OBS Cube Kit Review: Super-Fast Mod With Sexy Tank


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: July 20, 2021

OBS Cube Kit desktop

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
Black, Rainbow, Gunmetal, Red, Chrome, Blue
Battery Capacity:
3000 mAh
81.5 x 30.6 x 30.6 mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Easy-to-use device
  • Simplified user interface


  • A lack of vaping outputs

The OBS Cube is a box, or cube, mod that uses an integrated 3000mAh battery and features a pristine stainless steel/zinc alloy build along with a super-fast chip inside. The Cube has a four-sided shape that has different materials on each panel.

One of these panels houses the 0.96” OLED that lets users control the device’s modes and features. But, there are few modes and features on the Cube, as it vapes only in wattage mode, so no temperature control. The paired-down menu options mean that vapers have an easier time using the device, especially new vapers.

A Closer Look at the OBS Cube Mod

The OBS Cube is not a cube. It has four-sides, but it is a bit taller and more elongated than a typical cube or box. The device stands at 82mm tall (3.2”) and is only 30mm (1.1”) across (on all sides) so it has a reduced size compared to larger, single, or dual-18650 mods. The entire reasoning behind the mod is for users, mostly mouth-to-lung and ex-smokers, to have a semi-powerful device that’s portable and easy-to-use.

OBS Cube Kit desktop

The Cube 80W has a simple control configuration. It uses only two-buttons plus the main firing button to manage its settings. The OBS Cube also has the distinction of having different materials on each of its four-sides. There are a total of eleven different paint options for the device, but such combinations include brushed metal sides with carbon-fiber as well as glass panels. One of these panels houses the OLED that stretches the length of the panel.

The OBS Cube 80W also has a large, circular firing button that is on the opposite side of the panel, so they are not placed together. The separated location of the control panel and screen is a new approach, but it gives the screen a cleaner look, as well as making the display easier to read. The device uses an integrated cell, so there is no battery door that users can open.

There is a USB charging port on the side with the control buttons, and it is the only way to charge the internal battery. Atop the Cube, there is a sizable, stainless steel 510-plate that is spring-loaded.

What’s in the Box

The OBS Cube comes as a kit so there is a tank that accompanies the mod. It is also called the Cube and it features a 4ml glass section.

Obs Cube kit
The kit also includes two coil heads from the Cube coil family that include regular as well as mesh coils. Here’s what else you’ll get when you get the OBS Cube kit:

  • 1 x OBS Cube Mod
  • 1 x OBS Cube Tank
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x 0.2 M1 Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 0.2 M6 OCC Coil
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 x User Manual

The Look and Feel

The OBS Cube features a very ergonomic grip. The mod is not a perfect cube, but it feels more like a heavy remote control, which is not a bad thing. The mod has a zinc-alloy and stainless steel build that makes it both durable and a little hefty, but with a good weight to it. The buttons on the device are also a stand-out.

Obs Cube x2

The main firing/power button feels sturdy. It is inlaid into the mod’s shell and does not protrude out, which is good as it blends in with the device’s aesthetic. All the buttons respond well, and the response time for the mod is lightning-quick. The topside stainless steel 510-connection is completely centered so it has ample room for large, 26mm atomizers.


The OBS Cube 80W has a simple menu system. The device is only capable of putting out a maximum of 80W, with a range of 5-80W. Its voltage range is also between 3.2V-4.2V, which puts the Cube in the same range as low-wattage vape pens, tube mods, or AIOs. Giving these limited ranges, the Cube has very simple operating settings, as it only offers users wattage mode.

Turning the device requires five-clicks of the large firing button. The OLED will flash the “OBS” logo and it will show the device’s main and only menu, which shows things like battery life, wattage, resistance, voltage, puff counter, and timer on the very bottom. There is a small lock icon that appears next to the device’s main wattage, but users need only press the firing button three times to unlock and change their wattage.

Tank and Coils

The OBS Tank is a perfect companion to the mod. The tank measures close to 26mm in diameter so it fits squarely on the mod’s frame. The tank comes with a pre-installed 4ml glass that has a slight tint to it, but the spare glass is neither an expander or reducer nor is it tinted; it is the same capacity. Vapers in TPD countries will get a 2ml, pre-installed glass with another 2ml glass in the starter kit.

Obs Cube tank + coil

The tank carries an 810-drip tip atop its frame that is removable and replaceable. The top cap of the device does feature a top-fill method and is removable. The cap is not threaded, but users need to give it a quarter-turn to release it from the metal section and to expose the two, wide-open fill ports underneath.

There is not much design flair to the tank, but it has a few wave-lines etched into the stainless steel parts, and there is a gold-plated 510-pin at its base. The coils that come with the Cube starter kit are two sub-ohm coils, but one with a ceramic core and the other with a mesh-style coil. The 0.2ohm mesh coil is pre-installed and vapes best between 65-75W, which lines up well with the device’s capabilities.

Battery Life

The Cube starter kit uses a built-in cell, so it recharges via the device. The cell is not removable and users need to use the provided USB charging cable to recharge the battery. The battery features 1.5A charging, which seems accurate given the device’s lack of power-draining features, and its battery type.

Obs Cube box

The built-in battery benefits new users who are not yet familiar with battery types, Ohm’s law, and other battery safety measures. It can last, as it only goes up to 80W and has no temperature control, a few days with moderate use. Heavy users could conceivably pull off an entire day of usage, but maybe with a quick fill-up at midday.

Vaping the Cube

The OBS Cube is a device aimed at new vapers or those graduating from vape pens, pods, or AIOs. Its usability is great for those who do not have experience navigating other menu systems on more advanced mods. Five clicks activate and deactivate the device. The wattage locks, but the firing button does not so users have to turn off the device if they put it in their pocket or bag.

Obs Cube x3

The same ease-of-use could be said about the Cube tank. It has a simple, top-fill method with an easy-to-remove top cap and with two huge fill ports underneath, all of which serve the user experience making it much easier for the uninitiated. The tank, mod, and coils all work together to create an enviable vaping experience.

The coils are rated for between 40-75W — the combined range of both coils — so they can offer a mellower vape than three-digit vaping wattages. The bottom airflow vents on the Cube tank also give users a lot of versatility in choosing their vape style. The two slots turn on both sides and have a stopper inside to keep them turning all the way around.

The drip tip on the tank is removable so users with another 810-drip tip can attach them. New users can vape with the pre-installed mouthpiece and not experience any problems either. The tank has a good, solid build and has no problems leaking as well.

The Competition

GeekVape Aegis Mini

The GeekVape Aegis Mini is, like the Cube, a low-wattage device that uses an internal battery to power the internal AS chipset to 80W of power output. The Aegis Mini has a near-indestructible build with its blended zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel material. The Aegis Mini has an internal 2200mAh battery, but it features many more vaping options than the OBS device.


The Aegis is more for advanced users who prefer vaping in temperature control or bypass mod. The Aegis comes with the Cerberus tank that can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid and uses two 0.3ohm coils.

VooPoo Drag Mini

The VooPoo Drag Mini is a reduced-size version of the popular drag mod. The Mini version also uses an internal battery that tops out at 4400mAh, much larger than either competing mod. The Mini also comes with a colorful, all-resin-based exterior design that matches up well with its zinc-alloy build.

voopoo drag mini image

The Mini can output a maximum of 117W, which is the same limit as the larger Drag mods. The Drag Mini comes in a starter kit that includes the UFORCE tank that can hold up to 3.5ml of liquid and uses two mesh-style coils.

OBS Cube Box Mod Specifications

OBS Cube Box Mod
Dimensions: 81.5 x 30.6 x 30.6 mm
Output Range: 3.2-4.2V
Integrated Battery: 3000 mAh
Power Output Range: 5-80 W
Construction: Zinc-Alloy
Display Screen: 0.96" LED
Tank Diameter: 25.5 mm
Tank Capacity: 4mL
Resistance Range: 0.1 – 3.0ohm
Coil Ratings: 0.2ohm M1 Coil (rated for 50 – 80W), 0.2ohm M6 Coil (rated for 40 – 80W)

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Easy-to-use device
  • Simplified user interface
  • Nice build quality and design
  • Stunning visual exterior
  • Tank is easy-to-use
  • Coils make great vapor

The Negatives

  • A lack of vaping outputs
  • Internal battery

Closing Thoughts: A No-BS Tank and Mod Combo

The OBS Cube mod and tank are a unique pairing that offers new users a gateway to sub-ohm vaping. The device is remarkably easy-to-use as it uses only a single menu system and has only four available controls installed on its interface (turning it off/on, locking the wattage, and adjusting the wattage). This limited menu system comes at the cost of no other vaping outputs like temperature control.

But, the device is geared more to less experienced users who have never flirted with a sub-ohm device or tank and mod combo. They will benefit from the simplified user system, as well as the mid-range performance of the mod. The tank also aims to give new users a satisfying experience with its 0.2ohm coil options that strike the right balance between flavor and cloud production.

Published: July 24, 2020Updated: July 20, 2021

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