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Mr. Good Vape makes 12 flavors in its lineup and, as you might have guessed, they’re all dessert flavors. This e-liquid company was founded by Gary Riddle as a way of sharing his passion for vaping, and to fight against big tobacco. He and his team have curated some of the best e-juices available on the market today.

Mr. Good Vape has spared a lot of effort for details, such as stamping a clever flavor description on each bottle, and preparing a mouth-watering video description for each flavor on their website. You’ll be glad to know that Mr. Good Vape also ensures that their ingredients do not contain diacetyl, an ingredient that may contribute to “popcorn lung.”

The juices can be ordered with nicotine strengths ranging from 0 mg all the way up to 18mg. Bottle sizes are 16.5ml, 30ml, or 120ml, and come in generic glass bottles with a rubber dropper cap. Keep in mind that the ratio of PG and VG varies per flavor on these e-liquids.

Here’s our quick review of some their e-liquid offerings.

E-Liquid Flavors We Liked the Most

Sweet Lovin

A quick smell test gives you the scent of strawberry and watermelon, and the first draw instantly hits you with that pink bubble-gum flavor, with an aftertaste of sweet strawberry on the exhale. This flavor mixture is very refreshing. Neither too strong nor too mild, this e-liquid is a good choice for an all-day vape type of flavor.

Mr. Good Vape E-Liquids Review

Moon Sugar

It’s easy to see why the Moon Sugar flavor sells so well on their website; first of all, it actually smells like warm sugar cookies fresh from Grandma’s oven! There’s a light touch of cinnamon on the exhale that complements the graham-cracker-type flavor you get on the initial draw. I felt like I was sitting in the kitchen with a fresh tray of hot cookies in front of me. The flavor is spot on.

Melon Head

Melon Head is characterized by a strong main melon candy flavor mixed with an interesting combination of papaya and mango. This is a must-try for those vapers who love fruit flavors, and is a one-of-a-kind combination. The candy melon is a version we’ve never seen before, and all loved. It’s a summer flavor that will nicely complement any beach day.

Karma Cream

Opening the bottle lets loose a draft of a fresh peach smell. It’s a classic sweet peach flavor streaked with a creaminess on the inhale and aftertaste. Karma Cream is definitely a unique vanilla flavor mixed that has a premium feel. It’s not a candy-type peach flavor, but rather is reminiscent of freshly cut peaches. The Karma Cream is another pretty good choice for fruit vapers.

The Rating

Mr. Good Vape has masterfully captured the sweet, dessert flavors in their e-liquids. The winning formula of remixing classic flavors gives these e-juices both a delicious familiarity and exciting novelty.

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