Organic Vape Juice – Myth or Reality?

Organic e-juices are still a niche product. Much like with custom-designed mods and vaporizers, individual e-juice blenders sell organic products through social media. Owing to the regulations governing what can and cannot be classified as “organic”, popular e-juice subscription sites do not currently carry or sell any natural, all-organic e-juices.

Vaping is emerging as a popular alternative for cigarettes, and with that come attractive marketing strategies that appeal to increasingly health-conscious vapers. A term that is appearing in a lot of advertisements recently is natural or organic e-juices. Now the word organic immediately makes an individual view the product as healthy and beneficial. And of course, with that come to an outrageously high price tag as well. But does the product justify the use of the word organic?

What qualifies as organic? A closer look

For anything to be advertised as completely organic, it has to be free from chemical pesticides and needs to be approved and certified by the USDA organic standards. Furthermore, any store claiming to sell organic produce needs to be approved by the USDA National Organic Program. It isn’t surprising that vape shops do not fulfill the requirements to meet these standards.

Digging deep into organic e-juices – Are they a Myth or reality?

To better understand how the concept of 100% organic e-juice can’t exist, let’s break it down to its components.

There are: PG, VG and Nicothine. Let’s look at each component in more detail.

Propylene Glycol or PG partially makes up the base for the liquid. It binds the flavors together and gives it that sharp feeling. It is also synthetic, meaning it is artificial and created in laboratories. Therefore it cannot qualify as organic or receive approval by the USDA.

To be fair, Ethyl alcohol, better known as ethanol, has a lot of similar properties as Propylene Glycol. For the most part, it can be classified as an organic compound. But with it come dangerous effects to your health if consumed in high concentrations.

A popular statement associated with e-juices is that if Vegetable Glycerin or VG is used as the primary component of the base, it is organic. Yes, VG is taken from vegetables, which if grown organically, will give a true organic substance. In this case, the e-liquid can be labeled as organic, but that doesn’t mean that VG cannot be created artificially.  

Outside these different bases, the flavoring of the eliquid is almost never organic. We have already determined that flavoring needs PG as a base, and PG is not a natural compound. Hypothetically even if this weren’t the case, the flavors used will still be artificial. However, there are some companies and sellers that do sell organic and natural flavorings. Just bear this in mind that these organic flavors may contain biomolecules and/or lipids that are not recommended for vaping. These lipids can cause lipid pneumonia, a disease that damages the lungs.

Finally, there is nicotine, the oldest and most well-known component of cigarettes, extracted from tobacco leaves. Nicotine can most definitely be organic and natural, but by USDA standards, it still does not qualify as an organic product.

Putting it Together: Should you Invest Into Expensive Organic Vapes

So, to sum it up, while some sellers advertise eliquids as totally organic, it is essential that they be free of nicotine and only has vegetable glycerin as the base. PG cannot be used, on its own or to suspend the flavoring. The flavoring has to be pure as well. Finally, for something to be considered natural, nicotine shouldn’t make up any part of it at all. Countless manufacturers are actively using PG and artificial VG as their base and their eliquid contains traces of nicotine in it as well. Needless to say, you are paying for an inorganic product.

Published: October 17, 2017


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  • Bern

    June 9, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    This article is not accurate, at all. True organic vape juices don’t contain PG or nicotine. They definitely exist.