Joyetech E-Grip Review: It’s Not A Cell Phone (But Looks Alike)

Joyetech has been in business for quite a long time. Through the years, they have received different kinds of feedback from their users—including negative, off-putting reviews. Needless to say, Joyetech has lost some good customers due to poor customer service and some inferior products. There is a lot on the Internet that can tell you more about what I am saying here. Then again, every company has its share of ups and downs. After getting some of the bad, Joyetech may be on its way towards the other side with the EGrip OLED. The EGrip OLED is a successor to the original Joyetech EGrip, which had the same functions except for the much-awaited OLED screen display. Now that its maker added this feature on the EGrip OLED, it will not be surprising to see many previous customers come back to Joyetech.


The Design of EGrip Vape Mod: How it’s Built

Probably the most awesome thing about the Joyetech EGrip OLED box mod is the compact and totally sophisticated design. It is not your usual mod attached to an atomizer and a tank. It is an all-in-one device that has everything packed into a small, stylish, and durable vaporizer.

In fact, the EGrip OLED is only 99.5mm in height, which you can easily cover with the palm of your hand. Anyone who is up for a portable device that allows you to vape in stealth mode will surely think highly of this feature. Furthermore, it has a classy and durable stainless steel finish that comes in six available colors.

Like its predecessor, the EGrip OLED has a regulation ring that is used to adjust the wattage and voltage settings. In the middle of the ring is the fire button, which doubles as a command button to switch from voltage to wattage setting adjustment and vice versa.

Unlike other vape pens and box mods, the only thing that sticks out of the top of the EGrip is the removable silver drip tip. The 3.6ml tank is built in, which you cannot remove from the whole set-up, but can monitor through the glass window at the side of the EGrip. It is impressive how Joyetech can deviate so swiftly in the build and design of their products, and gain so much admiration from vapers of all kinds.

On the side of the device, adjacent to the glass tank window, is the fill port. While refilling the tank with your chosen e-liquid is not the same as doing so with traditional set-ups, we think the concept introduced by Joyetech here is brilliant. There’s no need to remove anything—simply open the port using the included tool in the kit, and carefully fill the larger hole with your e-juice.

Changing the coil head is also a no-brainer. Just unscrew the cover located at the bottom using the tool or a coin, take off the coil and screw on the new one. The EGrip OLED mod is available in two variations: CL and CS-based. Both EGrip OLED devices also work with RBA atomizers, aside from the intended atomizers for their kind.

How the EGrip OLED-CL Mod Vapes


Once we have put the atomizer in place (we have the CS version), the display showed the resistance at 1.5ohm. We immediately set the wattage at 20W for the sake of trying it out. Joyetech recommends 20W as the maximum wattage setting for this device. For the record, the EGrip OLED is capable of firing anywhere at 5-30W or 2-8V—not the widest of all ranges, but enough to provide a good amount of options.

We took a mouth inhale and were instantly convinced that the EGrip is not only a masterpiece of design but also a brilliantly engineered device that delivers a decent amount of vapor. For something very portable, we would say that this is one of the best mods out there in terms of vapor production and ease of use.

When Everything Considered

The Joyetech EGrip OLED mod is, all in all, a great beginner’s box mod. Operation and maintenance are both hassle-free, and vapor production is magnificent given its exceptionally handy size. For a light to moderate vaper, the battery on this stylish device will last a day or more.

Even without the highly advanced features of other mods, the EGrip works excellently at a variable voltage and variable wattage device. It can produce a decent amount of vapor and is perfect for stealth vaping whenever the need arises. Any advanced vaper would love to have it as a back-up.

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