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Selection: 84%

Quality of Flavors: 85%

Value for Money: 80%

Our Verdict: Vape Dudes have been manufacturing e-liquids for several years now. However, it is only now that they seem to be making a name for themselves. Through the years, the company has amassed a healthy selection of flavors with most giving a tasty vape that oozes with quality. Users who are picky with e-liquid should try Vape Dudes e-liquid at least once. 

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Best E-Juices from Vape Dudes:

Blue Honey

Sweet and FruityPrice: $5.98/15ml

vape-dudes-blue-honeyThe e-liquid flavor that made Vape Dudes famous, Blue Honey is a perfect blend of blueberries and honey that many users tout as the best all-day vaping. Sweet and fruity might seem like overkill, but Vape Dudes managed to create a subtle mix that does not overpower the taste buds.

American Standard

TobaccoPrice: $5.98/15ml

american-standart-e-juiceA combination of several tobacco flavors rolled into one, American Standard gives users a beautiful tobacco-infused vape that will stave off cigarette cravings for good. The blending of tobacco types is done tastefully, giving a mild flavor that makes a great all-day vape.

Naturals – Baffleberry

Fruity, Sweet, and ComplexPrice: $6.33/15ml


The Naturals line of e-liquid from Vape Dudes are made from organic ingredients, thus the higher price. The line’s Baffleberry is a complex blend of fruity and sweet flavorings that will leave users baffled, yet pleasantly satisfied. Vape Dudes does not describe the flavor at all in its website so as not to ruin the surprise. Nonetheless, it is a surprise worth trying.

Meet the Vape Dudes

Brand: Vape Dudes is composed of a group of avid vapers whose sole purpose is to create the finest e-juice possible. Handcrafted and made-to-order, Vape Dudes do not mass produce their product to ensure the highest quality output. The company uses only the best ingredients, preparation process, and quality control. They have their own clean room that is air-purified, to make sure no impurities makes its way to the e-liquid. This dedication to quality has stuck even as the company grew.

Bottles and Flavors: The bottles that come with each Vape Dudes e-liquid is varied. Smaller sizes use high-quality plastic bottles while 30ml bottles are made of glass with an included glass dripper. Both types are sturdy enough to survive all-day transport in a pocket or bag. Sizes available are 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml, which customers can choose from when buying. However, the Private Stock and Private Stock Max line of flavors only come in 30ml bottles that are steeped for at least three weeks, so customization is limited.

Blends are customizable, with the standard being 50/50 PG/VG. However, customers can choose from 100% PG, 70/30 PG/VG, 30/70 PG/VG, and 5/95 PG/VG. A good range of blends to satisfy both cloud chasers and flavor seekers.

Nicotine levels are available at a range that will suit most vapers as well. Users can choose from 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg and 24mg. A 36mg option would have been great though, especially for new vapers who just quit smoking, but the levels available are enough to keep most vapers happy.

The intensity of flavor can also be customized, where users can choose from Standard, Extra, or Just a Hint. The level of customization for each Vape Dudes e-liquid is a great touch by the company which few brands could match.

Flavor groups are well represented in the company’s already healthy selection. Tobacco, fruit, sweet, menthol, and complex can all be found here. It is nearly impossible not to find a flavor that will suit you.

Vapor production from Vape Dudes e-liquid is great. Even with the standard mix, users get huge clouds of vapor that is dense and flavorful. It is obvious that these are mixed by vapers, for vapers.

Bottom Line

One cannot go wrong with Vapor Dudes E-Liquid. While there may be some flavors that don’t live up to the hype, the majority does so with aplomb. The amount of customization – from the bottle size and nicotine levels to PG/VG blend and flavor intensity – is an excellent option that only a handful of e-liquid manufacturers can match.

Critics of Vape Dudes used to hit its pricing as being too high, but the company has slashed their prices to give more value to its e-liquid. However, even if the old prices were in effect, Vape Dudes E-Liquid is still worth it.

Users who want high-quality e-liquids that are made by vapers, for vapers, should try out Vape Dudes. The experience will not leave you with a foul taste for sure. Also check out best vaporizers and vape pens, to make your vaping experience even more pleasing and satysfying.

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