HCigar Wildwolf 235 Review: Get a Grip on this Mod

Hcigar WildWolf


HCigar Wildwolf 235W TC

Updated: by Christina Matthews

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  • Battery:
    Dual 18650
  • Wattage Range
    5 - 235W
  • Material
    Zinc Alloy
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The HCigar Wildwolf is a dual-18650 mod with a stout, zinc-alloy build and a three-button control panel. The Wildwolf comes as a stand-alone kit and features the versatile XT275 chipset inside. The chip enables several vaping modes from variable wattage up to 235W and temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel.

Users can also take advantage of the full custom curve suite for both VW and TC modes. The front of the mod features a 1.3” TFT, full-color display and a three-button adjustment interface.

A Close-Up Look at the Wildwolf

The HCigar Wildwolf features a curved chassis that is easy to grip. Instead of having typical straight edges and a boxy frame, the Wildwolf has ergonomic curves at its sides making it more comfortable to hold. The TC box mod is also short standing at less than 90mm (85mm or 3.3”) and has a width of 30mm (1.1”). The 510-pin is perfectly centered on top of the box mod and it can comfortably accommodate 30mm atomizers.

Hcigar WildWolf x4

The base section of the mod features a latched battery door. Users can slide it off to release the latch and then slide it back to secure it after the batteries are installed. The front side of the box mod features all the major operating controls. The controls consist of the top, hexagonal firing button that sits above the display. There is a trio of buttons under the display as well.

There are the two up/down buttons along with the central “Mode” or selector button. The Selector button always makes navigating a mod menu easier, as users need only press it to make a selection from their menu options. The display measures 1.3” and it is a full-color display. There is a small USB port at the bottom of the device for firmware updates.

What You’ll Find Inside the Box

The HCigar Wildwolf comes as a stand-alone unit so there is no accompanying tank. Still, the TC box features all the important things needed to keep the device in good working order. Users will find the following in the Wildwolf kit:

Hcigar WildWolf kit

  • One x HCigar Wildwolf Box Mod
  • One x Beauty Ring
  • One x Silicone Carrying Case
  • One x Micro USB Cable
  • One x Warranty Card
  • User Manual

The Look and Feel

The Wildwolf’s compact frame along with the great material makes it comfortable to hold. It is not the most pocket-friendly device but it is a lot more portable than other dual-18650 mods. The soft, curved edges of the device give users an ergonomic grip with easy access to the various controls on the front.

Hcigar WildWolf build

The battery bay door is also a highlight of this mod’s build. It does not use a magnetic connection, but a more secure latch system that holds the door in place at all times. The snug fit of the door means there’s no battery rattle with the two 18650s installed. There is also minimal branding on the mod with only the “HCigar” logo etched onto the backside.

Battery Life

The Wildwolf has a high-power output of between 5-235W, but it is doubtful whether the device can reach as high as 235 watts. It only uses two 18650 devices so it could only reach as high as 150W or 200W with a very low-resistance coil. The box mod also comes with several power-saving options like curve mode and Boost options like soft, normal, and powerful.

Hcigar WildWolf battery

The variable wattage mod is the best option for users who want to conserve battery power. Vaping under 80-90W can guarantee at least a full day of vaping with light usage or a half a day with heavy, chain-vaping usage. Lower wattage or lower temperatures can guarantee even more battery life, but users have a wide range of options to choose from.

One drain on the batteries is the auto-shut-off feature of the mod. Pressing the firing button fives times turns on the device, but doing the same does not turn it off, which is the standard. The device will lock if clicked five times, but it will only power off after an hour of inactivity. No idea why HCigar would want to go with this configuration but the auto-shut-off does not waste battery life.

Instructions for the Wildwolf

The Wild Wolf mod has a simple display configuration. It does not have any secondary menus. The mode button in between the up and down arrows gives the device the ability to scroll through the menu options, which are all displayed on the home screen. The full-color screen is very bright (almost too bright) and it has a blue-ish hue to it that makes it very easy to read.

Hcigar WildWolf

Users will find information like wattage, mode, resistance, amperage, voltage, battery life all displayed on the main screen. The battery life indicators run up the side of the display, one for each cell. They look like fuel gauges so users can easily tell the remaining battery life of both cells.

Users only have to press the mode button to change variables like the vaping output, the wattage, temperature or Boost mode. Pressing the mode button highlights the current output, wattage mode, for example, but then users can move up and down the screen with the up/down buttons to highlight something else like the temperature or Boost mode.

They still have to use the firing button to make a selection though (correction from earlier), as the mode button only enables users to change their variables but not to select them. The XTS275 makes using the menu straightforward as the chip reacts very fast and makes inputting settings simple.

Vaping Time

With so many different vaping options installed on the board, the Wildwolf is a versatile device capable of many things. As mentioned, the stated high-power limit of 235W is an exaggeration but the device performs exceptionally well within the range of 50W-100W. With the 30mm-diameter, centered 510-connection, users can attach several beefy RDAs or even sub-ohm tanks with stock coils.

Hcigar WildWolf battery x2

One curious addition to the kit is a beauty ring stamped with the Wild Wolf logo that users can attach to the 510-connection. The plate is supposed to accommodate atomizers as wide as 24mm, but it is also inaccurate, as even 24mm tanks do not fit into the ring.

The functioning and performance of the mod make it simple to use. Navigating the menu is intuitive because the only vaping outputs are located in the top icon and the bottom icon. Users can highlight either one to change from VW to TC or, on the bottom icon, to choose from the Boost modes and the curve function.

The Competition

GeekVape Aegis X

The Aegis X from GeekVape is a dual-18650 mod that features a zinc-alloy build along with an oversized 2.4” OLED on its front. The device features the super-fast AS Chipset inside that enables vaping functions like variable wattage mode up to 200W, temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel.

GeekVape Aegis X

The device has an IP67 rating making the mod nearly impossible to destroy. It is rated water, dust, and shock-proof. The mod also features a leather-wrapped body for a more comfortable grip.

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2

The Tinker 2 is a heavy-duty, dual-18650 mod that also has an IP67 rating making it nearly water, dust, and shock-proof. The Tinker 2 implements a stout, comfortable form factor as its all-metal. The Tinker 2 has a front-facing 0.91” OLED screen with a large firing button above the screen and two oversized up/down buttons below it.

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2

There is also a USB port on the front, but with a silicone plug. The Tinker 2 enables variable wattage control up to 200W, temperature control for nickel, titanium and stainless steel.

Closing Thoughts: HCigar Wildwolf 235W Review: A Wildwolf to Tame Your Vape

The HCigar Wildwolf is not as wild as its name implies. It is a beast of a mod though because of its many vaping outputs and functions. The screen is big and bright like a full moon, and it has a straightforward configuration that makes it easy to change the mod’s settings. The inclusion of the third mode button on the control panel makes it very simple to use so that even beginners can navigate it.

The display is laid out and the device is so simple-to-use that it does not even have a secondary screen. Users need only press the button and scroll through the icons to make changes. The device vapes very well within the range of 50-100W and the 30mm diameter of the centered 510-connection makes it compatible with many different sized atomizers.

Hcigar Wildwolf 235W Specifications

Hcigar Wildwolf 235W
Power Source Dual 18650 Batteries
Chipset HCigar XT235C
Wattage Range 5 - 235W
Temperature Range 200°-600°F/100°-300°C
Material Zinc Alloy
Connection Centered 510

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Comfortable, ergonomic form factor
  • Big, bright display
  • Three-button control panel
  • The menu is easy to navigate
  • Centered 510- connection can take many atomizer sizes
  • You cannot turn off the device (auto-shut-off after one hour)

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