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Mech Sauce Reserve Line - Cream of Bourbon
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10/10 icon-question
  • Max VG e-liquid
  • Identical barrel-aged bourbon taste
  • Smooth and subtle

Cream of Bourbon is a very unique flavor. It combines the flavor of oak barrel aged bourbon with a creamy vanilla finish that words canno...

Mech Sauce’s Antidote
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  • Real-life strawberry shortcake flavor
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Minimum throat hit
King of Hearts Line Nicotine Salt - Dragon Drool
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  • Cool refreshment lemonade taste
  • Middle-strong liquid fitting everyone
  • Economical 60mL bottle

Overview of Mech Sauce

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This company was started in 2015 by the brothers Andre and Don Healy, Jr. when they began making their own e-juices. They made such good liquids that their friends started to request their mixes. A year later they founded their company. Four years later, as a result of their attention to detail and product safety, they can now boast of a large team, an IS07 Clean Room, a sterile compounding facility, and positive customer reviews.

Mech Sauce E-Juices

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Currently they have five types of e liquid: Sasquatch Reserve, Mech Sauce Reserve Line, salt nic flavors, Nightlife Elixir, and Stupid Fruity. They also sell different brands such as Longboard Vapor and Gummy O’s. Each of these liquids is highly thought of by each and every customer, which is why they have a five star rating on their website and over four stars on JuiceDB.

#1 Mech Sauce Reserve Line - Cream of Bourbon

So good it’s like you are at the bar!

10/10 icon-question Review score

Cream of Bourbon is a very unique flavor. It combines the flavor of oak barrel aged bourbon with a creamy vanilla finish that words cannot describe. It is almost like drinking straight from the bottle. This e-juice is great for evenings out and after dinner vaping sessions. Those that like bourbon will enjoy this flavor. It is sold in 60 ml bottles and available in 3mg/ml max VG.


  • Unique
  • Good taste
  • Great aroma


  • Might be a little strong for some

#2 Mech Sauce’s Antidote

Like having strawberry shortcake on your fork

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

This flavor combines strawberry with sugary whipping cream and cake crumble. It packs a lot of punch, but the vaper should not be able to taste much different between the juice and an actual cake. Antidote is available in 30ml and 120ml bottles, it can be ordered in 80/20 VG/PG, and it comes in nicotine concentrations in 0 to 9.


  • Sweet
  • Multiple nicotine concentrations available
  • Good dessert vape juice


  • Poor flavor if not steeped enough

#3 King of Hearts Line Nicotine Salt - Dragon Drool

Lemonade flavored nicotine salt

9/10 icon-question Review score

On a hot summer’s day, nothing is better than a cold glass of lemonade. For those who like lemonade, they have a dragon fruit and lemonade flavored liquid. It has a very subtle flavor that is pleasant to draw on. This flavor will help vapers looking for a break from a hot summer day without having to go through all the trouble of making a glass of lemonade. It is available in 60 ml bottles and its nicotine level is 35 mg/ml.


  • Sweet flavor
  • Solid nicotine hit
  • Big bottle


  • Smaller bottles not available

#4 Nightlife Elixir Line - Mojito Margarita

Lime and margarita flavored juice

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Those who have been to South Padre Island or Cabo San Lucas know how refreshing a lime margarita can be. Nightlife Elixer is their very own mojito – margarita blend, combining citrus and margarita flavors to produce the perfect concoction. It has a refreshing and sweet flavor that can be enjoyed any time or anywhere. It is available in 60 ml bottles that have 3 mg/ml of nicotine.


  • Refreshing
  • Hint of mojito
  • Really brings out the lime


  • Can kill coils

#5 Stupid Fruity Line - Dragon Drool

Dragonfruit lemonade

8/10 icon-question Review score

This is a refreshing, lemonade flavored e-liquid. It uses dragonfruit to bring out the flavor, creating a taste that is incredibly refreshing. The result is a great e-juice that is great for spring and summer. It is available in 3 mg/ml max VG in 60 ml bottles.


  • Not too strong
  • Easy on coils
  • Refreshing


  • Very perfumy

How to Use Mech Sauce Coupons

Mech Sauce is a great company for those looking for affordable e-juice, but more money can be saved by using their coupon and discount codes. There are a variety of them available that can allow for up to 60 percent savings. They are easy to use and they are readily available to anyone who wants to use them.

How Long Does Mech Sauce Take to Ship?

Mech Sauce will do everything it takes to make sure their products get to their customers in a timely manner. When an order is placed, it should take two business days for the product to arrive. If it does not arrive, contact the company and they will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Do They Have a Brand Warranty?

They have no warranties on its e-juices, nor does it offer any guarantees of customer satisfaction. However, if a product arrives damaged, it can be sent back if it is unopened. Used products cannot be returned.

What Do Their Customers Have to Say?

Mech Sauce has been given outstanding ratings from their customers. The Better Business Bureau rates them at five stars and they have not had any customer complaints. Local reviewer has rated them at 4.6 stars based on 93 ratings, and they have gotten 4.6 stars from 101 Google reviews. The bottom line is that the vast majority of their customers have had positive experiences with this company. Vapers should not be afraid that they will get a raw deal when they place an order.

Who Are Their Major Competitors?

E-Liquid Depot


The E-Liquid Depot is a vaping company that sells a lot of different products, not just e-juice. They sell tanks, pods, coils, and a lot of other things. Mech Sauce sells mostly e-juice, and while they have a section labeled “hardware”, there is nothing on the page. Perhaps they have nothing in stock in the way of tanks and pods and they plan on adding something to their repertoire. But, for now, those wanting more than just e-juice should take a look at E-Liquid Depot.

Om Vapors

Hemp Bombs Review img

Om Vapors is another company that is similar to the E-Liquid Depot. They sell a wide variety of products, such as RDTAS, coils, batteries, and chargers. This gives them a clear advantage. Mech Sauce has a lot of really good flavors, but as of now, that is all they have to offer. Om Vapors has a lot more at the moment.


  • Dozens of flavors available
  • Fast shipping time
  • Good customer service ratings


  • No hardware available at the moment

Some Final Thoughts about Mech Sauce

This is a great company to order from for those only looking for e-liquids. They have a lot to offer in terms of flavor, and their low prices are an added benefit. The only problem is that customers wanting more than just e-juice will be disappointed, which is why this company should start looking into diversifying its stock. While, they have little in the way of hardware for the moment, their juices perform well and most people will enjoy them.

What do you think about this company? Did you have a positive experience with them, or will you never shop with them again? Feel free to let us know!

Published: July 19, 2019 Updated: December 23, 2020



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