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Halo E-Juice Review – The Best Result, No Compromises

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Selection: 82%
Quality of Flavors: 94%
Value for Money: 88%

Price: $19.99/30 ml bottle

Our Verdict: Halo Cigs is known for their superior line of e-liquids. True enough, we have found most of their flavors belonging to the most refined e-juices in the market today. Their selection, which is not the largest in the industry, is flooded with flavor and bursting with quality vapor. Halo Cigs raises the standards in making quality juices. They deviate from the usual practice of other e-liquid brands that concentrate on quantity rather than excellence in their products. 

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Halo Cigs’ Best E-Juices:

Turkish Tobacco

Rich, Strong Tobacco

Turkish-Tobacco-Halo-LiquidA classic tobacco e-liquid blend that gets better in time, the Turkish Tobacco has a subtle sweet taste on top its rich and smoky flavor. Tobacco cigarette lovers often want their tobacco e-liquid to be strong and dry, and Halo has finally produced the Turkish Tobacco for this purpose. It’s a popular and excellent all-day vape for ex-smokers and anyone who just wants it bold and powerful, with a rough feel on the throat hit, just like a real tobacco cigarette.

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Halo Tribeca

Sweet, Vanilla Tobacco

halo-tribeka-e-juiceAdding a dash of caramel and vanilla sweetness to smooth tobacco flavor, Halo Cigs gave birth to their most popular e-liquid to date. The Tribeca reminds us of the RY4, with outstanding throat hit and vapor production. The flavor is just the right mix without overwhelming features, nice and suitable for tobacco lovers with a sweet tooth.

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Pure, Smooth Mint

subzero-eliquidAnother top e-liquid from their list, the SubZero is set to capture the hearts of menthol aficionados. It is so far Halo Cigs’ most potent menthol flavor that is clean and pure—without the usual sweetness found in other e-liquids in the same category. It has an exceptional cooling menthol flavor on both the inhale and exhale, with a very mild peppermint twist that gives it a pleasant aftertaste.

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Belgian Cocoa

Rich, Bittersweet Chocolate

belgian_cocoaProbably the chocolatiest amongst all chocolate flavors in the e-liquid industry, the Belgian Cocoa holds a mouthwatering bittersweet flavor that is excellent for all-day vaping. Unlike other brands that try to cover up the ill-tasting artificial ingredients with too much sweetness, Halo Cigs made the Belgian Cocoa with the perfect amount of cocoa bitterness, chocolate sweetness, and great throat hit. This delectable blend is there as you inhale and exhale clouds of vapor from Halo’s Belgian Cocoa.

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Freedom Juice

Light, Tasty Tobacco

free-freedom-juiceLike Tribeca less the vanilla and caramel toppings, the Freedom Juice is a tobacco blend with a slight sweetness that gives pleasure to light tobacco smokers. The overall sketch of the Freedom Juice is a mix of tobacco plus ginger and spice undertones. The latter is very minimal in terms of potency, and simply accents the tobacco taste, making it the perfect e-liquid for ex-light cigarette smokers.

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Midnight Apple

Crisp, Fruity, Spiced Tobacco

midnight-appleA smart combination of fruity sour green apples with a rich tobacco base makes this the all new favorite for tobacco and fruit lovers, without overwhelming sweetness. The Granny Smith apple is subtle and not too distinguishable, making it an all-day vape for tobacco enthusiasts. Those who want a fruitier apple flavored e-liquid may find the tobacco base a bit too strong.

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Meet the Halo Cigs Premium E-Liquid

Brand: Halo Cigs are among the first companies to produce e-liquids in large quantities. They released their first blends about the same time when e-cigarettes began to rise to fame in the US. As they limit their expertly crafted flavors to a few superior options, Halo Cigs takes pride in all-American made e-liquids manufactured in state-of-the-art laboratories with the strictest adherence to excellence and high standards.

Despite the countless e-liquid manufacturers that offer great variations in their flavors, Halo Cigs premium e-liquids remain as one of the top-selling brands in and out of the US. They charge this to their dedication to creating consistently superior products with approved ingredients, as they regularly improve them based on research and thorough testing.

Halo Cigs ensures their e-liquids maintain excellence by focusing on four different, yet equally important aspects. These are the flavor, throat hit, vapor production, and strict quality control to make sure everything stays fresh and in outstanding condition.

Bottles and Flavors: Halo Cigs premium e-liquids are delivered to your doorstep in neatly designed 30ml cobalt blue glass bottles with a childproof cap and a built-in dropper. They also offer small 7ml childproof bottles, with nozzle tips for easy refills. The sample pack, which can be purchased by flavor group (tobacco, menthol, gourmet, variety) in 6’s come in a cool little tin with their logo on the cover. Pretty unique and convenient, Halo Cigs surely knows how to keep their products ahead of other brands. Each bottle of Halo e-liquid comes with clear lot numbers and expiration dates, so vapers vape without any doubt on the product.

Each e-liquid flavor is available in a standard VG-PG blend, but for privacy reasons, Halo Cigs decides to keep this detail a secret. This practice is quite unsurprising since other top brands also do the same thing, probably since they value the quality of their products and want to maintain their stature in the industry for as long as they could. They do, nonetheless, make sure that vapers get superior vapor production out of their e-juices.

The nicotine levels they offer are at 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. In most cases, these options are enough to meet the demands of different vapers, even those who have just quit smoking. After all, vaping is a way to avoid the harmful chemicals that we get from the real tobacco cigarette, so switching to e-cigs is best done while decreasing your nicotine intake.

Halo Cigs does not present a long list of flavors to choose from. However, they have a bit of all the most wanted flavor groups out there, starting with 13 tobacco flavors, 6 menthol blends, and 6 gourmet options. Each of the flavor group addresses a particular preference and consists of full, varying flavors.

As mentioned, vapor production is excellent with Halo Cigs premium e-liquids. Per our judgment, they are good enough to give enough flavor and vape production to low voltage manual cig-a-likes. With higher models, of course, there are clouds of vape that make the experience all the more satisfying.


Halo Cigs e-liquids are indeed premium choices that ensure quality and value at all times. They operate under strict adherence to standards, using FEMA/GRAS-approved and USP grade ingredients. They do not add Diacetyl in their products.

They give a free 30ml bottle of your choice of e-liquid for every $50 spent on hardware and have an admirable customer support system where service is the priority over sales. Halo also has a rewards program where customers earn points by referring new customers and purchasing items from their website.

Their website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with their premium e-liquids taking the second page next to their home section. Flavors are presented all together in the e-liquid page, with an option to view them in a categorized manner via the sub pages under e-liquids.

Halo has obviously taken a lot of effort in organizing their website into a professional-looking online store that is well-structured, expertly-designed, and all in all, customer-friendly. No wonder Halo e-liquids are at the forefront of the competition.

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Halo E-Liquid
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