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Joost Vapor: House Line Menthol
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10/10 icon-question
  • Good straightforward menthol flavor
  • Intense yet smooth taste
  • High-VG option available

This vape juice is Joost Vapor’s take on the classic menthol flavor, and it’ll be the best juice for those that want an authentic and...

Joost Vapor Nic Salt: Amore
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  • Affordable and tasty
  • Sweet romantic odor
  • High-nicotine product
Joost Vapor: Blue Venom Vape Liquid
Joost Vapor - Blue Venom image
  • Surprising tartness blended with Blue Raspberry
  • Best-selling all-day vape juice
  • Sweet and sour notes in one flavor

Brand Review


Joost Vapor has been receiving more and more attention recently, and that’s likely due to their core philosophy: premium vape juice doesn’t need to come with a premium price.

Their vape liquid collection has a great selection with a lot of variety. This collection of juices includes flavors that are seasonal, candy-flavored, tobacco-flavored, fruit-flavored, dessert-flavored, menthol-flavored, etc.

They have about 35 flavors to choose from, and their vape liquids come in several different nicotine strengths. Most have a 50% PG: 50% VG ratio. The only exception is Joost Vapor’s 3mg vape liquid, which comes in a 30% PG: 70% VG ratio.

That might seem somewhat random, but there’s likely a reason for this difference in Joost Vapor’s low-milligram juices. Vape juices with a 30% PG: 70% VG ratio are generally considered to be better for direct-to-lung vaping and sub-ohm vaping than juices with a 50/50 ratio.

Additionally, 3mg vape liquids are the most popular when it comes to sub-ohm vaping. This variation says a lot about Joost Vapor. It shows that they pay attention to detail and quality. Seemingly, they know what vapers want, and they’re obliged to provide.

Joost Vapor eJuice

#1 Joost Vapor: House Line Menthol

House Line Menthol is a classic menthol juice.

10/10 icon-question Review score

This vape juice is Joost Vapor’s take on the classic menthol flavor, and it’ll be the best juice for those that want an authentic and satisfying menthol vape session.

There are no additional flavors in this juice, just straightforward menthol. It’s a strong yet smooth menthol vape liquid with just enough kick. It comes in several different nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

Most nicotine strengths come with a 50% PG: 50% VG ratio with the exception of the 3mg option which comes with a 30% PG: 70% VG ratio. Every bottle comes with 30ml of vape liquid.


  • Strong, yet smooth: a great balance for menthol flavors
  • Premium menthol flavor
  • Available in four nicotine strengths


  • Only comes in one size

#2 Joost Vapor Nic Salt: Amore

Amore is a strawberry and watermelon nic salt

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

This nicotine salt vape liquid from Joost Vapor will be a real delight for most fans of fruit-flavored vape juices. It starts off with a strong strawberry flavor with just the right amount of tartness and ends with a watermelon aftertaste.

It’s a delightful juice to vape, especially for those that enjoy fruity nic salts. The two flavors in this vape liquid work together very nicely. It’s a nice and unusual variation on the typical fruit-flavored vape liquid, but it isn’t too complex to enjoy.

This nic salt vape liquid only comes in 24mg and 36mg. That’s probably for the best when it comes to flavor, but those that enjoy stronger nic salts might be disappointed. Like their other juices, this Joost Vapor Nic Salt only comes in a 30ml bottle.


  • Has a great taste
  • Available in both nic salt and regular vape juice
  • An unusual flavor that’s done very well


  • Only comes in one size
  • Only comes in two nicotine strengths
  • Some nic salts come in higher nicotine strengths

#3 Joost Vapor: Blue Venom Vape Liquid

Blue Venom is a blue raspberry vape juice

9/10 icon-question Review score

Joost Vapor’s take on the beloved blue raspberry vape liquid is truly mouth-watering. Blue raspberry vape juices are usually very popular, and it isn’t hard to understand why. It’s a delicious flavor that’s easy to love. Even so, Joost knocked this one out of the park.

This vape liquid from Joost Vapor isn’t much of a surprise, as almost every major vape juice brand has a variation on the classic flavor, but they do the flavor justice. For fans of blue raspberry, Blue Venom is definitely worth a try.

Every bottle comes with 30ml of vape liquid. Most nicotine strengths come with a 50% PG: 50% VG ratio with the exception of the 3mg option. That one comes with a 30% PG: 70% VG ratio. Additionally, it comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.


  • A classic flavor done well
  • Five nicotine strengths to choose from
  • A good balance between sweet and tart berry flavors


  • Only comes in one size

Joost Vapor’s Vape Recommendation

#1 Joost Vapor’s Juno Vape Kit

The Juno Vape is a highly-portable vaporizer.

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Joost Vapor’s Juno Vape Kit is most comparable to the Juul in both form and function. It’s a small form factor vaporizer with a proprietary pod system. For those that don’t know, a proprietary pod system or a “closed pod system” is a pod system that isn’t meant to be refilled.

This means that when the pod runs out of vape liquid, the customer has to buy more pods, and they have to buy them from the same manufacturer.
On the other hand, some pod systems allow the customer to refill their pods. In this case, they can buy bottles of nic salt from whomever they choose.

That versatility is nice to have, but ultimately, the closed pod system is more convenient. This is because the customer never has to refill anything. Granted, refilling a pod takes less than a minute, but some people just don’t want to. Who can blame them?

Another downside to the closed pod system is its lack of variety when it comes to flavors. For instance, Joost Vapor’s Juno Vape currently has two pod flavors: methol and tobacco.

Alternatively, an open pod system grants the user access to hundreds of flavors from various nic salt brands. The Juno Vape works well, but it won’t satisfy everyone due simply to its lack of options. On that note, the Juno Vape pods only come in a 36mg nicotine strength.


  • Convenient
  • Flavorful
  • Portable


  • Only come in one nicotine strength
  • Only comes in two flavors
  • Doesn’t allow refills

Joost Vapor’s Customer Service Rating

Based on both Yelp and Reddit reviews and verified purchase reviews from their online distributors, Joost Vapor’s customer service rating is a bit of a mixed bag. A lot of people have nothing but great things to say, while others might find the juice to be a little too thin or inconsistent.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the negative and neutral reviews had to do with their physical locations. Some reviewers mentioned that the in-store customer service wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t as good as that of their local competitors.

As for the customer reviews for Joost Vapor’s online vape liquid orders, the collective result is mostly positive. Joost Vapor’s customers, in a general sense, seem to be very satisfied with the product that they receive. However, physical locations seem to leave just a little to be desired.

Joost Vapor Competitors

Vape Wild is a large, established vape juice brand, and their customers will often say that they offer the best juice for the price. They offer a variety that Joost Vapor doesn’t come close to, but their prices tend to vary a bit more than those at Joost.

vape-wild review

Some juices are cheaper than those at Joost Vapor while others will cost more. That being said, their customers get a great selection, and the budget options are there for those that want them.

Broke Dick is a vape juice company that’s currently wiping the floor with most vape brands when it comes to competitive pricing. That includes Joost Vapor.

broke dick e juices online vape store

Joost Vapor is great, and their prices are better than most. One 30ml bottle of Joost Vapor’s vape liquid typically costs around $10. However, at Broke Dick, it’s normal to get two 120ml bottles of vape liquid for only $20. At Joost Vapor, $20 will only buy about 60ml of vape liquid in total.


Joost Vapor has a great variety of vape products. Truly, they have something for almost everyone. Whether it’s vape liquid, nic salts, or even ultra-portable vaporizers, Joost Vapor has it covered.

They aren’t the cheapest vape juice company out there, but they’re a lot less expensive than most of the major vape juice brands on the market. If the flavor clicks, it’s worth a buy. Flavor is a subjective thing, and what’s best to one person might be mediocre to another.

That being said, they seem to satisfy the vast majority of their customers, and their growing success is a testament to that fact. Due to their low prices alone, Joost Vapor is definitely worth trying, and if it hits the spot, it’ll be worth buying from them again.

Published: July 15, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2020



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