feedback

The Sigelei often offers discounts and deals for customers, but they should check the website for more regular updates. The Sigelei brand has been a trusted one for many years, but the company has had some setbacks in overrating its products or promoting their abilities when they did not have them.

The company has bounced back, though after that controversy, by pairing with reputable chip-making companies that have demonstrated a commitment to true innovation. The most recent releases from the Sigelei have seen it win back the vaping public’s trust, and new vapers are also now discovering how great the company can be.

The Competition


SMOK is another long-standing Chinese vaping company that has been around as long as Sigelei, although SMOK has been more prolific and wide-ranging in its advances.

While the Sigelei has made a point of manufacturing quality products over quantity, SMOK has taken the opposite approach and gone out of its way to explore different mod types, battery configurations, tank styles, and coil makes.

SMOK has a wide range of other products that appeal to all kinds of people, from beginners to more expert vapers.


Suorin is a newer vape company that has tried to go another route from large, dual 18650 devices to the more sophisticated route of pod and low-resistance devices. The brand features high-tech devices made with high-quality materials but powerful internal electronics to deliver many different vaping experiences.

Questions Answered

Is Sigelei a good brand?

The Sigelei is an outstanding brand that has been in the market for over ten years. The brand has made it through many of the recent changes in the market for e-cigarettes and has ushered in new technologies along the way. It has also received numerous awards for its products and continues to expand into different markets and areas of the e-cigarette business.

Who makes Sigelei Vapes?

Sigelei is the company’s brand name, and they are the ones who are responsible for every product made under the brand name.

How to fix low resistance on Sigelei?

Low resistance problems on a Sigelei device could be caused by several factors: wrong wiring, too many wraps, or incorrect wire resistance. Users should consult their operating manual or contact the retailer where it was purchased to fix any potential low resistance problems.

Closing Thoughts

The Sigelei brand continues to be a powerhouse in the international vaping market that shows no signs of slowing down. The brand has since expanded into the broader OEM market for more personalized, discreet vaping devices favored by new vapers who do not want to be overwhelmed with many different choices and settings.

But they have also remained committed to its origins and the many fans it won for its innovative leaps in vaping like temperature control, advanced chipsets, and solid build materials for all their devices. The Sigelei has also expanded into spinning off different companies to widen its reach and give a chance to other smaller companies to come forward with new ideas and technologies.

Published: January 22, 2016 Updated: December 15, 2021



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