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Selection: 95%

Quality of Flavors: 90%

Value for Money: 88%

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Our Verdict: Johnson Creek Vapor provides vapers a great selection of e-liquids in different flavors, PG-VG ratio, and nicotine levels. This e-liquid brand puts enormous effort into creating a variety of bases to suit every vaper’s needs. With their choice of blends, beginners, intermediate, and advanced users are able to get their targeted vaping experience—whether it is clouds of vape, sweeter flavor, or a balance of taste and throat hit. Unlike many other brands, Johnson Creek was also able to concoct a neutral tobacco flavor without too much sweetness in the taste, perfect for beginners (who may also want to try the best vape starter kits). 

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Johnson Creek Vapor Co.’s Best E-Juices:


Fruity, Sweet, and TangyPrice: $16.95/30 ml bottle

APPLELANCHEThe Applelanche is by far Johnson Creek Vapor’s best fruity flavored e-juice. It has a flavorful combination of a freshly picked green apple’s sweetness and sour, with a natural scent of the crisp fruit that reminds us of Christmas and all the good things in our childhood.

The Applelanche has a 65/35 VG/PG ratio, which delivers a sweet and smooth vape while maintaining just the right amount of throat hit—not too strong, but it’s definitely there. With a higher VG, this e-liquid produces lots of vapor with flavor, and can be used on RDAs, RTAs, the Canteen Elite, and SubTank-class atomizers.

Birchwood Tobacco

Strong, Flavorful TobaccoPrice: $16.95/30ml bottle

tobacco_10ml_productIf you have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for a time and want to switch to vaping, then the Birchwood Tobacco is a flavor made for you. It is one of the closest flavors that resemble a real tobacco stick. The throat hit is a 10/10, vapor production is equally incredible, the tobacco flavor is very eminent, and the sweetness is just a little tinge, not overpowering.

This e-liquid is PG-free, which means it is 100% VG based, for lower resistance vaping and optimum vapor production. It is available in two nicotine levels (0.8% and 1.6%) in 10ml plastic bottles. The Birchwood Tobacco is a remarkable and affordable all-day vape for tobacco lovers.

Wisconsin Frost

Minty, Cool, and RefreshingPrice: $16.95/30ml bottle

wiscfrost_30ml_e-liquidsThe Wisconsin Frost is an excellent e-liquid flavor for peppermint lovers out there. It is a combination of tobacco and smooth mint with a mild cooling menthol aftertaste. The most distinguished aspect of this e-juice is the tobacco, which brings a relatively strong throat hit compared to the fruit flavors, great vapor production, yet very subtle menthol. This VG-based e-liquid from Johnson Creek Vapor is available in 30ml bottles, with five nicotine levels to choose from.


Strong, Cooling MentholPrice: $16.95/30ml bottle

tundra_30mlIf you are looking for intense menthol flavor out of your tobacco blend, then the Tundra is a definite yes. It is an emulation of tobacco menthol cigarettes that delivers clouds of vapor, strong throat hit, and powerful cooling menthol that makes it a perfect e-juice for everyday vaping. The Tundra costs $16.95 for every 30ml bottle, and comes in five nicotine levels to suit different preferences. This e-liquid is also 100% PG-free, which makes it a great choice for low resistance vaping on RBAs, RDAs, and sub ohm tanks.

Tennessee Cured

Vanilla-tinged, Caramelly TobaccoPrice: $16.95/30ml bottle

tenncured_30mlIf you are after the throat hit but want a small dash of vanilla and caramel sweetness on your tobacco flavor, the Tennessee Cured can be you type of vape. It is a PG-based e-liquid, which allows it to deliver more throat hit than vapor, thus it is not for cloud chasers, but a great e-juice for those who want strong flavor and throat hit.

Meet the Johnson Creek Vapor Co.

Brand: Johnson Creek Vapor started out as a small company dedicated to producing quality e-liquid, which they focused on before making their line of e-cigs. Since their establishment in 2008, the brand has successfully concocted their premium e-liquid, which they named Smoke Juice. Johnson Creek Vapor’s Smoke Juice flavors have gained a 5-star rating from the Spinfuel Review Team.

To continue thanking their loyal customers, Johnson Creek Vapor gives out free 5 ml bottles for a selected number of their Smoke Juice flavors, and big discounts for bulk purchases. Their customer service is commendable, quick to respond, and is dedicated to addressing their customers’ needs.

Bottles and Flavors: Johnson Creek Vapor proves yet again that they are specialists when it comes to e-liquids by simply providing a high-standard packaging for all their e-liquids. They also sport the plastic, small nozzle bottles for smaller quantities (like the free 5ml bottles). Nonetheless, Johnson Creek Vapor Smoke Juices are mostly in child-proof capped amber glass bottles and comes with a separately sealed dropper (child-proof as well).

They have a variety of VG-PG blends (100% VG based, 70/30 VG-PG ratio, 65/35 VG-PG ratio, 90/10 VG-PG ratio, 75/25 VG-PG ratio, VG/PG, and PG-based) that vary according to the flavor.

Nicotine levels for each flavor depend on the VG-PG blend (PG-based smoke juices are available in five levels, while high-VG flavors come in four nicotine levels, and VG-based options with five nicotine level options).

All in all, their smoke juice flavors fall into four groups (fruit, tobacco, menthol, and dessert), with 38 different tastes. Of course, vapor production varies on the blend, as PG-based smoke juices create very minimal vapor in exchange of the stronger throat hit. Their other blends, nonetheless, produce billowing clouds that can further be enhanced using more advanced devices.

Why You  Should Try It

To wrap it up, Johnson Creek Vapor is a superior choice for the dedicated vaper, with a great selection to match varying preferences. So far, they have been successful in producing quality Smoke Juices, and with such commitment, we are sure there will be more out of this brand. They present their product in a very professional manner, from the packaging, label, selection, to quality and performance.

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Published: August 19, 2015


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