Asmodus Luna Review: Safety & Elegance In A Compact Squonk Mod


by Christina Matthews

Updated: July 29, 2021

Asmodus Luna desktop

Review Score: 83/100

Price Range:
Mosaic, Red, Green, Blue, Purple
Battery Capacity:
Single 18650
82 x 46 x 26 mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Unregulated, semi-mechanical operation with added safety features
  • Quick ramp-up times and smooth vapor


  • Squonk bottle tricky to switch out for the first few times

Made in collaboration with Ultroner, the Asmodus Luna is an unregulated, semi-mechanical mod, reminiscent of the classic squonk mods but with all modern safety features and a beautiful and stylish stabilized wood finish at an affordable price point.

Featuring up to 80W of output from a single 18650 battery, the Luna Squonker box mod is powerful and ideal for those comfortable with classic squonk setups. The mods have an ergonomic design, which is compact but can accommodate 25mm atomizers easily without overhang and a recessed power button for easy one-handed operation.

General Overview

The Asmodus Luna Squonker Mod Box packs a big punch for an unregulated, semi-mechanical squonk mod. Its chassis is made with high-grade 6063 Aluminum and features a gorgeous range of stabilized wood or mosaic finishes to choose from, courtesy of collab partner Ultroner. Due to the nature of resin components, vapers will have a stab-wooden design that is completely unique to every device upping the exclusivity factor in this price range.

The Luna has a back-to-basics feature set for those vapers who prefer not to micro-manage their vaping experience. That being said, these mods come with a ton of safety features courtesy of the built-in UL 80 JX chip. This chip enables the device with protection from negative polarity, low voltage and over-voltage, high and low resistance (beyond its operating range of 0.1ohm to 3ohms), short circuits, and even protection from overheating (above 85 degrees). A maximum power output of 80W provides the Luna with ample performance to suit most needs. The device is compact but can comfortably accommodate 25mm atomizers without any overhang.

Asmodus Luna desktop

The device features a gold-plated BF 510 plate compatible with most atomizers. The mod comes with 2 high-quality silicone-like squonk bottles with 6mL capacity that perform consistently and provide near hassle-free swaps. The device is controlled via a single recessed power button (featuring the Asmodus logo) conveniently located at the top for one-handed operation and also features an RGB LED indicator.

The semi-mechanical, unregulated internals of the Luna give it superior ramp-up times and simpler performance. The chip auto-regulates the wattage based on the detected resistance and provides maximum power for old school vape performance. The Luna Squonker box mod is a great deal for vapers who prefer the convenience of a bottom-feeding squonk mod with the simple operation associated with classic mods in a stylish and elegant aesthetic.

A Look Into Its Internal Build And Design

The Luna squonk mod box is made from a strong Aluminium and fashioned from a single block of lumber. It comes in several stabilized wood colors like red, green, blue, purple, and 3 different mosaic finishes. One side of the device has a cutout to press the squonk bottle; the other edge of the device has been rounded off to increase grip which facilitates one-handed operation.

Asmodus Luna

The concave power button on one side of the device is easily reachable with the thumb. The bottom of the device features a sliding magnetic plate to hold the bottle in place and a threaded screwable cap for the 18650 battery. On the top of the device, is a spring-loaded, gold-plated BF 510 connector and the Luna logo printed in a zany font. Overall, the device has a smooth premium finish.

Asmodus Luna Squonker Review: Battery

This product does not come with a battery included in the box. However, it is designed to work with any standard 18650 cell. The mod can fit one such battery. Although the mod is unregulated and semi-mechanical the built-in UL 80 JX chip enables it with some safety features. The mod will fire only if it detects resistance between 0.1ohm to 3ohm.

Asmodus Luna Battery

The chip also offers the mod protection from Negative Polarity (if inserted the wrong way), 10-second over-vape protection, and shuts down the mod in case of a short circuit to protect its internals. The LED indicator on the mod will flash red if any of these problems arise.

Fitting The Battery

Fitting a battery in the device is quite convenient and secure. The Luna is compatible with standard 18650 batteries. The compartment cap (located at the bottom) has a magnetized lever at the center that can be pulled out to unscrew the cap.

The threading design is said to be more secure than other solutions and helps prevent accidental damage to the device while switching the battery out. The poles are clearly marked inside the compartment ensuring that users will have no problem with orienting the battery correctly making swaps a breeze.

Operating the Luna

As a semi-mechanical squonker box mod, the Asmodus Luna is quite hassle-free to operate. To turn on the device, simply press the power button 5 times and it’s ready to go and indicated by 2 green flashes of the LED (it flashes blue while turning off). Firing the Luna Squonker is indicated by a green LED. The response on the product is instantaneous and vapers will find a strong and smooth vapor over low to mid wattage on this device.

Asmodus Luna

A fully charged battery will enable the box mod to fire up to 80 watts of power until it reaches 3.3 volts when the low-voltage protection on the device will automatically prevent it from firing, indicated by a flashing red LED. The Luna, though compact, is large enough to fit any RDA or RDTA with a 25mm base diameter, good enough for most atomizers available in the market.

The Squonk Bottle

Asmodus provides two 6ml squonk bottles in the box. They feature a threaded lid, with a small tube at the top which feeds the atomizer and a bottom section that draws e-juice from the bottle. The bottle fits into the box mod via a sliding magnetic door at the bottom of the device. It is made from a high-quality silicone-like plastic that is very pliable and has a consistent response when squeezing.

Refilling the bottle is also quite easy. However, vapers are advised not to overfill during the first few bottles as changing bottles through the bottom door is a slightly tricky process until the compartment grips loosen up a little. However, after a few rounds, the bottles are quick and easy to replace.

Vaping Performance Review

The Luna mod box packs quite a punch for an unregulated, semi-mechanical mod. The squonker box mod auto-regulates the current to the detected resistance of the coil thereby never overpowering it. The response of the squonk bottles is just right and never results in oversquonking or having to pump it too much. Using it with different atomizers, this Asmodus product managed to impress with smooth and strong vape production at maximum wattage, although the performance is affected as the voltage drops. This is common among unregulated devices, but the advantage of faster ramp-up times usually outweighs this drawback.

Asmodus Luna

Vapers have reported above-average performance for the Luna, although battery life may be affected for higher resistance builds due to the single 18650 battery. The built-in temperature protection will automatically kick in above 85 degrees to prevent any internal damage. The smooth, ergonomic design and low weight help to enhance the vape experience.

The Competitors

Asmodus Luna vs. Vandy Vape Pulse

The Pulse from Vandy Vape is a regulated box mod similar to the Asmodus Luna. Both feature a maximum power output of 80W. These devices also include almost all safety features such as protection from short circuits, over-heating, over-current, over-time, and open circuit protection.

Vandy Vape Pulse

While the Luna with its semi-mechanical internals offers the advantage of faster wicking and no-hassle operation, the Pulse does offer temperature control and a slightly higher 8mL capacity (albeit only one bottle comes in the box) compared to 6mL on the Asmodus.

Asmodus Luna vs. Asmodus Pumper

Asmodus’ own Pumper box mod is considered a close counterpart to the Luna in this price bracket. Both feature almost identical internals except the squonk bottle on the Pumper is borrowed from another Asmodus device, the Spruzza.

Asmodus Pumper

The Pumper features a slightly higher 8mL capacity and capacity for a bigger 21700 battery, but the Luna is a more ergonomic device overall. The Luna also features an easier to clean-and-maintain squonk bottle.

Asmodus Luna Box Mod Specifications

Asmodus Luna Box Mod
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Mosaic: Red, White,Black
Dimensions: 82 mm x 46 mm x 26 mm
Battery: Single 18650
Construction: 6063 Aluminum and Stabilized wood
Atomizer Ohm Range: 0.1-2.5 ohm
Tank Capacity: 6 mL
Standby Current: 50UA
Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3Ω

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Unregulated, semi-mechanical operation with added safety features
  • Quick ramp-up times and smooth vapor
  • High-quality squonk bottle, 6mL
  • Beautiful stabilized wooden styling (collab with Ultroner)
  • Accommodates 25mm atomizers without overhang

The Negatives

  • Squonk bottle tricky to switch out for the first few times
  • Single 18650 cell means limited battery life

Final Verdict: A Beautiful Box Mod With Beastly Internals

The Asmodus Luna is a traditional type squonk device that will definitely appeal to old school vape aficionados. It is compact but large enough to accommodate 25mm atomizers without any overhang. The stab-wood finishes from Ultroner are gorgeous to look at and the high-quality squonk bottles deliver the right amount of e-juice and allow for easy one-handed operation.
Providing 80W of power at up to 3ohm of resistance means it is capable of working with most atomizers in the market.

Released in 2018, the mod still stands out with a high output capacity and multiple electronic safeguards delivering a safe, hassle-free, and no-nonsense experience to its users. Its semi-mechanical nature means no fiddling around with wattage and temperature.

Published: July 6, 2020Updated: July 29, 2021

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