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Cinnastix Vango
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Cinnastix is another dessert flavor from the VanGo blend team. Before known as Churro, Cinnastix continues in the tradition of delivering...

Strawlen Vango
  • Naturally sweet flavor
  • Excellent combination of different flavors
  • Intense strawberry flavor
Blue Grazberry
Blue_Grazberry vango
  • Excellent flavor combination
  • Great aftertaste
  • Not overpowering, or too sweet


Bakery Collection

The Bakery Collection is VanGo’s take on classic, dessert-style flavors. VanGo updated the line and gave their treats new names, but they still have all that delectable flavor.

#1 Cinnastix

Fried Dough and Sugar in Vapor-Form

10/10 icon-question Review score

Cinnastix is another dessert flavor from the VanGo blend team. Before known as Churro, Cinnastix continues in the tradition of delivering a guilt-inducing sugar rush, but through vapor.
The crunchiness of the first few bites of a churro or cinnastix is hearty and sweet.

The dough is still hot and fresh, and the powdered sugar complements both those sensations. The cloud is similar in that it builds upon the previous flavor, increasing its savoriness, until the end when they all blend and exhale smooth.

Like all their other Bakery flavors, Cinnastix is available in both free-base and nic salt varieties. The free-base strengths range from 0mg to 18mg. While the nic salt version start at 25mg and go to 30mg, and finally 50mg. Bottle sizes for the regular strength options go from 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml. Nic salts only come in 30ml bottles.


  • Great for all-day vaping
  • Very real, authentic taste
  • Mellow and smooth texture
  • Excellent for squonks and rebuildables


  • No 10ml bottle options

#2 Luscious Apple

A Cinnamon and Apple Blend

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Luscious Apple is a new apple-inspired dessert flavor from the VanGo Bakery e-liquid line. The blend offers vapers a genuine apple flavor on the first inhale. While, afterward, the apple taste gets sweetened and enhanced by notes of cinnamon.

In the end, the flaky, steamy crust of the e-liquid’s base gets revealed and rounds out the entire vapor cloud. Vapers can choose from five regular, free-base nic strengths, or three nic salts varieties of Luscious Apple.

The strengths of the free-base version run from 0mg to 18mg. The bottle sizes for these flavors goes from 30ml, 60ml, to 120ml. The nic salts version only come in 30ml bottles. There are three nic salts options: 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg.


  • Real, apple flavor
  • Excellent aftertaste
  • Nic salts and regular nic options available
  • Great throat hit


  • No high-PG options

#3 Banana Cannon

Banana Cream Filling in a Cannoli Shell

9/10 icon-question Review score

Banana Cannon from VanGo’s Bakery line combines three sumptuous flavors. Banana Cannon used to be Banana Cannoli, so it blends the soft, flaky shell of a cannoli, with a creamy filling.

Vapers will no doubt notice the smooth, pistachio flavors near the end. The pistachio is what brings the rest of the characteristics to a satisfying conclusion. Despite the name change, the new Banana Cannon stays true to its origins as an Italian-pastry-inspired delight.

VanGo offers a single 70/30, VG/PG blend for Banana Cannon, with over five different nicotine strengths from 0mg to 18mg. There are also three nic salts versions, with content ranging from 25mg, 30mg, and 50mg.


  • Smooth, delectable flavor
  • Well-balanced, not too sweet, not too creamy
  • Perfect for pastry-lovers
  • Many strengths available


  • No high-PG options
  • Can’t be mixed or blended with other flavors

Best Fruit Flavors

Fruit flavors is one area where VanGo excels. There are only two flavors here, but their line of fruit flavors goes from the exotic (lychee) to the everyday (peach, apple). There is even the special House of Fruits and House of FruitBlenz that showcase how serious VanGo takes fruit flavors.

Vango Products fruit

#1 Strawlen

A Fusion of Berries and Watermelon

10/10 icon-question Review score

Strawlen is VanGo trying to blend as many fruit flavors into one bottle. The choices are good ones as each flavor plays off of each other in lush harmony.

The berry flavors are the notes that emerge from the first pull. They cause a mouth-watering sensation that leaves the taste-buds wanting more. After, when the kiwi and watermelon flavors kick in, the taste-buds get satiated. The whole melange is exhilarating for its natural sweetness.

Strawlen is a premium selection, which sells for a little more than their other varieties. In a 30ml bottle, Strawlen is only available in a nic salt version, with 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg options. In larger bottles sizes, 60ml and 120ml, Strawlen comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg regular strengths.


  • Naturally sweet flavor
  • Excellent combination of different flavors
  • Intense strawberry flavor
  • All-day vape
  • Good throat hit with nic salts


  • No small bottle sizes for regular strength versions

#2 Blue Grazberry

Another Berry Good Flavor

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Blue Grazberry has a sophisticated taste profile despite having only three main notes. This e-liquid is from VanGo’s Quenchers collection that tries to mimic as many soda flavors as possible.

The blueberry and raspberry flavors dominate at the beginning. They melt away into the taste buds, which gives vapers their first taste of satisfaction. When they feel like the ride is over, the vapor surprises with a subtle pinch of white grape flavor that changes everything.

With the berries, the vape goes in the direction of drinking a soda on a hot day. Then, the white grape flavor that reminds more of white wine than soda adds a touch of class at the end.

Blue Grazberry is a high-VG e-liquid, so expect larger-than-normal clouds. There are five regular strength options: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. The e-juice can also come in a nic salts version, with strengths ranging from 25mg, 30mg, and finally, 50mg.


  • Excellent flavor combination
  • Great aftertaste
  • Not overpowering, or too sweet
  • Sweet, and a little sour


  • No high-PG versions
  • No small bottle sizes

Best Exotic Flavors

Vapers who have never tried an exotic fruit like a lychee or jackfruit will finally get their chance with these unique e-juices. They may not like these fruits in real life, but the combination of exotic flavors, with more common tastes, is sure to hook-in vapers with a taste for the exotic.

#1 Cactus Jango

An Exotic Fruit Medley

10/10 icon-question Review score

VanGo was no doubt inspired when they were making Cactus Jango, by the overlooked delights. Hard-to-get treats that come from hot, tropical places, fruits like mango and lychee, as well as cactus and jackfruit.

So vapers are not overwhelmed by too many exotic flavors at once, the taste experience begins by introducing a simple strawberry note. Once a vaper has enjoyed that summery strawberry taste, the mango and lychee start to pop-up. Even after those two flavors emerge, the creamy cactus and jackfruit tastes take them to where they have never been before.

The e-liquid from VanGo’s Legendary Series comes in either 60 or 120ml bottles for regular strength versions. The free-base strengths range from 0mg all the way to 18mg. The nic salts options come only in 30ml bottles. Nic salts strengths go from 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg.


  • A very refreshing flavor profile
  • Great blend of exotic flavors
  • All tastes stand out individually
  • High-VG
  • Nic salt options available


  • No small bottle sizes
  • No high-PG varieties

#2 Jango Chill

Tropical Flavors in a Vape

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

VanGo Vapes packed as many exotic fruits as they could into Jango Chill. The tropical-inspired flavors pair well with the cool menthol chill of the e-juice.

The pull begins with an unmistakable burst of strawberry. The other notes start to pop right after like little liquid explosions, one after the other. First, there is the mango, then the lychee follows close behind, and the cactus then smothers them both. After everything settles down, the exhale brings on the crisp, refreshing taste of a slight hint of menthol.

Jango Chill is available in three, regular nicotine strengths from 0mg to 3mg to 6mg. The regular nicotine strength options come in only 60ml and 120ml bottles. The nic salt versions come only in 30ml bottles but have three different strengths, 25mg, 30mg, and 50mg.

Best Tobacco Flavors

Getting tobacco flavors right is a standard every e-liquid maker has to meet. VanGo not only meets that standard but exceeds it with their creative blending of tobacco flavors with other more palatable tastes.

#1 VCT (Vanilla Custard Tobacco)

A Perfect Blend of Sugar and Tobacco

10/10 icon-question Review score

VCT (vanilla custard tobacco) is a common, but difficult flavor combination to master. The VCT from VanGo Vapes does not struggle at all to offer a satisfying blend of dessert and tobacco flavors in one e-juice. It begins with very subtle tobacco flavors, like burnt wood, and tobacco leaves.

Afterward, the sweeter notes begin to appear, and the vapor takes on the richness and consistency of a savory dessert. The delectable aftertaste is what succeeds in bringing this e-juice to a close.
VCT is available in three high-VG (75/25) varieties for the low nicotine options of 0mg to 3mg to 6mg.

Two mid-range VG options (60/40) are on offer for the higher strength content options, which are 12 and 18mg. The regular nicotine options come in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles. The nic salts version only come in 30ml bottles.


  • Smooth and creamy taste
  • Mild tobacco flavor
  • Great all day vape
  • Perfect for after-dinner and the evening


  • Vanilla custard flavor diminishes after a while
  • Does not go well with other flavors

#2 Frozen Ophelia

A Fruity, Menthol Delight

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Frozen Ophelia from VanGo Vapes is a bubble-gum inspired e-juice that contains a smooth overtone of menthol. The other flavors include exotic tastes like mango and kiwi. The overall feeling of the cloud is fruity and refreshing.

As with some of their other blends, Frozen Ophelia starts with an explosive strawberry introduction. The rest of the tastes begin to creep in after that first vapor cloud engulfs the mouth. Juicy, succulent mango pieces and a hint of cactus creaminess are what finish off the blend.

Frozen Ophelia is one in a line of menthol-tinged varieties from VanGo’s Frozen collection. It comes in five different regular nicotine strengths from 0mg all the way to 18mg. Regular nicotine options comes in only 60 and 120ml bottles. Nic salt versions, from 25, 30 and 50 mg, come in only 30ml bottles.


  • Refreshing, but not overpowering menthol flavor
  • Individual fruit flavors succulent and juicy
  • Nic salts offer great throat hit
  • Excellent flavor combination


  • No small bottle sizes
  • Weak menthol taste

Vango Products

What Else Does VanGo Vapes Do?

VanGo Vapes cemented their name in vaping circles with their amazing and delicious flavors. They have since branched out though, and now offer vaping devices, vape accessories and other swag on their website.

People interested in VanGo Vapes products can either:

  • Order direct from their website
  • Find a local retailer that carries their products

VanGo also offers unique features on their website. Anyone can make a flavor request using the provided form. Fill out the form, send it, and if VanGo likes the idea they may make it. People can also sign up for the Liquid Loot program. It is a points-based program where clients can earn points by completing specific tasks to get special gifts.

What is Flaving?

“Flaving” is a term VanGo Vapes uses to describe the philosophy behind their creations that combine “flavor” and “vaping.” They believe that life is best experienced through the senses like taste and smell. Flaving is the act of enjoying all flavors, which is why VanGo creates so many layered and complex e-liquids.

How Do I Pick the Right Vango Vapes E-Juice?

Choosing an e-juice is a matter of personal taste. It also comes down to a person’s experience level (in vaping), whether someone is an ex-smoker or not, and what kind of vaping style someone enjoys.

First of all, anyone who is not or never was a smoker should not be vaping nicotine. No-nicotine varieties of e-liquid are widely available (VanGo Vapes offers them). For anyone who was an ex-smoker different nicotine strengths, and nic salt options are available for anyone looking for a hit of nicotine.

After deciding on the nicotine level, people can then focus on flavorings and brands. There is a perfect choice for almost every possible flavor or taste.

Main flavors include:

  • Dessert flavors, like custard, pie, cheesecake, cannolis, etc.
  • Fruit flavors, like strawberry, apple, mango, blueberry
  • Candy flavors, like bubble-gum, lollipops, and sour candy
  • Tobacco-based flavors, like menthol

These categories are only a sampling of what makers usually offer. All these flavors can come as single-flavor options, or combine with other varieties, which is also very common.

Once someone discovers what tastes appeal to them, they can even start to make their own.
There are many online recipes that vapers can follow like they were baking a cake. Again, people can get creative and blend all their preferred tastes into one version.

Does E-juice Go Bad?

Yes, it does go bad. All the ingredients in e-juice, have a shelf life of just under two years. Exposing an e-juice to direct sunlight or extreme heat also speeds up deterioration.

Nicotine itself becomes cotinine, which is a nicotine by-product that no one wants to taste or vape. But most important is the expiration of a flavor profile. After a few weeks, a vape juice can lose its flavors and become almost bland.

Remember to always:

  • Properly store e-juices in cool, dark places away from sunlight or windows
  • Check to see if the liquid has changed color
  • If the liquid starts to separate and does not mix right, it might be spoiled

E-juice makers all label their bottles with expiry dates or date of manufacture, so vapers know when to use their product by.

The Last Word on VanGo Vapes

VanGo Vapes has made a name for themselves for all the right reasons. They have delighted vapers all over the world with their unique, legendary, one-of-a-kind blends.

The selection of flavors, collections, and combination of flavors is almost endless. VanGo offers single-flavor, fruit-e-juices. But they also provide more sophisticated varieties like their TobaccoLand e-juices for pipes and cigar enthusiasts.

The variety and versatility of all VanGo Vapes e-juices have already gained them a considerable following. Anyone who has yet to try any one of their delicious offerings is in for a savory surprise.

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