Mig Vapor Z-Stick Box Mod Review – That’s All You Need

Mig vapor Z Stick Box Mod
MigVapor has been slowly making a name for itself in the vaping community as a company that has high standards of quality. The company uses a chef to test and approve all its e-liquid flavors. It has partnered with established vaping product manufacturers to create sophisticated vaping tools that are both affordable and of great quality. But does every product it make turn out to be a winner?

While it would be nice to assume that a company with such a sterling reputation is always successful with every product they put out, we have been burned before by generally reliable vaping companies that produce some duds. So we wanted to give the Mig Vapor Z Stick Box Mod a look for ourselves. We tested it out, and here is what we thought of it.

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The Build and Features

mig Cigs Z Stick

Mig Vapor’s box mod comes in black, and it is a compact mod, measuring 23mm by 45mm by 83mm. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket comfortably- slightly bigger than a pen vape, but still a portable device. That’s more than you can say for most box mods, lie the Magic Flight Launch Box, which is kind of bulky and not terribly portable.

Despite the clunky-sounding name, it is anything but boxy. The sleek curves of this product make it look like something you might buy from the Apple store. Its appealing design doesn’t try to disguise itself as some sort of everyday product, as so many other vaporizers do. But it doesn’t exactly scream “vaping tool” either. It is just simple and stylish and reserved, and we love the elegant design. The Z-Stick is not the kind of vaping device you would be embarrassed to be carrying around.

The spring connector inside this might be a weak point with other mods, but it is very strong, and we found no wearing through repeated use. The stainless steel thread prevents wear and ensures this device will last a long time. It comes with a temperature alarm function. This lets you know when it is getting too hot and when there is a chance that your vaping ingredients are going to combust instead of vape like they are supposed to. That’s not to say that it doesn’t vape properly or that it gets too hot, but it is made to accommodate a variety of ingredients, so a large range of temperatures is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure you don’t crank it all the way up as you try it out for the first time. The alarm will warn you with a “Temp Protection” display then make the device shut down for a few seconds.

It comes with a USB charging port for convenient charging anywhere you like. You can plug it in to charge in a wall socket or into any device with a USB port. It takes about 2 ½ hours for the device to fully charge. It’s a little longer than we would like but understandable for such a powerful device.

The Z Stick uses the standard 510 threading, and it is made to work with most sub ohm tanks. It is specifically made for the Z Tank Mini, but you can really use it with any number of compatible tanks.

Quality of the Product

This is a very powerful vaping machine. It uses a 2200 mAh battery with variable voltage and wattage output. That is expected for a mod, but the range offered here is impressive. The voltage varies from 2V to 10V and the wattage from 5W to 40W. We had no problem finding an appropriate power setting no matter what we were trying to vape.

The packaging comes with a warning, and we want to reiterate it here. Even though the wattage can go up to 40W, it is not recommended to keep it at anything above 15W. If you keep it at that level of power for very long, it will start to damage the device.

This is a very versatile mod, and it can work with just about anything. Because it is so powerful, we made it our go-to mod pretty quickly. The output is just incredible and you can vape for as high as you want within reason for as long as you like without damaging the well-built device.

VapingDaily Verdict

The Z Stick retails from the Mig Vapor website for $69.95. We think that’s a fair price for a quality mod, as many of the high-quality ones retail for more than that. If you pay much less than that for a mod, it tends not to work very well.

We would not recommend this for people who are just starting to vape for the first time or just using a mod for the first time. That’s because it can be easy to turn it up too high and damage the device. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could harm your investment. The safety shutoff feature is great for people who don’t have much experience with this kind of device, but it won’t stop some of them from causing damage as they vape. For that reason, we would say this is better for people who have some experience with vaporizers and box mods.


  • Quality device through and through
  • Powerful output capabilities
  • Works with just about anything
  • Great value


  • Not ideal for new users
  • Maybe damaged by overheating

Ultimately, this is one fantastic mod. Its power is practically unequaled. There may be box mods that compare, but most of them are more expensive or are lacking in a few of the features that this one comes loaded with. Mig Vapor has proven once again that they really know what they are doing and that they can release quality product after quality product.

If you like to experiment with your vaping experience, then this is one of the best mods you can buy. We highly recommend it, and we will probably use it as our default mod for a long time to come.

Final Score: 9/10

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