The Kanger Juppi Box Mod Kit Review: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kanger Juppi Box Mod81100

Kanger Juppi Box Mod Kit Review

The Kanger Juppi Box Mod kit is a great kit for anyone looking for a starter kit to get into the world of box mod sub ohm vaping. Hosting some pretty great hardware and features, with an extremely low price tag and slight negatives in the design and functionality of the device it’s still a pretty well-rounded piece of kit.

Kanger Juppi Box Mod Kit Pros & Cons:


  • All in one unit
  • Strong Secure Design
  • Variable Wattage Control
  • Adjustable Airflow

  • Chunky Design
  • Poor Access

What You Get With the Kit

Box Contents:

  • Kanger Juppi Box Mod
  • Kanger Juppi Tank
  • Juppi 0.2ohm Atomizer Head

  • Set of spare O-Rings
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual


  • 3ML Tank
  • 0.1 – 2.5ohm Resistance Range

  • 1000mAh Battery
  • 510 Threaded

The Coolest Things About the Juppi

The Design

Kanger Juppi Box Mod Kit

First impressions of this device make you wonder what they were thinking. You can tell they were going for a compact all in one design. However, it makes the Juppi look extremely strange.

You can tell the structure of the device is impressively secure and it will more than likely survive some pretty huge drops; however, ease of access to the tank and mod was obviously not in mind when they drew up the templates for this kit.

The Size

Overall the size of this device is pretty great, it fits in your pocket without causing too much of an issue. There’s no real threat of pressing any buttons and accidentally activating the device either. Here are the dimensions for the Mod and the Tank:

  • The Mod – 3-5/16 inches x 1-7/8 inches x 1 inches
  • The Tank – 1-15/16 inches x 7/8 inches (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
The tank sits in the base of the mod, so the overall height of the device is NOT the mods height + the tank’s height.


With a box mod starter kit like this you can expect a lot of features and a lot of functionality. Here is a list of the most important features that the box mod and the tank has to offer.

The Mod

  • Spring Loaded 510 Connector – Due to the poor design choices and the tank being embedded into the mod, it’s extremely hard to remove the tank from the mod. Having a spring loaded 510 connector makes it a little easier to do so.
  • OLED Display – You have a crisp and clean OLED display telling you exactly what you need to know about the mod, this is a great feature to have in combination with the variable wattage settings.
  • Variable Wattage – You have the ability to change the wattage between the range of 7 – 75W. You should always ensure the coil in your atomizer has the correct resistance and is compatible with the wattage you’re trying to use.

The Tank

  • Adjustable Airflow – Despite having little to no control other the tank itself you have the ability to control the airflow, which is a pretty nice feature taking everything else into consideration.
  • Top Fill Design – When you want to refill the device, you will not have to remove the tank from the body fully. The tank features a top filling design to make it a lot easier to refill when needed.
  • Re-wickable Head – The 0.2-ohm Juppi atomizers provided with the tank are rewickable. It is a great feature to have when you’re getting into box mods and your first starter kit, it gives you that final stage of control over your device that most sub ohm pens do not offer.

The Kanger Juppi: Getting Down To Vaping


The performance of the device, in general, is pretty great. The combination of the strong box mod battery and customizable atomizer coils gives you a great experience with this device. If you’re looking to keep things simple or even make things a little harder and get technical, this device will let you do it.

Tank Performance

The vapor production and flavor from the tank is outstanding. The resistance range of the coils plays a huge part in your desired vapor production and how much you want to get out of your device.

You’ll be guaranteed a huge dense cloud when pulling from this device, with a long lasting intensive flavor left on the tongue. You should always ensure the coil and atomizer you have in the tank is compatible with the wattage that you’re using.

It’s recommended to use a 6mg liquid or lower with the atomizer provided in the starter kit, doing so will give you a decent throat hit, low resistance, and larger vapor production. You can begin to make changes according to your standards after.

Battery Life

The 1000mAh battery that comes in this mod deals a serious amount of power. Having the ability to choose any wattage, you desire throughout the 7-75W range also gives you a huge amount of control over the device.

As mentioned above, ensuring you have the correct atomizer coil resistance can make your experience with this device even greater. The mod is more than capable of providing a full day’s vaping regardless of the wattage settings you’re on, making it extremely diverse and portable.

Box Mod Performance

As mentioned previously, the mod itself has plenty of features that make it stand out from the rest. You can expect full control over the wattage settings with this mod. Due to the airflow and the wattage settings you can expect to have a huge amount of control over your vaping experience with this box mod.


The only notable change that I would mention with the device is the tank placement. Although I understand the reason they did it, and can kind of say it works. Having the tank embedded in the mod is a terrible idea; when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the device, it makes it extremely difficult to do so.

Another point worth mentioning, sub ohm vapors have a terrible habit of tightening components too much, commonly causing them to get stuck in the device, I can see this becoming a huge problem with the starter kit.

How to Look after the Juppi Box Mod

Assembly Instructions

It’s important to understand how to assemble and use this device correctly. Failure to do so could lead to breaking the device or even hurting yourself.

Now that you’re getting into the world of box mods and sub ohm vaping there’s a huge part of the experience that relies on you understanding your mod and device fully.

Ensure you read the user manual provided with the device for full assembly instructions and how to get the most out of your device!

Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance is important with a starter kit such as this, it’s important to ensure all components are working correctly. You will be surprised the amount of problems that occur with these devices simply because of lack of maintenance and care for the device.

After using the device, use a cloth to wipe down the exterior of the device, this will stop any development of dust that could eventually lead inside the device.

It’s also advised to remove the components from the device every so often (I do this when the coil needs replacing). Gently take each component off and clean them, this will remove any buildup of dried juice from getting into any of the connections; that will eventually lead to connection issues.

Firing Instructions

Any issues with the device not firing will more than likely be down to a connection not being made on the device somewhere. Cleaning up leftover dried juice or liquids can greatly reduce the chances of the device having firing issues. When attaching components ensure you’re only tightening them finger tight, any more than this will cause issues with firing.

More information

You can find additional information in the user manual provided with the starter kit. As mentioned above, it’s important to ensure you fully understand your device so you can use it to its full potential!

Putting It Briefly


Coming into the market at $49.95 there is no surprise it’s been flying off the shelves. This starter kit is extremely cheap for a 75W box mod.


As mentioned, the design is not that great, the structure is secure, the limitations are in the access and ability to take apart the device.


The performance is outstanding. There is a great balance between the 1000mAh battery and the high resistance coils. You’ll be greatly impressed with the overall performance.

The Kanger Juppi Box Mod Starter Kit is one of the best box mod starter kits on the market. Being one of the few that actually offer a tank to go with the mod, it’s nice to get a full set with this starter kit. As promised with a Kanger product you will get a large amount of lifespan with this device, and it will be sure to impress you with the performance!

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  • Jon Edwards

    March 4, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Did whoever wrote this review actually use the kit? The tank does not have adjustable air flow control. There is no inbuilt 1000 mAh battery, a separate 18650 battery is required. And all the comments about problems with access talk about tank removal – no mention of the placement of the fire button, which could be a real issue for some. Terrible review.