Aspire Speeder 200W Box Mod Review


by James Bickford

Updated: July 19, 2021

Aspire Speeder 200W desktop

Review Score: 91/100

Price range:
Colors :
Gold, black, grey
2 x 18650
88mm x 31mm x 46mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • All the buttons still responded well, and there was no rattle heard
  • Two other color options, gold and silver


  • No 510 drip tip

Starting Price: $ 27.99

I was on a momentary high after reviewing the Joyetech EKEE starter kit. I lauded the Joyetech EKEE for being a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and gloomy vaping world that features all these brooding, dark, and humorless box mods that take themselves way too seriously. And, wouldn’t you know it, what’s the next box mod that lands on my desk? A dark and humorless box mod that takes itself way too seriously, the Aspire Speeder 200W box mod that comes in a starter kit featuring the Athos tank and two coil options that lean heavy toward direct-lung hitters.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever reviewed an entire starter kit from Aspire. I’ve done the Aspire Triton II tank and the Aspire Gusto …. Ah, yes, I have done a review of a starter kit from Aspire, the Aspire Gusto Kit, which was a closed-loop, pod mod that was sized perfectly for portability and vacations from flat, flavorless clouds.

Aspire Speeder 200W desktop

Now that I remember, I liked the Aspire Gusto. It was a handy go-to pod mod. And now that my memory has been jogged, I also reviewed the Aspire Zelos box mod with the Nautilus II tank, which I also liked because it had a low-power output in a world overrun by 200W devices.

So I guess it was only a matter of time before Aspire came out with a 200W device, and here it is, the Aspire Speeder 200W. The Aspire Speeder 200W can reach vaping altitudes (or speeds, I guess would be more appropriate) of 200W because two removable 18650 batteries power it.

Here are some of the other exciting features of the Aspire Speeder 200W Starter Kit:

  • Downloadable firmware
  • Automatic screen adjustment (screen flips to whatever angle the mod is in)
  • Wattage range of 1-200W
  • Voltage range of 0.1V to 8.4V
  • Temperature range of 200F to 600F
  • Six different output modes (wattage, voltage, bypass, CPS, temperature control, and TCR)

The Kit Consists Of

Here’s what you’ll receive when you buy the Aspire Speeder 200W starter kit:

  • One Aspire Speeder mod
  • One Athos 4ml tank
  • One A3 0.3ohm coil head
  • One A5 0.16ohm coil head
  • One 12 mm bore mouthpiece
  • One 14 mm wide-bore mouthpiece
  • One USB cable
  • One warranty card
  • One bag of spare parts
  • One instruction manual

The Build: My Impressions

Upon taking the Aspire Speeder out of the box, I immediately recalled the Eleaf iKonn 200W, which I detested. The Aspire Speeder has a similar all-black (mine came in all-black) color scheme with rounded edges all-around and a centrally placed OLED screen.

Fortunately, the screen adjusts automatically whenever the screen is turned around, so it’s neither awkward to read or requires a complicated button combo to flip the screen like with the iKonn. The rest of the mod is as plain as Jane from Spain. It’s made of a very cheap-feeling plastic, rubbery coating that does feel like it could take a good thrashing or two.


And like with the iKonn, and like a lot of box mods these days, the left side panel, where you’ll find the Aspire logo is also the firing bar, with three recessed grooves to make for a more comfortable hold. And again, just like with the iKonn, the right side panel does … absolutely nothing, it’s only a side panel.

Talk about a waste of space. The 510 threading on the ample connector pin is smooth, almost sharp (I nearly cut my finger running it across the thread). The battery door, where you load your two 18650 batteries, at the bottom of the device opens by throwing a convenient switching mechanism that you push to open the loading port.

The door also has a few venting holes. You’ll see the gold plated connector plate on the opposite side of the battery door, and the positive and negative polarities are marked, both on the plate and inside the mod.

The Aspire Speeder skirts the line between a portable and mid-sized box mod. It’s not exactly tiny, at almost 140mm high, and a little over 30mm of thickness. But it fits well in hand and makes for an easily grippable device thanks to that rubberized coating.

The OLED screen runs down the center of the mod, and measures in length of about 0.96 inches (or 24mm). The selector button is elongated and is not marked by a “+” or “-,” but it is intuitively simple. Right underneath the large selector button, you’ll find the USB charging/upgrading port.

How to Customize Modes

The Aspire Speeder is not such a complicated device to use or navigate. The firing bar and the selector bar are all that you need to get through all the menus and features loaded onto the chipset.

Aspire Speeder Athos coils

You turn the device on with five clicks of the firing bar, which then illuminates the main menu. On this main menu, you’ll see displayed the standard wattage setting, amperage, resistance of your coils, and the voltage of your device.

Because it takes two 18650 cells, the main screen also displays the battery life of each cell, but I’m not sure if the mod has the trickle down charging system that devices from Vaporesso have.

Nevertheless, the vaping modes, as mentioned in the specs bullet list above, run the gamut of your standard vaping styles, from temperature control, all the way to TCR mode and everything in between like variable wattage, and variable voltage.

However, you can also access Aspire’s take on the contemporary custom curve control settings that, at least on the Aspire Speeder allows you to customize your power settings (hence the acronym, CPS) at intervals of 0.1s. Everything else about the Aspire Speeder’s parameters is straightforward

It’s Time For Some Vaping

Aspire has also made a name for itself because of the quality of the tanks and coils that it creates. Both the Nautilus and the Triton are two of the more well-known sub-ohm tanks that many vapers I know swear by.

I had never used the Athos tank, so I was interested to see how it would perform. It did come with that unfortunate stainless steel glass shield that the earlier version of the Triton tank had, and that drove every vaper I know mad with its immovability.

Aspire Speeder tanks filling

But, thankfully, the metal sleeve that protects the glass is removable on the Athos, which makes for easy cleaning and allows for the glass tube to be replaced should it ever break or crack. One great addition to the kit was the two mouthpiece options, with the tank coming pre-installed with the thinner bore 12mm proprietary mouthpiece.

Two coil options come with the starter kit. Both coils will please the sub-ohm vapers out there, with both coils resisting at 0.3ohms and 0.16ohms. The latter coil head is a Penta-coiled coil, with five coils wicked with organic cotton.

I decided to go with the 0.16ohm coils, and what a vapor trail I left; looked like I was riding on a 747. The vapor shot straight out of my mouth was completely opaque. The cloud production was fantastic, and the flavor notes were present but more subdued than I would like to have felt.

Comparing to Other Box Mods

I believe the last 200W device I reviewed was the Wismec Sinuous FJ200 that performed well, in my opinion, and had no problems chucking, thick, white streams of vapor. The power output of the Sinuous FJ200 paired well with the Divider sub-ohm tank that came included in the kit.

The two WS coils in the Sinuous kit had somewhat higher resistances than the A3 and A5 of the Aspire Speeder, so that was why my clouds come out so lengthy and potent as they did. It looked like I had awoken a genie from its bottle with all the cloud that was coming out of me.

Aspire Speeder battery installation

Cloud production is, of course, what you’re looking for on devices that can vape at 200W. The great thing about the Aspire Speeder was that I didn’t’ even have to push 200W or even 150W to get great clouds. I vaped with the A3 coil at just a shade underneath the 75W maximum at 70W, and I was in cloud heaven.

The A5 was even more of a visibility threat just at the 100W minimum. The Sinuous, of course, could also be used with these coils and the Athos tank, so I suppose, in reality, it’s the A3 and A5 coils from Aspire that win the day, and not necessarily the Aspire Speeder 200W.

Aspire Speeder 200W Specifications

Aspire Speeder 200W
Output Power Range: 1W-200W
Temperature Control Range: 200°F-600°F/100°C-315°C
Voltage Output Range: 1V-8.4V
Length: 46mm
Height: 88mm
With: 31mm
OLED Display: 96Inch
Micro USB Port for Charging: +
Catch Lock for Battery Door: +

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • All the buttons still responded well, and there was no rattle heard
  • Two other color options, gold and silver
  • Vapor Production
  • Coils

The Negatives

  • No 510 drip tip

After All

Overall, I think the Aspire Speeder 200W starter kit has changed me as a vaper. I was very dismissive of cloud-chasers in the past, and everything that had to do with clouds. “You want clouds, then just look up,” was how my thinking went.

But after seeing not only the amount of cloud and vapor that I could get out of the Aspire Speeder, but just the duration and thickness, like milk, that came out in my exhale was just revelatory. I think I’ve changed my perspective entirely on the usefulness and worthiness of a mod’s ability to produce great-looking clouds.

The coils were fantastic. The Athos tank was well-built and solid. The stainless steel glass cover came off easily but was also a very muscular accent on the entire device. And the mod itself held up to consistent klutziness on my part. It was easy to use, the menu options were not plentiful, but enough to perform well and be easily navigable.

I’m a changed vaper. I have seen the vapor!

Published: December 4, 2017Updated: July 19, 2021

James Bickford

My way of understanding the significance of vaping came not only through the disruption of smoking but its effects on society as a whole. Now I bring people to vaping and bring vaping to people. I love using new gear, writing in-depth reviews and generally nerding out about vaping to like-minded people.


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5 comments on “Aspire Speeder 200W Box Mod Review

  • Christine Petrucco

    January 29, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Aspire speeder 200 watt kit is a piece of junk dropped it once and it broke the thing that holds the battery door closed , save your money , not well made , also goes through juice like mad

  • Darlene Shields

    August 17, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Could someone tell me all of the normal settings like temperature wattage etc. What is normal? My tank is getting way too hot. And mine is leaking if air is open at all.

  • J

    June 25, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    Mine dropped as well. Have it held together w a rubber band. Not even going to attempt to get replaced as I’m sure they will blow me off. Who designed this. For the money you would think they could have used something better than a tiny peice of chineese plastic

  • Carl Stunt

    May 28, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    I have read the various reviews of the speeder and bought the mod based on the positive feedback.Initally I was very impressed with its design and ease of use,especially the lock out function which my asmodus previously didn’t have as the settings changed constantly whilst in my pocket.Now not impressed with the Speeder as having only had the mod for around five weeks it slipped from my hand from a height of around 2 feet,it landed base first and the two unbelievably flimsy catches which hold the battery compartment door closed snapped off rendering the mod useless.It is such a poorly thought out part of the device and could of been built in a much more robust manner.I e-mailed Aspire to get there opinion on it and unfortunately they haven’t seen fit to reply.I honestly cannot recommend this mod to anyone as to me it has too great a design flaw that will render it useless should it be accidentally dropped.Hope my unfortunate experience can help others.

    • Nate

      August 14, 2018 at 6:37 pm

      Aspire does have replacement battery doors available for under $10