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Aspire Skystar Revvo 210W

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  • Wattage Range
    5 - 210W
  • Temperature Control
  • Battery Type
    2 * 18650
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Aspire has made great strides over that last several years, and this new box mod is a sign of how committed they are to creating new vaping technology. The Aspire Skystar 210w mod utilizes a lot of excellent features to vastly improve the vaping experience, including an ergonomic outer design with a large color touch screen.

Most impressively, the device performs at a high level in all of its vaping modes, while generating a steady amount of output. Finally, it is affordable and performs better than many top priced box mods.

Aspire Skystar Review

Aspire is mostly known for its tanks, but one drag off of the Skystar will change anyone’s mind. This is a unit that genuinely brings vaping to a new level. First off, the buyer gets a great looking device that is designed for comfortable vaping. The screen is another thing to get excited about because it is much larger than the screens of their competitors.

In addition to the unique outer look of this vape, the Skystar can also function at a high level. Expect it to work well at high temperatures when operating in different modes. The flavor is excellent, and the clouds it is capable of producing are immense. Since twin 18650s power it, expect to get a lot of vaping time out of the vape before having to recharge the batteries.


Another thing users are going to like about this vape is the Revvo tank. While it does not hold as much e-liquid as other tanks, it has a lot of excellent features. And, it does contain a respectable amount of e-juice, just not as much as its rivals.

This is an excellent all-around vape that is doing its bit to make Aspire known as more than just a producer of tanks. The Skystar’s neat appearance, ease of use, and high performance are going to help take this company to new heights.

Unpacking the Skystar Revvo Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with everything. The kit includes the box mod, a USB charging cable, and the instruction manual. One Revvo tank is included in the starter kit, as well, and it comes with two ARC Revvo coils, one tube, a silicone cap, and a set of spare o-rings.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The Skystar Revvo has an impressive outer and inner design that is ergonomic and practical. The outer design is made so that there are no hard edges. As a result, it fits the hand comfortably and can be easily transported. The touch screen is bright, and the display is easy to read.


Another thing to like about this vape is that it has a centered 510 pin. It also measures 33 mm at its widest point, and it can hold 25 mm atomizers with no overhang. The vape can handle larger atomizers, but there will be a little bit of overhang.

Battery Life Review

Dual-high amp 18650 batteries power the vape. For a touchscreen box mod, the battery life is very good, lasting for nine to ten hours when vaped on a moderate wattage level. Samsung 2500 batteries work best with this mod. The battery door is held together with magnets, so there is no chance of the door coming open. One complaint is that the battery door feels flimsy, but there have been no problems with it from our side.

Revvo Tank Review

The Skystar mod comes with a Revvo tank that measures 24 x 45 mm when the 3.6 ml extension tank is put on it. Total capacity ranges from 2 to 3.6 ml. Even with the extension glass, the Revvo does not hold a lot of e-liquid, especially for those who plan to vape at high wattage levels. Other than the capacity issue, the Revvo is a fantastic tank with a radial coil, top adjustable airflow, and a spring-loaded top fill port.

How to Use the Skystar Starter Kit

The operation of this vape is very straightforward. Swipe down two times on the screen to enter the menu. From there, the user will see several sub-menus for modes, time, data, and more. To exit the menu, click the firing button one time.

Selecting the mode menu allows the vaper to choose wattage, temperature control, data, voltage, and CPS. The default coil selections for TC mode are Ni200, Titanium, and SS316. Going into data mode allows for preheating, curving the wattage, and choosing the power settings for TC mode.


The device also allows the user to enter stealth mode by clicking the firing button three times. The vape time limit can also be adjusted up to 15 seconds. The brightness and language settings can be changed, as well. There is also an about section with information about the firmware, and a code that allows the user to access Aspire’s webpage.

How to Turn On/Off Skystar Mods

Turning the device on or off is easy. Click the firing button five times to turn it on and five more times to turn it off.

How to Change the Wattage on the Skystar

Adjust the wattage by swiping up on the screen two times to enter wattage mode. The wattage can be changed by using the plus and minus buttons on the screen.

How to Refill Skystar Mods

The Revvo tank is one of the easiest tanks to refill. No top caps have to be opened; no tabs have to be thumbed. Just push the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle through the drip tip and squeeze. Turn the box mod and tank upside down so that the coils and wicking adequately absorb the e-liquid.


Where to Find the Skystar Firmware Update

An update is available on the Aspire website, and downloading it incorporates a lot of useful, new features. A puff counter is one of the new features, and it can be used by entering “data.” From there, the puff counter can be adjusted.

There is also a digital AM/PM digital/analog display that can be adjusted according to the region. Users oriented toward military time can choose the 24-hour system.

Temperature Control Performance Review

The temperature control performance on these mods is excellent. In max wattage, the device can be vaped at high temperatures and get a lot of flavor and vapor.

Max Voltage Performance

Skystar mods have a boost circuit, which allows them to perform at higher levels than they would otherwise. At 210 watts, it produced nine volts of output, and it was never off by more than a few wattage points. This mod is highly accurate.

Another feature it has is a wattage curve that allows for adjustments in under a half-second, and it is highly accurate. Voltage output is very consistent, and the mod did more get too hot when taken to nine colts.

Max Wattage Performance

This vapor gets very warm on high wattage levels, so it should be kept under 450 F. Anything over that, and the drags get uncomfortable. The sweet spot for this vape is anywhere between 400 and 450 F. The dry hit protection is worth mentioning here.

There have been no problems with dry hits. Each drag contains a smooth stream of warm vapor; even when taken over 450 F. The vape ramps up quickly, and each hit is smooth, consistent, and flavorful.

The Aspire Skystar Kit Competitors

Aspire Skystar vs Vaporesso Revenger X Kit

Aspire Skystar vs Vaporesso Revenger X Kit
These are both very good and stylish mods. They both can go up to very high wattages, but the Skystar’s best maximum output is slightly over 210w, while the Revenger X starts to peter out at between 170 and 175 watts.

vaporesso revenger mini

The tank that comes with the Revenger, however, is preferable to Revvo in the Skystar kit because it holds a lot more juice. 5 ml is where it maxes out when an extension glass is attached.

Aspire Skystar vs Speeder Kit

The Aspire Speeder is an excellent device, and when the manufacturer says that it can vape at 200 watts, they are not dishonest.


That still does not put it ahead of the Skystar maximum output, though. The Skystar also has a much better and larger display screen. The screen of the Speeder is tiny in comparison.

Concluding Thoughts about the Aspire Skystar Kit

The Skystar is an excellent device, especially for vapers on a budget. The full kit is much cheaper than other mods out there. At the same time, the customer will not be getting a cheap, low performing device that will fall apart soon after purchase.

The Skystar holds together very well, it is a high powered vape, and the battery life is excellent considering how high up on the wattage it can get.

Aspire Skystar Kit Specifications

Aspire Skystar
Sizes 91 mm x 50 mm x 33 mm
Battery Type Dual High-Amp 18650 (Not Included)
Wattage Range 5 - 210w
Voltage Range 0.5-9
Minimum Atomizer Resistance 0.05-ohm
Temperature Control Range 200-600F
Construction Ni200, Titanium, and 316 Stainless Steel Compatibility
TCR Mode 3 Memory Slo
CPS Mode 3 Memory Slot
Bypass Mode Yes
Preheating Functions Yes
Screen 1.3 Inch Touch

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Affordable price
  • Large touch screen
  • High maximum output
  • Excellent battery life on high wattages
  • No rattling
  • Overhang with atomizers over 25 mm
  • Revvo tank holds an average amount of juice

Where to buy the Aspire Skystar?


Buy the Aspire Skystar Kit directly from the VapeBox website.


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