Sigelei J150 Review: A Temperature Control Mod For New Users

Sigelei J150


Sigelei J150 Box Mod

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  • Battery:
    2000 mAh
  • Charge Rate:
    2 A
  • Construction:
    Zinc Alloy
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The Sigelei J150 is a unique box mod for its times. It is a high-powered vape mod with temperature control capabilities but features an internal Li-Polymer cell rated at 2000mAh. Self-contained batteries are hard to find in modern box mods, but the J150 has an upgraded chipset for superior temperature control vaping.

The device features a sturdy zinc-alloy frame that uses a three-button control panel along with a sizable OLED for vaping information. The mod has a high-power output of 150W, which seems accurate given the power source.

The device has an ergonomic frame allowing it maximum comfort although it is not the most portable unit. The J150 comes as a stand-alone mod but it features a spring-loaded 510 connection for easy compatibility with any tank.

A Closer Look at the Sigelei J150

The J150 is a throwback to another era as it is a high-wattage mod with an internal battery. While built-in batteries are normal for AIOs, pods, and vape pens, they are rarely seen on high-wattage devices.

This feature of the J150 should not discourage people from getting the mod, as the 2000mAh internal Li-Po batteries inside (there are two 1000mAh) can power as much as two or three days of vaping (more about that later).

The rest of the mod has other unconventional touches. There is an on/off switch, for one. The switch turns the device on or off, of course, and it’s like the switch you would find on other electronic devices. The switch activates the small LED on the side of the device, where the control panel is also located.

Sigelei J150 x2

There are three-buttons on the user interface, the top firing/selector button, an up and a down button. Physically, the mod has a smooth, zinc alloy surface.

The bi-color paint job features all-red on one side and all-black on the other. There are no other paint options. The mod has a sturdy feel to it, and it measures a little over 80mm tall (3.14”), which is quite small for a high-powered mod.

There is a 510-connection up top, but given the unit’s slim profile of just 24mm, atomizers larger than 22mm may look a little awkward.

Because there are no parts to remove like a battery door, the J150 feels solidly built and there is no rattle or jostling of loose parts.

The vape mod comes ready to use, but users should give it a full charge before using it. There is a USB charging port on the control side of the mod, where users can recharge the battery with fast 2A charging.

What’s in the Box

The Sigelei J150 comes as a stand-alone device so it has very few accessories in the box. Still, there is everything needed to use and store the device safely.

Sigelei J150 kit

Here’s what comes in the Sigelei J150 kit:

  • One x Sigelei J150 Box Mod
  • One x Silicone Protective Sleeve
  • One x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • One x User Manual

How the Sigelei J150 Handles

The J150 has a slim profile thanks to the thinner-batteries it uses as a power source. The mod has the same shape and size as an old-school portable cassette player, and it fits nicely in hand. The hard alloy surface could have been made with some softer-accents, but overall the mod is not uncomfortable to hold.

Sigelei J150 tank

Neither is it too heavy. It has a good weight to it, without being overly burdensome. Box mods are not the most portable devices, especially with tanks attached, but with the tank removed, the J150 would have no problems fitting into a large pocket or bag. There are also some battery ventilation holes at its base that makes sure the battery does not overheat.

Power Options

The vape has an incredible battery life, despite its 2000mAh capacity. The cell, and the accompanying chipset, which can power the device up to 150W, can last for at least two days, depending on the levels used.

Sigelei J150 x2

  • Vapers who vape between 50-60W can expect two days of comfortable vaping,
  • while levels higher than that like 90W or 100W can get one full day.

Recharging the cell also takes faster than normal. The chipset comes equipped with fast 2A charging, which is an accurate reading as the battery takes less than two hours to fully recharge — somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half.

Things You Should Know about the J150

The most interesting thing about the vape is its physical on/off switch, which is a sight to see for a high-wattage box mod. There is little lag time between when the switch is turned on and when the device is powered up so it gets started right away. The OLED lights up and prompts to “Check Atomizer” if there is no tank attached.

Sigelei J150 box

The rest of the mod has smooth functioning as well. The on/off switch frees up the other buttons to perform simple functions like selecting and adjusting the device’s settings. Click the firing button three times to toggle between the different menu options, which consist of:

  • Power mode (variable wattage mode)
  • Temperature control for nickel, titanium and stainless steel
  • TCR and TCF mode (another name for memory modes)

How it Vapes

The J150 has a very straightforward user interface that is familiar to experienced vapers, while not being so confusing for new vapers.

The device is very easy to handle and will pair well with both sub-ohm tanks (thin ones) or mouth-to-lung tanks like the Nautilus.

Sigelei J150

The temperature control feature on the board also allows users the ability to use RDAs with the mod so they can experience warm, satisfying vapor.

The outstanding battery life of the mod also makes it ideal for all-day vapers. The USB charging cable and port can easily connect to any available power supply and the quick-charge capabilities of the device also make it hassle-free when talking about the charging options.

The ergonomic design of the J150 with its three-button control panel makes it handy for both left-handed and right-handed vapers.

Other Mods alike

Wismec Reuleaux Rx200

The Wismec Reuleaux is a classic, triple-18650 mod with a recognizable polyangular frame. The Reuleaux set off the triple-cell craze with its unprecedented high-power limit of 200W along with several other vaping outputs like temperature control and TCR mode.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200

The unit features a bright 0.91” OLED on its face, with a three-button control panel (including the firing button). The mod has a short and stout form factor with its zinc alloy exterior both lightweight and durable. The mod has a gold-plated 510 connection up top, several battery ventilation holes, and a USB port for charging and firmware upgrades.


The SMOK G150 is another internal battery device as it features a built-in 4200mAh cell with a chipset that can reach as high as the J150’s high-power limit of 150W. The G150 has an outer zinc alloy shell that holds a small, front-facing 0.96” OLED that shows users their vital vaping information like battery life, wattage, resistance, and amperage.


The G150 also has a USB charging port for its internal cell. The G150 is a bit shorter and more compact than the Sigelei device, and it also comes with the TFV8 Baby tank and several coil options.

Final Verdict: Simple-Use Mod With Great Battery Life

The Sigelei J150 is an excellent starter mod for those wanting to graduate to a high-performing device. The fact that it has no removable batteries means that users can trust the device to perform at its stated level. The built-in battery also removes the risk of using an inadequate coil or atomizer, as users know the parameters of the battery and can attach a suitable tank with the correct coil.

The chipset inside can also read the coil’s resistance and set the parameters of your vape accordingly. The three-button control panel makes the device easy-to-use, while the OLED shows all relevant information clearly and brightly. The J150 is perfect for new users, while also being a suitable back-up device for users who have several mods in their roster.

Have you used the J150? Are you a fan of mods with internal batteries or do you prefer mods with removable batteries? Let us know in the comments section below.

Sigelei J150 Box Mod Specifications

Sigelei J150 Box Mod
Battery 2000 mAh
Display OLED Quadrant
Charger Micro USB
Charge Rate 2 A
Construction Zinc Alloy
510 Connection Stainless Steel

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Simple activation (on/off) switch
  • Excellent battery life
  • Durable outer shell for all-day usage
  • Slim, portable profile
  • Three-button control panel for improved usability
  • Fast recharging time
  • No removable batteries
  • Paint job gets dirty easily

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