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Selection: 90%

Quality of Flavors: 85%

Value for Money: 80%

Our Verdict: HighBrow Vapor is a family owned and managed e-liquid company that offers hand-made e-juice using only the finest ingredients. Flavorings are made in-house, ensuring unique tastes to even the most common flavors. The question is, are they worth it?

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HighBrow Vapor’s Best E-Juices


Sweet and FruityPrice: $7.50/10ml bottle

blueberries-e-juiceDescribed by HighBrow as a mild flavor, upon tasting, Blueberry is anything but. The taste is fresh and pops out well. If one has tried other blueberry flavors from different brands, the HighBrow version tastes much more natural, without any artificial character. If you are looking for 100% authentic blueberry taste in your e-liquid, this is it.

Cheesecake Torte

Sweet and ComplexPrice: $7.50/10ml bottle

Cheesecake_grandeLovers of cheesecake flavors will love HighBrow’s take. Cheesecake Torte has a strong flavor and is arguably the best tasting one compared to other brands. It is very rich and creamy, so much so that it is best used for occasional bursts of flavor since it can be too strong to use as an all-day vape.

HighBrow RY4

Sweet TobaccoPrice: $7.50/10ml bottle


RY4 is one of the most popular flavors of e-liquid, and most manufacturers have their own version. HighBrow RY4 can be considered as the best with its rich blend of caramel, vanilla, and cocoa without overpowering the tobacco. If you long for the intense flavor of the old RY4 since makers today focus on the tobacco, HighBrow delivers with aplomb.

Meet the HighBrow Vapor


A family-owned and managed business, HighBrow prides itself on seeking and using only the finest ingredients for its e-liquid. Most of the flavorings are self-produced, and those that aren’t are specially ordered from trusted and reputable producers. All their e-liquids use 100% natural flavors and are manufactured in the USA. When ordering, customers are also given free reign in customization, leaving a small text box for whatever changes one may want. Users can request for more flavor, any PG/VG blend ratio, add sweeteners or lessen it, add additional flavors into the mix, and whatever else one may desire. It is a very powerful option, one that no other manufacturer offers.

Bottles and Flavors

HighBrow Vapor e-liquid comes packed in butcher’s paper and twine, giving a sense of class to the overall image. Bottles are made from high-quality plastic that can survive daily handling. There are only two sizes available, 10ml and 30ml, and while this may seem limiting, it is by no means a deal breaker. The nozzles are a bit blunt, though, making tank filling a little difficult.

HighBrow recommends a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 though users have the option to choose whatever mix they wish. From the usual 50/50 or max VG blends to more esoteric ratios like 34/66 or whatever ratio you might desire.

Nicotine levels are available at 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 36mg. The choices are pretty standard, and the range is enough to suit most vapers.

Flavor groups are well-represented. The HighBrow homepage categorizes these groups as Dessert, Drink, Fruit, and Highbrowbacco. They also have sections for new and project flavors, as well as their favorites. With over 45 flavors, the range of selection is excellent and vapers of all tastes will surely find something for them here.

Vapor production is decent, but only if the company’s standard 70/30 PG/VG ratio is used. This is because HighBrow prioritizes flavor and throat hit over vapor production. However, if one opts to customize their blends to VG-dominant mixes, vapor production ramps up to compete with the very best of them.

How To Buy It

HighBrow Vapor offers unique e-liquid flavors. Even if some are identical to other brands, what sets the company apart is the all-natural ingredients used which gives a unique taste to its flavors.

Their e-juice may be priced a little on the high side, especially for the 10ml bottles, though the 30ml ones provide better value at just $15. Flavors are also well-served with a little steeping. Many users found that most HighBrow e-liquids are tasteless when vaped as soon as it is delivered. However, after 24 hours of steeping, the flavors come alive and can be classified as some of the best-tasting e-liquid anywhere.

If you are looking for unique, great tasting e-liquid to make your everyday vaping experience even more enjoyable, HighBrow is the place to get it. Getting the 30ml bottles offer tremendous value, but users should try the 10ml variations first before committing to a flavor.

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Published: September 14, 2015 Updated: September 10, 2021



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