Aspire Paradox Review: A Pared-Down Mod With Plenty of Style


by James Bickford

Updated: July 29, 2021

Aspire Paradox x3

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
Dark Knight, Quicksilver, Orion Silver
Battery Type:
Single 18650
Wattage Range:
1W - 75W
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Very well-made and designed
  • Clean lines and aesthetic appeal


  • Plate can be distracting sometimes

The Aspire Paradox is a throwback to a simpler time with its single 18650 design that can output a maximum of 75W. The Paradox box is the result of a collaboration between Aspire and the Italian mod makers, NoName, who released a similar mod but have now made one for mass production.

The Aspire kits feature a clean, minimalist exterior design that makes it an ergonomic choice. The 75w box mods use a single, bottom-loading 18650 battery and come with an ASP chipset that can power it up to 75W.

The chipset also enables bypass mode, but there are no temperature control features on the mod. The vape box also features a hidden control panel that rests behind a removable magnetic panel.

An Up Close Look at The Aspire Paradox

The Aspire Paradox 75w is a unique-looking device that still manages to impress with its vaping performance. The mods have a slim, defined profile with less than 27mm thickness that makes it disappear in a closed first. The smooth, polished finish makes the product a pleasure to hold, as does its rubberized back-section that makes it very comfortable to hold.

There are few markings or branding on the product, apart from the NoName and Aspire logo at either end of the box kit. Apart from that, the product has clean panels and smooth edges. The device’s clean look is augmented by the fact that the mod’s control panel lies hidden behind the firing panel that covers the front of the Paradox kits.

Aspire Paradox

This unique feature is a hallmark of the NoName brand, which released a mod similar in appearance and design to the Paradox a few years ago. The NoName mod, called the Saudade, was a high-end version with a similar hidden panel but featured a DNA chip inside and higher-quality build materials.

The Saudade was a collector’s mod, and it was meant only for the few vapers who could afford its high price point. The product, however, is a more affordable version that does not skimp on the original’s sophisticated exterior design and abilities.

The Aspire box version of the Saudade uses the ASP chipset that enables only the simplest outputs like variable wattage and bypass but has no other vaping outputs.

What’s Inside the Box

The Aspire Paradox box comes as a stand-alone mod and has no accompanying tank, but we will discuss later on which tanks would pair well with the device. The Paradox is both lightweight in design and portability, so it is perfect for an on-the-go device.

Aspire Paradox kit

The box mods also feature Type-C charging, and a compatible Type-C charging cable is the only other accessory included in the box.

  • One x Aspire Paradox
  • One x User Manual
  • One x USB Type-C Cable

The Look and Feel of the Device

The Aspire Paradox kit is meant to be a more inexpensive version of the high-end Saudade, but the zinc alloy chassis is still quite durable, not to mention comfortable. The original Saudade was a solid piece of 316 stainless steel with a polished finish, but the zinc alloy still feels hefty without being too much.

Aspire Paradox x3

The mod is free of nonsensical branding, opting instead for a clean, unblemished look. The Aspire box mod comes in three different color options, but they all maintain the same dignified, no-nonsense design of the rest of the mod. The threading and edges of the mod are also smooth and give the device a very precisely-made look.

How Long It Lasts

The Paradox 75w kit is a single-18650 device, so its capabilities are limited. That is not to say that the box mod underperforms, not in the least. The power output goes well with the overall aesthetic of being a clean, simple mod that does one job very well.

The highest output on the device is 75W, which is traditionally the limit for single-cell kits.

The Type-C charging of the device also makes it a breeze to recharge when necessary. The Aps Chipset inside also guarantees that users can recharge the cell inside the mod without taking it out as there is overcharge protection loaded onto the chip.

There is also overheating and overcharge protections installed on the chip, even though users can disable them when they enter into Bypass mode via the three-button control panel.

Tanks and Atomizers

The Aspire Paradox vape is the perfect companion to small, low-wattage coils and tanks. It has a spring-loaded 510 connection up top that can accommodate up to 25 or 26mm tanks.

Aspire Ninth tank

The limited power output means that the mod is a good, mouth-to-lung device that can adequately put out decent clouds without it being too much.

The box mod comes as a standalone version, but other kits out there pair the device with a tank from the mod’s designer, No Name. Some versions in the UK have been selling the Paradox with the Ninth, an MTL tank from the Italian company. The Ninth tank can pair with Aspire coils, but it also comes in an RBA version that lets vapers mount their own style of coils.

Getting the Device Started

The Paradox vape, keeping in line with its minimalist design, does not aim to confuse vapers with complicated button combinations or large screens. The 0.91” OLED stays hidden thanks to a plate kept in place with large magnets that users can take off when they want to make adjustments to the device.

The plate itself is well-made, and it does not shift or move when it is in place, which is another sign of the quality craftsmanship that went into making the mod. The same goes for the top firing button, which is still accessible when the plate is installed.

Aspire Paradox x2

The plate acts as a trigger mechanism that lets vapers fire the device by simply pressing on the plate like it were a lateral firing button.

However, the same cannot be said of the other two control buttons, the up and down buttons. There is no access to those controls with the plate in place, which means it has to be removed in order for vapers to change something about their vape.

  • Turning the device on requires only five clicks of the firing button
  • while making any changes to the device is done via the two control buttons just beneath the OLED.

Vaping Performance

The Aspire vape mods are very sleek, discrete devices for mouth-to-lung vapers. Its minimalist design and size – it stands at way under 100mm at 73mm – makes it easy to transport or conceal. The removable plate is almost like a locking mechanism as well as the plate needs to be pressed down hard to fire while the control buttons remain inaccessible.

Aspire Paradox with tank

The limited power range and vaping options on the chip also make the mod an ideal choice for casual vapers. Handling the variable wattage controls on the device is very easy, but users who want to use the mod in Bypass mode must make sure they are using compatible coils and tanks for the device to function properly. The product produces very satisfying mouth-to-lung hits that pack a lot of flavor in them, depending on the coils and juice you are using.

The Competition

GeekVape Aegis Max

The Aegis Max from GeekVape kit is another pared-down device that uses only a single cell, either a single 18650 or a 21700. The Aegis Max continues the line of nearly indestructible GeekVape mods that come with durable, silicone-sealed exteriors that blend zinc and aluminum alloy.

GeekVape Aegis Max

The Aegis Max also has a bottom-loaded battery bay, but the presence of the AS-100 chipset gives this mod an edge over the Paradox’s limited vaping options. Users of the Aegis Max can vape in variable wattage (up to 100W), temperature control, TCR mode, and Bypass mode.

Sigelei Humvee

The Sigelei Humvee kit is a near replica of the GeekVape Aegis Max with its leather-bound backside that covers the mod’s zinc alloy chassis. The control panel and screen are also identical to the Aegis’ Max’s look and feel.

Sigelei Humvee iamge

The Humvee is also a single 18650 device that can power up to 80W and has an intelligent chipset that enables variable wattage control, curve modes but no temperature control. The Humvee also works with various tanks and atomizers and has compatibility with VooPoo coils that can be press-fitted into the Fog tank that can hold up to 5ml of e-liquid.

Aspire Paradox Box Mod Specifications

Wattage Output: 1 to 75W
Battery: Single 18650
Atomizer Resistance : 0.2 to 3.5ohm
Dimentions: 78mm by 42mm by 27mm
Construction: Zink-Alloy Chassis
Screen: 0.91" OLED Display
Connection: 510-threaded
Charging Port: MicroUSB Type-C

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Very well-made and designed
  • Clean lines and aesthetic appeal
  • Easy-to-use
  • Great for mouth-to-lung vaping

The Negatives

  • Plate can be distracting sometimes

Conclusion: Aspire Paradox Review: Complicated Name, Uncomplicated Design

Did you use the original Saudade mod? Do you think it’s worth it to buy high-end collector mods or the knock-off versions instead? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Aspire Paradox has an interesting backstory. It is the more affordable version of a luxury mod that came out a few years ago. Instead of copying the original outright, Aspire decided to pair with No Name to make a more accessible version.

It was the right move on Aspire’s part. The box mod looks a lot like the original Saudade, right down to the removable magnetic plate, but its build material is zinc alloy rather than stainless steel.

The Paradox 75w box is remarkably comfortable to hold and handle, while its operating controls are very easy to manage and navigate.

There may have been an effort to make the plate transparent or at least visible so that vapers could see their vaping data without removing the plate, but then again, that would have taken away from the minimalist design. As it stands, the Paradox’s clean, polished look makes it seem like a high-end device, but without the high-end price.

Published: March 3, 2021Updated: July 29, 2021

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