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Selection: 80%

Quality of Flavors: 93%

Value for Money: 90%

Our Verdict: With a limited flavor selection yet founded to deliver in quality and value, the V2 Cigs E-Liquids indeed live up to its brand’s reputation. As one of the top e-cig brands today, V2 makes sure that their e-liquids are at par with the superiority of their products (like superior vape pens and great e-cigs). Their premium juices are well crafted, boosting the brand’s confidence to a point where V2 Cigs chooses to keep a few significant information, such as the VG-PG ratio, to themselves. 

V2 Cig’s Best E-Juices:


V2 Menthol

Minty, Crisp, CoolingPrice: $29.95/50ml bottle

As the brand’s most famous blend among their collection, the V2 Menthol is described as the closest to real menthol cigarettes, according to ex-smokers. On their site, V2 describes their Menthol flavor as ‘like exhaling a minty-fresh Tic Tac’.



Lightly Sweet, Smooth, and RichPrice: $29.95/50ml bottle

A top specialty flavor that captures the taste of any sweet tooth, the V2 Vanilla holds a smooth and subtle essence that smells of glazed donuts indeed. Most vapers who come to love the V2 Vanilla are amazed at how subtle yet ironically flavorful the vanilla in this blend is. It is easy to distinguish, without being unbearably sweet, making it distinct from other Vanilla flavored e-liquids.



Fruity Sweet and JuicyPrice: $29.95/50ml bottle

‘Farm fresh cherry taste’, as stated by V2 to illustrate how this flavor tastes, is exactly how we rate it. There is no chemical or artificial taste to it, just sweet and juicy cherries that are freshly picked from the farm. Like the cherry on top of an ice cream or special pastry, we believe the goodness in this Cherry flavored e-liquid will go well with chocolate, vanilla, or cola.



Smooth, Light TobaccoPrice: $29.95/50ml bottle

The V2 Congress is an attempt to equate Parliament tobacco cigarettes, only e-liquid style. The result is amazing, as the V2 Congress brings a smooth and light tobacco flavor that is evident but mild. This flavor is available in five nicotine strengths, so varying preferences are addressed.



Sweet, Fruity, and JuicyPrice: $29.95/50ml bottle

Another popular flavor out of V2’s limited number of fruity blends, the V2 Grape is your sweet and fruity option that smells and tastes like the juicy purple fruit. Like the cherry, it has a mild natural taste, perfect for an all-day vape.


V2 Red

Strong and Bold TobaccoPrice: $29.95/50ml bottle

Another top seller in V2’s e-liquid selection, the V2 Red is their version of a strong and bold flavor. It closely resembles Marlboro, Winston, Lucky Strike, and many more tobacco brands with the classic American tobacco blend. Ex-smokers are constantly seeking for a tobacco flavored e-liquid that has enough tobacco taste in strength in it, and V2 Red puts an end to their search.

Meet the Johnson Creek Vapor Co.

Brand: V2 Cigs, the maker of V2 Platinum E-Liquids, is one of the most renowned e-cigarette brands in the US. They are famous for manufacturing top of the line cig-a-likes and basic starter kits for beginners.

The brand is owned by VMR Products, which was founded in 2009. VMR Products’ mission is to utilize and continually improve technology to change the lives of smokers from all over the world. With V2 Cigs, they have definitely reached many people.

Not only have they produced some of the world’s most popular e-cig kits, but have also succeeded in creating a premium line of flavors that make vaping a lot more enjoyable. Their blends are expertly crafted that they make each flavor too familiar for any ex-smoker, helping the latter quitting the habit.

V2 is now the number 1 online e-cig brand, with their website receiving more than 6 million visits from unique individuals per month. The same brand is known as the third most sold e-cig brand in the US and is among the top 1500 websites in the country.

Bottles and Flavors: The platinum e-liquid brand makes their quality known via their top notch packaging as well. V2 Cigs E-liquids come in stylish and resilient bottles with a silver childproof cap holding the glass dropper, regardless of size. The labeling is as impressive since it clearly states vital details regarding the product’s batch number and expiry date. Even their samplers, which are 10ml bottles sold in packs, have the same superior packaging as their 25ml and 50ml bottles.

V2 Cigs E-liquids are available in a standard VG-PG blend, although the company refuses to divulge the specific ratio used in their blends. So far, this huge secret mixture has sufficed their consumers’ demands as the brand continues to gain fame. However, it would be great if they had higher PG or higher VG options for vapers who want stronger flavors or better vapor production.

V2 offers five nicotine level options at 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%. Most users are satisfied with these choices, probably due to the flavor that the e-liquid already brings. Then again, it would benefit previously heavy smokers if V2 had a higher nicotine level that would suit their longing as they switch to vaping.

Flavor groups are as limited as the flavors being offered by V2, but they have a little of everything that vapers usually look for. Their carte du jour includes classic tobacco, menthol, fruit, and sweet blends that can be mixed to create exciting juices. We are thrilled to see more V2 flavors coming out in the future and will definitely try them out.

Since they only have one standard VG-PG blend, there is not much to say about vapor production. However, it has a good throat hit and vapor quantity that keeps vapers happy. It is remarkably thick and flavorful, something that a real premium e-liquid should bring.

The VapingDaily Score

V2 Cigs Platinum E-liquids come in 12 different flavors (Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Menthol Tea, Peppermint, Cherry, Grape, Coffee, Chocolate, Cola, and Vanilla). Aside from the 25ml and 50ml bottles that they sell, V2 also offers Sampler packs. These clever packs of 10 ml bottles come as a 6-flavor tobacco/menthol pack, a 6-flavor specialty sampler, or a 12-flavor all e-liquid collection option. The 12-flavor sampler costs $57.95 while the other two cost $29.95 per set. V2 certainly answered every new vaper’s dream—to taste a little bit of each flavor in search for that one true love.

Moreover, while V2 Cigs does not declare any of this as true, many claims that the brand’s e-liquids are made in China since they do not have their own laboratory in the US. This may be a little discouraging for some vapers, but the fact the V2 has been transparent in their product’s ingredients takes all the worries away.

Any new vaper who is in search for their personal match in the huge e-liquids market today should experience V2 Cigs e-liquids. Their selection may not be as big as supermarkets, but the quality that you get out of each affordable bottle is one of the reasons why V2 Cigs remains the top online brand for e-cigs and vaping gears today.

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  • Brent Taylor

    November 4, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    As of November 2 2018 V2 has closed up shop and left everyone hanging with no where to buy cartridges that are unique to their
    E cigs. Very dissapointed. No way to treat loyal customers. All the e cig kits are now useless. They sell the vapour2 e cigs which are the same in the UK but the wont ship to the United States. They are blaming Tarriff which they say targeted their company.
    This is pretty unbelievable to do this to customers and didnt give anyone a chance to stock up or sell off their left over inventory.

    I guess I learned a lesson on buying something that only one company sells the parts to go with the product.they also sell.

  • V2 Sucks

    August 15, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    V2 is literally the most overpriced, cheapest product out there

  • Faisal Al Moosa

    January 3, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    I am interesting in purchase V2 Menthol VG (50 ml) with 0.6% nicotine
    Please advise if you have the stock