Best E-Juice Subscription Services: Give Yourself the Gift of Vaping

E-juice subscriptions services are businesses that send e-liquid refills at regular intervals and are great for sampling and restocking vape juice. Some services simply provide bulk orders, while others curate a box of vape juices based on your preferences. The services send boxes monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly, that typically contain between 2 and 8 bottles of liquid.

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Vape Juice Subscription Services

What are the best e-liquid subscription services?

The best e-juice subscription services provide exciting and new organic vape juices at a good price. The best services send their boxes at reliable and regular intervals and take your personal preferences into account. Services such as ZampleBox, Vapebox, Zodist, the Drip Club, and Craft Vapery provide tasty, exciting e-liquid curated to your desires.

Top Five E-Liquid Subscription Services

All the services ship within two or three business days from when the order was placed. Expect the order to be at your house within a week.

  1. ZampleBox

ZampleBox E-Liquid SubscriptionZampleBox’s price is really good, and they offer some of the major juice brands. They let you choose high-VG juices if you want and the subscription process is very easy; it only took seven questions to narrow down what to send us. ZampleBox only takes debit and credit cards, no PayPal option at this time.

They have five different nicotine strengths and offer a personalized menu, which is a nice touch. ZampleBox ships internationally and there’s no hassle with canceling. If you still have some leftovers from the previous month, they will also allow you to skip a month.

You can choose from three subscription levels.

  • Silver comes with three bottles each delivery for $19.99
  • Gold comes with six bottles each delivery for $24.99
  • Platinum comes with eleven bottles each delivery for $44.99

ZampleBox has some fabulous flavors with the great prices, and send several brands that are new faces in the e-juice market, which is good for sampling.

 They deliver quickly, and the packaging is really good; they have soft styrofoam tucked around each bottle to make sure they don’t break. ZampleBox seems to know what they’re doing, and are a really reliable e-liquid subscription service.

  1. Vapebox

Vape boxVapebox is different from most other services as it offers hardware in addition to e-juices. In addition to the same old questions, they also ask some new ones. They want to know your favorite type of atomizers and mods you want. They ask if you want to try new things. If the answer is yes, they will send something out of the norm for your palate choice.

Vapebox has three subscription choices, two of them are for the liquids only, one is for adding hardware each month. The subscription levels are:

  1. Sampler – $20
  2. Juice Lover – $32
  3. Enthusiast (Juice + Accessories) – $60

The subscription process is easy, and they include the best names in hardware and have big-name juice brands. Another thing that we feel is special about Vapebox is that they are very personal with their transactions and never let their customers feel like they’re just a number.

Vapebox gives you four levels of nicotine strength and the option of high-VG juice. They let you cancel at any time and have no contract. Just like ZampleBox, you can skip a month if you wish with no issues. They offer international shipping, as long as the country allows it.

What makes Vapebox an ideal choice is that they have good prices for e-juices as well as accessories, and you always get something fantastic in the box that can be just your thing.

  1. Zodist

Zodist e-liquids subdcription ServiceZodist is the king of flavors because they really take into account your preferences. This is amazing, especially because they only ask four simple questions, but somehow they pull it off remarkably well.

Zodist asks if there is anything you want to sample and anything you really don’t want near you. One little issue is that they only have three nicotine levels to choose from.

They have five subscription levels:

  • Adventurer comes with 30 mL (2 bottles) of juice – $19.99
  • Enthusiast comes with 45 mL (3 bottles) of juice – $28.99
  • Hobbyist comes with 60 mL (3-4 bottles) of juice – $37.99
  • Connoisseur comes with 75 mL (4-5 bottles) of juice – $46.99
  • Discoverer comes with 90 mL (5-6 bottles) of juice – $54.99

Everything has free shipping, and international shipping is offered, as long as the country allows it. You can cancel your subscription any time you want with no concerns.

Zodist excels at the customer service curation. You will love every flavor they send you, they are just that good. You will even have trouble picking which one to enjoy for the vape. They get you so thoroughly it will be as if you picked the flavors yourself. Zodist’s prices are also a little higher than others.

  1. The Drip Club

The Drip Club E-Liquid Subscription ServiceThe Drip Club dispatches their selections weekly. They place selections of the week on the site, and you decide if that’s one you want to try. It doesn’t work like other subscription services, but more like a sampling service.

If you like the selection, you can buy the Hero Box, one quantity of 60 mL for $39.95. Shipping costs are also very reasonable.

They also have the curated sample packages, a four-pack selection of liquids from different manufacturers ranging from $24.95-$34.95. You get to know the selections for the box before you order, so you can pass if the flavors don’t fit your bill.

The third option they offer is the mystery booster pack. This comes with 170 mL of juice, plus occasional surprise extras, for $49.95. Obviously, you don’t get to know what’s coming in the mystery box. Sometimes mysteries are fun, but you may be disappointed with flavors you don’t like.

The Drip Club, as a sampler service, has no automatic subscription. With this service, you go online and select your choice each time a new one is offered. You can select the option for automatic emails, so you know when the new box is posted. The good side is that you are not locked into buying what you don’t want or like. If you are a little timid about trying new things or unsure about receiving surprise flavors, you will be happy with the Drip Club’s samplers.

  1. Craft Vapery

Craft VaperyCraft Vapery gives a very wide choice of options for flavors. This is another site that listens to your responses. They work hard to hit your selections. If you like blueberry but not raspberry, they will not put raspberry anywhere near your preference list.

Craft Vapery has five choices of nicotine strengths, and they offer the higher-VG liquids.

They have six subscription packages

  • Level 1 – two 15ml bottles for $18.99
  • Level 2 – three bottles for $27.99
  • Level 3 – four bottles for $36.99
  • Level 4 – five bottles for $45.99
  • Level 5 – six bottles for $53.99
  • Level 6 – seven bottles for $62.99
  • Level 7 – eight bottles for $70.99

You have the option of adding some accessories or a starter kit, which is nice. Shipping costs are low, and international shipping is available where legal.

Your billing date is the same every month unless you want to change it, another nice perk. You can cancel your subscription any time you want.

This is another impressive, personalized service. They want your business and show it by excellent customer service. If you tell them you like a particular juice, they will ship it in the first box you receive. They do pay attention.

The boxes are pretty special also. They look good and have surprise goodies inside like Skittles? Touches such as this are very nice.  Craft Vapery is one to love; it has great service and great prices, with all the bells and whistles you want with a personalized box.

E-Liquid Subscription Services Extended Information

Subscription services are a convenient and inexpensive way to trying new flavors and expand your list of favorite e-juices. The premise behind the service is easy to understand. You sign up, and the company ships you a bundle of different e-juices every month.

The advantage of the subscription service is they get a guaranteed source of customers that regularly buy their juices. The benefit for you is that you get a taste of a little bit of everything from the top-notch e-liquid manufacturers. The subscription service buys the juices in volume from the manufacturer, so they get a quantity discount. You get the convenience of not having to drive to a store for your juice. You also get to try small amounts of the new stuff, which is fun.

How They Work

You pay a fee each month, or bi-weekly, or weekly, to get a particular amount of juice. You pick the amount, the flavor range, and the frequency of delivery. Your fee is clearly stated on the selection menu, along with the bottle size and quantity. Some of the services list the delivery costs on the first page, and others do it when you check out. Of the five subscription services reviewed, only one subscription offers free shipping.

A premium subscription service is a great way to try the different manufacturers because each service has different suppliers. It is exciting to wait for the surprise e-liquid box in the mail and to have the opportunity to try all of the newest blends. Trying the best e-liquid subscription services can be the most enjoyment you’ve had in a while, especially if you like surprises. It feels like getting a gift every month, albeit a gift that you buy yourself.

Things to Consider

There are a few things to keep in mind before you choose between the different e-liquid subscription services.

  • Cost – How much do you want to spend each month on vaping? It’s easy to get caught up in the “trying new things” attitude and end up paying more than you should. That’s a bad blow.
  • Strength – What nicotine strength do you want? They usually come in zero, 3, 6, 12 or 18 mg/ml. Interval – How often do you want to get the deliveries? Do you want to get them weekly, every other week, or monthly? Thinking of how often do you replace your liquids now will give you an idea of what schedule you’ll want.
  • Flavors – Are there any flavors you dislike? Are you a fruity or a dessert person? How about the nutty ones? Do you hate the exotics? Or love the blueberry? The service will ask where you are on the spectrum since they don’t want to send you flavors that you’re certain you won’t enjoy.
  • Renewal – Last but not least, all of the services renew the day you set them up, is there a best day of the month you want to pay? Do you get paid monthly or weekly? Getting high volume and frequent deliveries could be a budget-breaker.

Buying Information

Each subscription service has its own way of doing things, just like you’d expect. Some of the services let you pick exactly what you want. Some of the services want to choose for you every single time you get a delivery. The best e-liquid subscription services adjust their shipments to fit your preferences and give excellent customer service. 

To make things easy for you, we have chosen the five best services that will fulfill if not exceed your expectations.

Things each service has in common:

  • You need to decide if you want pre-set or random e-liquids.
  • You list your vaping level of experience.
  • They will ask if you want to try new and different things
  • They will ask the frequency of delivery
  • They will allow you to cancel with no hassle
  • They have minimal shipping charges
  • They don’t push one package over another, you are the one choosing the quantities you want
  • Every once in a while, you get something you don’t like, it just happens.

Things That are a Little Different

  • Price range – Some services are more expensive than others, but they all fall in about the same place, just different names for their tiers of service.
  • Accessories and hardware – Some offer accessories and hardware options, others offer only e-liquids
  • Flavors – Some offer very strange flavors, such as “onion.”
  • Shipping – Not all services ship internationally.
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