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Selection: 88%

Quality of Flavors: 94%

Value for Money: 95%

Our Verdict: MigQuid E-liquids are freshly baked gourmet e-juices that have managed to catch the attention of many vapers, even in its early life. MigQuid gives vapers a variety of flavors that are mild and relaxing, yet significantly powerful, at a reasonable cost.

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MigQuid’s Best E-juices

Berry Smash

FruitPrice: $15.99/30ml

MigQuid Berry Smash E-juice imageThe Berry Smash is a power-flavor e-juice combination from four kinds of berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. MigQuid has perfected this fruity smash of premium natural flavors with a 50/50 PG-VG ratio. Vapor production is excellent with just the right throat hit. It is full of flavor, but without the artificial sweetness that is usually found in other berry flavored e-liquids.

After opening a bottle of MigQuid’s Berry Smash, you will think that this is one of those overpowering flavored e-juices; that it is too sweet with its almost candy-like nature (and not fruit-like). When you vape it; however, you will know that it is 100% all-natural and concocted to balance the flavors between the four types of berries. The Berry Smash is also a great tobacco mixer if you want to add some zest to your menthol or Rolling Stoned Nirvana Grunge.

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Nirvana Grunge

MigQuid Nirvana Grunge E-juice imageSweet CreamPrice: $15.99/30ml

Nirvana Grunge is the new favorite of tobacco lovers. It is light and subtle, without an awful taste that tingles at the back of your throat. If you are not up for fruity and sweet blends, then the Nirvana Grunge can be your everyday vape. It is a combination of mild tobacco with a sweet tint and a gentle mix of peanut and coconut that adds a pleasant twist.

Throat hit, depending on the nicotine level, can be strong or weak. Nevertheless, it is mild and smooth, due to the added mix and balanced PG/VG blend.

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Baked Vanilla Custard

Sweet and CreamyPrice: $15.99/30ml

MigQuid Baked Vanilla Custard E-juice imageAn excellent imitation of the good ol’ days when the house smelled of sweet vanilla custard baked by an equally sweet old woman, the Baked Vanilla Custard Ultra Premium E-liquid holds an aroma that can be mistaken for the real thing. It is a perfect all-day vape for lovers of pastries and baked goodies and anyone who craves a delectable vanilla flavored vape that is not overpoweringly sweet and is full of flavor and taste.

MigQuid has thrived in eliminating the chemical aftertaste that vapers usually get from other e-liquid brands, as the Baked Vanilla Custard with Cream is a combination of all-natural ingredients with a good sense of balance between taste and sweetness. Again, the flavor is light and relaxing, but satisfying and powerful at the same time.

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Mocha Mint Rehab

MigQuid Mocha Mint Rehab E-juice imageCool CoffePrice: $15.99/30ml

A mix of coffee, chocolate, and mint, the MigQuid Mocha Mint Rehab is one of the most sought after gourmet blends, due to its enticing aroma and premium flavor. Just by opening the bottle, you will be amazed by a smell that is reminiscent of smells from a superior coffee shop in town. It has a 50/50 PG-VG ratio.

Coffee and chocolate lovers will equally adore this flavor, because it not only produces smooth clouds of vapor, but it also holds a great mix of coffee and minty chocolate—perfect for your cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, or at night. When blended with a few drops of vanilla, this blend is further amplified in flavor, but alone, it is equally gratifying.

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Fruity Loops Red Line

MigQuid Fruity Loops Red Line E-juice imageCool and FreshPrice: $15.99/30ml

Tasting similar to Fruit Loops cereal, the MigQuid Fruity Loops is continuously gaining fame among RDA vapers. It is perfect for anyone who loves the cereal itself, due to the rich mix of lemon and other fruit flavors that are equally balanced, without an overpowering taste. There is no chemical or artificial aftertaste. Instead, the MigQuid Fruity Loops delivers a gentle sweet creamy flavor with a wheat-like taste on top.

This e-liquid is among MigQuid’s Red Line, which means more VG, and therefore, better flavor production to go with that perfect blend.

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MigQuid is owned by Mig Cigs, the popular e-cig maker that has a track record with continuously enhancing their units based on feedback from previous models. Mig Cigs has been making their own e-juice since 2008, with MigQuid being the product of experts in the industry.

Bottles and Flavors


MigQuid makes sure that their premium e-liquids are kept and protected in durable bottles. Each flavor comes in 30 ml childproof capped bottles made of durable glass material. Unlike low-end brands (which are sold in the same price range), MigQuid comes in reliable packaging that does not feel fragile.

One thing we noticed; however, is that the label on the bottles is not exactly like the ones on the website—some of them only have the MigQuid label and the flavor name, as well as other small details without the image. This is a very minor thing. Also, MigQuid does not offer their e-juice in smaller bottles/quantities, but based on the price per ml, this brand is within the average price range of e-liquids on the market.

MigQuid uses a 50/50 VG/PG ratio for their premium line with 18 flavors; categorized as Fruit, Sweet Cream, Food, Menthol, Coffee, and Tobacco in five nicotine levels. Their red line, which is for RDA and RBA users, includes 7 flavors with an 80/20 VG/PG ratio, in 3 nicotine levels (0%, 0.3%, 0.6%).

Vapor production is astonishing with both premium lines; because there is a balanced ratio between the liquid’s VG and PG (VG is responsible for better vape cloud production). Of course, it only gets better with the Red Line, which has a higher VG level at 80%.

The Key Advantage

For something that has just recently been launched, MigQuids E-liquid is definitely right on target, delivering premium blends with 100% organic ingredients. With such positive feedback about their flavors, which turned out to be more on the mild and sweet side, MigQuid should certainly come out with more flavors.

A slight drawback may be the non-availability of other bottle sizes for those who want to purchase and try different flavors in smaller bottles. Also, the MigQuid E-liquids may not be for the hard throat-hit, strong tobacco lover, because the brand only offers the mild type.

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Published: July 14, 2015 Updated: September 10, 2021



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