Planet E-Liquid Review – The Planet in a Vaping Universe


After seeing a few E-cigarette and E-liquid companies that all look the same, E-Liquid Planet was like a breath of fresh air. Their website was not some awe-inspiring combination of pages, but it was very organized and easy to navigate.

The E-Liquid Difference

Of course with a name such as theirs you would expect to find a large selection of e-liquids, and you will. However, there is much more than that available here. E-Liquid Planet or ELP as it is often referred to, sells a large selection of Innokin and Aro accessories and devices too.

It is their e-liquid however that makes the difference. At ELP they have a large selection of liquids in all the strengths that vapers are accustomed to and a large variety of flavors as well. They have everything split up into various categories and between PG and VG blends.

A “One-Stop-Shop”

There has been a lot of talk lately of “one-stop-shops”. Places where you can buy all of your e-cig and e-liquid needs. There are a few suppliers that fit that description and it seems to me that ELP is just as good as any of the others. So can they be a one-stop-shop? Sure they can, and they are.

E Liquid Planet has a great accessory selection and it is one that includes a variety of different brands. On the other hand, the starter kits that they sell are not so wide spread. Smok Tech, Innokin, and Aro make up their main products they sell both in kits as well as accessories. They have a small selection of kits although they sell most of the same in their accessories area of their store.

It’s in the E-Liquid

With E Liquid Planet their bread and butter is in their e-liquids, naturally. They have a very big selection of liquids and all of them are their own brands. Essence, Fireside, and Fusion are their main e-liquid products. Shopping on their website is very simple as well. They have organized their liquids by different categories that makes finding what you are looking for easy.

Making things simple for the customer might have been their goal in the beginning because much of their site seems designed to that purpose. The way the juices and devices are categorized, and the entire layout of the site seems to be an effort to make things easy.

Help for the Novice

Like a growing number of e-cig suppliers ELP also has a forum section where customers or future customers can discuss e-cig related topics as well as the products being sold by ELP. This is a great way for people to gain some knowledge about vaping in general and also about the company.

The forum has a good number of sections and they are split up in an intelligent manner. What they need however is just more people getting involved. The forums are a bit lacking in that regard but in time they will pick up. It is easy to see that the people discussing things in the forums are all coming back often enough. This is a good thing because a dead forum can often spell doom for anything connected to it.

Overall Impressions

Generally e-cig and e-liquid suppliers like E Liquid Planet tend to do very well with the consumer and the community both. Their prices are just like most other big suppliers and they have a lot to offer as well. I found a good deal to like about ELP and I am pretty sure you will too. If you decide to buy all of your equipment from them you will not regret it.

ELP makes sure that they have close to 90% (if not more) of their products in stock all the time. This is wise of course, and makes things easier for you, the customer. Look at it this way. For a company to include a discussion forum on their website knows that they have an open line of communication with the consumer and vice versa. It is for this reason that I know they will always try to make their customers happy. If they don’t, their customers will let them know about it.

Published: October 17, 2017 Updated: February 5, 2019



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