Asvape Lucifer 240W Stabilized Wood Box Mod


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: July 22, 2021

Asvape Lucifer 240W desktop

Review Score: 88/100

Price Range:
Stainless Steel, Golden
Dual 18650
95 x 60 x 31mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Sleek, wooden design that has a powerful galaxy pattern
  • Customers can choose between gold colored and stainless steel plates
  • Built in safety features prevent power flow problems and overheating


  • The box mod is a little bit big, which might make it uncomfortable for some
  • The color of the wood box can not be chosen by the custome

The Asvape Lucifer is wood box mod capable of running up to 240 watts. One of the reasons it has generated much interest is because it comes with a number of features that are said to enhance the vaping experience.

This is a 240 Watt box mod that is built into a wooden body, and it is available in a variety of colors. It is made from a single piece of hybridized wood, it comes with gold and stainless steel top plates, and it also has a jewelled firing button that resembles a ruby. The wattage can be adjusted with the potentiometer adjustment dial, it has a 28mm atomizer with no overhang, and the device is powered by two 18650 batteries.

The batteries are contained in screw style terminals measuring 5 mm in length with 10 threads (510). It is screenless, so there is no meter that shows the person using it what level the battery is at, but it has an LED light that lets the user know when it is running low. Most importantly, it comes with a warranty in case there is a problem.

Internal Building Quality and Design in One Vape Mod

Asvape Lucifer 240W desktop

The quality of the build and its clever design is what most people like about it. Many reviews have had quite a few positive things to say about the wood box, while the chipset and batteries are quite good, too.

Hybrid Stabilized Wood Chassis Asvape Lucifer

asvape lucifer 240w colors image

Most people judge something by its appearance, and if this mod was to be evaluated solely on its looks, it would garner five out of five stars. Everything that makes it work is contained in a remarkably well-crafted wooden body with a galaxy effect. This alone is reason enough for some to buy it.


It contains a powerful chipset that allows the person using it to change the wattage to get different temperatures and preset modes. This chipset will allow for this e-cig to be smoked any way one feels comfortable.

Dual 18650 Battery Powered

asvape lucifer 240w battery image

The Lucifer uses 18650 batteries as a power source. The 18650 cell is a lithium ion rechargeable battery and because they are being used in more and more electronics, there should be no problems with finding them. Protected 18650 cells are recommended because they are less likely to overheat and cause a fire.

Vaping Experience with Asvape Lucifer

A large part of the vaping experience is the vape juice chosen, but the device is a big part of it, too. If a product is poorly designed, or if it is difficult to adjust, it detracts from the experience. There should not be any of these problems with this box mod. It has a protective system that utilizes a number of safety features to keep it functioning properly, and the voltage can be controlled to get the desired vape cloud.

Protective system

The Lucifer comes with protective features that will prevent it from being damaged during use. It can use gold or stainless steel plating to absorb heat, and it also has short-circuit and low-voltage protection. This will ensure that the user can smoke to his or her heart’s content without having to worry about damaging it.

Variable Voltage Control Mode

The voltage for the Lucifer 240W can be easily adjusted using the potentiometer located on the main side near the base. It has four Roman numerals ranked I to IV, with I being the lowest setting and IV the highest. Be careful with the power output because if it is too high and the potentiometer is set to III or IV the coils could burn out.

Asvape Mod Competitors

There are many e-cigarette devices out there to choose from, and the Lucifer’s main competitors are the Tesla Invader 3 Mod and the USV ARC 240 W TC Mod.

Asvape Lucifer vs Tesla Invader 3 Mod

Tesla Invader 3 Mod review image

The Tesla Invader 3 Mod has many features that are similar to Lucifer. They both use the same batteries, they have a 510 connection for their atomizers, and they have similar potentiometers. That is where the similarities end. Here are some of the major differences:

  • The cover for the batteries snaps on and off, and it is reinforced by a magnetic connector whereas the Asvape’s screws on and off
  • Tesla Invader’s potentiometer goes one setting higher
  • The Tesla Invader is nearly $100 cheaper
  • Made of plastic instead of wood

Asvape Lucifer vs USV ARC 240 W TC Mod

The USV ARC 240 W TC is a box mod like the Lucifer, but there are a few differences which consumers should be aware of. Here are a few of them:

USV ARC 240 W TC Mod review image

  • The battery cover is a door
  • It has a display screen and the numbers change color as the voltage increases
  • The fire button is placed on the side rather than the top which might seem strange to some
  • Not made of wood
  • When the batteries are replaced, the device defaults to five watts
  • If it goes into sleep mode, it has to be restarted

The last two features of the device can make it extremely aggravating to use. The screen has to be pressed multiple times when you reset the wattage, and leaving the device idle for a few moments will cause it deactivate. While this helps to increase the battery life, it also is inconvenient.

Asvape Lucifer Specifications

Asvape Lucifer
Material: Stabilized Wood, Stainless Steel
Colors: Stainless Steel, Golden
Batteries: Dual 18650
Dimensions: 195 x 60 x 31mm
Thread: 510
Max Power: 240W
Resistance Range: 0.15 - 3 ohm
Voltage range: 3.6 - 6V

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Sleek, wooden design that has a powerful galaxy pattern
  • Customers can choose between gold colored and stainless steel plates
  • Built in safety features prevent power flow problems and overheating
  • Uses batteries that are easy to find and are rechargeable
  • High voltage and wattage output
  • Compatible with sub-ohm atomizers
  • Comes with a warranty card
  • Comes with a pad that can be placed on the 510 plated contact to prevent it from getting scratched
  • Comfortable to hold

The Negatives

  • The box mod is a little bit big, which might make it uncomfortable for some
  • The color of the wood box can not be chosen by the customer
  • The covers for the battery casings are dual threaded, meaning they have to be unscrewed instead of snapped off
  • There is no battery meter; only an LED light that tells you when the battery is running low


The Lucifer is a great device that is well designed and will serve its users well for a very long time. The craftsmanship is remarkable, and its screenless design gives it a very pristine and retro look and feel. Many people do not like that fact that it is screenless, but that does not prevent it from giving the smoker an impressive cloud of flavorful vape. Here are a few pros and cons that readers should be aware of before they decide to purchase.

Published: June 12, 2019Updated: July 22, 2021

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