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Dominant Vapor E-liquid Review

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If the actual flavor of the juices you’ve been buying hasn’t been close to the flavor you desired/hoped for, you definitely need to consider Dominant Vapor. The e-juice company might not be as popular as some of the “big boys” in the industry, but all of that can soon change, because:

  • First of all, their e-liquids contain the best US-made ingredients, be it nicotine, PG, VG, or flavors (except for some flavoring ingredients imported from Italy) – and yet their prices remain low.
  • Secondly, they allow customization like we have never seen before. In other words, you can get e-juices that not only suit your taste buds and your vaping style but also suit your vape and the wattage you use.

This review explores the company and its offerings in detail, but if you want to take a look at their online store or e-juices, click here. But, you should come back later and read the rest of the review.

Dominant Vapor in a Nutshell


  • Unique method of customization to ensure you get the flavor you desire
  • High-quality, USP, Kosher Food grade ingredients made in Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, California and Italy
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • E-liquids are free of any Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl
  • Fast shipping – who wants to wait for seven days to get their e-juice?
  • Competitive pricing, military discount, bonus offers


  • Bonus offers are available only when you place a hefty order
  • Somewhat complicated return/exchange policy, 20% restocking fee in addition to shipping

How it All Started? The Inside Story

While most e-liquid companies are either owned by big tobacco companies or were started to reap big profits, Dominant Vapor has a different story. It was started by a 20+ year cigarette smoker who lost his brother to cancer, caused by excessive smoking. Unsatisfied with what was out there on the market, he started making his own e-liquids – which became pretty popular among his friends and family. But it was only when he introduced a unique approach called the PECS System that demand for his e-liquids went through the roof.

What the Heck is the PECS System?

PECS stands for Perfect E-Liquid Customization System. Whether it is perfect or not, depends on several factors. One thing is certain; it does allow you to customize your e-liquids better than any other system. While most other stores allow you to choose either the nicotine strength or the PG/VG blend, the PECS involves several other key factors:

  • Taste: light, flavorful, strong, intense, insane
  • VG%: 20-40, 50-60, 70 80, Max VG
  • Nicotine: anywhere between 0-18 mg/ml
  • Your Device: cartomizer, above ohm tank, rebuildable tank (RTA/RBA), sub-ohm tank, dripper (RDA)
  • Wattage: anything under 20 to 100+ watts

E-liquid – Quality and Flavor

We were only able to try just a few different e-liquids from Dominant Vapor, though, we must say that the ones we did try, we absolutely loved. Our entire team agrees that their customization is the real deal and not just a marketing ploy. The quality of their e-liquids was nothing short of impressive. All in all, the vapor production did vary depending on the VG/PG ratio and the type of e-liquid, but we’d have to say it was overall above average.

As for the flavor, we believe that there is still some work to be done here, as it was hit and miss. Though, we did love Strawberry Shorty and Unicorn Milk. Craving Candy – Melon Slice, Orange Dream, and Boom Pop were also pretty good. But some others, for instance, the Cereal Killer Berried, Thug Life, Apple Pie’d, and Aura were not up to the mark. However, this also depends on personal liking/disliking.

Worth It Or Not

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the flavors you’ve been vaping, the Dominant Vapor is definitely worth a look. Despite offering top notch quality and a unique model for customizing your e-liquid, their prices aren’t too high. Most of their 30ml e-juice bottles cost $7.99, while most big brands will charge you anything upwards of $15. Our only tip is to start small and get a couple of the flavors to test waters because their shipping prices are high and their return policy is not the best. But if you are not 100% satisfied with the product you receive they will replace it and ship along with your next order.

All in all, we think Dominant Vapor is worth a try.

Published: May 23, 2017


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