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Crave E-Juice is a Canadian vendor that specializes in organic vaping juices. They have non-organic ones as well, so it was nice to see some variety there if you want healthier options or you just want full-flavored products.


But how do they measure up to the leading vaping liquid brands? As a new company, they have to have something to offer that makes them stand out, or they will just fall into obscurity like many brands before them. Read on to find out our what impressions were.

The Bottles

Crave E-Juice’s bottles come in several different sizes. There are the 5ml sample sizes, the 30 ml large bottles, and even larger options at 120 and 240ml. So there are plenty of choices, but none that quite hit the sweet spot of 10 or 15ml. So you either get a sampling or enough for a few vaping sessions.

The PG/VG options are not as robust. For most of their flavors, you can get a 100% VG concentration that is certified organic. Or you can choose a 20/80 mix that heavily favors VG. Crave E-Juice definitely favors the organic natural route, meaning that if you don’t like the VG base, then you aren’t going to like what they offer.

The Juices

The VG base also means a sweeter vapor. VG is naturally slightly sweet, and it definitely has an impact on the company’s flavor line. Crave E-Juice goes for a dessert and fruit themed menu over something more varied wand tobacco-filled.

So if you are looking for tobacco flavors or less sweet flavors, you will probably have to go elsewhere, but Crave has you covered for organic, fruity and dessert flavors. Let’s dive into our reviews for some of the individual flavors.

Snickelfritz- This is one of the unique flavors that Crave E-Juice offers. The kiwi and watermelon flavors mix together nicely and provide a pleasant kick throughout. The tangy aftertaste will stick with you for a while afterwards.

Mint- The nice, cool flavor is very welcome, but it does have a tendency to burn if you aren’t careful. It is one of those juices that you have to regulate very closely, otherwise, you just get an unpleasant taste.

French Vanilla- This one starts out a little strong for our tastes. The coffee beans are too pungent and bitter at first, but they are quickly replaced by a smooth, creamy flavor once the vanilla kicks in.

Banana- This one has the pleasant taste of spiced bananas to it, but like some of the other flavors, it burns too easily.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Crave E-Juice prices their e-liquids pretty cheap. The 5ml bottles run for $3.50 in Canadian dollars, which works out to just over $3.00 USD. That’s on the low-end of the market range, and their larger bottles are priced just as reasonably.

That said, they are not making a high-end product like the similarly organic Virgin Vapor or some of their other competitors. The low price is justified and you really feel that you are getting what you pay for. We don’t mean that in an entirely positive light either.

A lot of the flavors have a tendency to burn if they are under .5 ohm. The problem is that not all of them burn at the same temperature, so you will just have to test them out and see for yourself. It is definitely annoying having to watch your power while you are vaping and to have to change it when you switch out flavors.


  • Mostly organic flavors, which means healthier vaping
  • A nice variety of fruity and dessert flavors, most of which are successful
  • A few of the flavors offer great hits
  • Plenty of options for bottle size
  • Low Price


  • Lack of options for those who want something other than VG bases
  • Many of the flavors, especially the fruit ones burn too easily
  • Their liquids are inconsistent, sometimes requiring a few minutes before the right flavor kicks in

We have to say that there are definitely better options out there. It is nice to see some organic-themed competition to Virgin vapor, but Crave just doesn’t hold a candle to what they do over there. The price is decent though, so if you want that safer, healthier vaping experience and you don’t have a lot to spend, then you may want to give them a try.

Published: October 16, 2017


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