Artisan Cloud E-Juice Review – How’s the Taste

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Artisan Cloud Vaporizer E-Juice Review

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It’s really quite amazing what e-liquid makers have managed to capture in vapor: foods, fruits, sodas, drinks, and even cereal! We’ll take a look at the famous cereal line by Artisan Clouds that features 4 flavors of yummy breakfast cereals. Cereal flavors are beloved childhood memories for many vapers, so it makes sense to try and turn them into e-liquid. How well does Artisan Clouds succeed? Read on to find out:

Artisan Clouds – Berry

This is Artisan Clouds’ best seller and rightfully so. After a few hits, I already knew this could be an all-day vape e-liquid because the mix of berries is extremely pleasant. You can distinctly taste the strawberry and blueberry flavors with a hint of milk on the draw and then taste other berries on the exhale. It has the feeling of a premium e-liquid and shines at the fullness of the berry flavor. I would only vape this e-juice at low nicotine levels, however; a strong throat hit may ruin the overall experience.

Artisan Clouds – Honey

I was scratching my head wondering how Artisan Clouds was able to capture this authentic honey taste.  The honey flavor comes nicely on the inhale, stays till the exhale, and then lingers through the aftertaste. This wonderful honey taste is accompanied by subtle notes of nuts, cereal and cream on each draw. This is the sweeter version of my childhood breakfast favorite, so it’s fortunate that this e-liquid doesn’t come loaded with all the extra calories.

Artisan Clouds – Crispy

Oh yes, this definitely gets it spot-on! The sugary taste of dry cereal comes through with a mixture of rice puffs and cream. The milk taste is very authentic and has the cool effect of having little bits of grainy cereal to them. The hint of marshmallows on the exhale makes you keep on vaping this e-liquid till the last drop.

Artisan Clouds – Fruit

The citrusy taste of cherry, lemon, and orange is a perfect combination of the yummy cereal milk taste that greets your taste buds on every draw. I’ve tasted many e-liquids where the citrus flavor seems to overpower the overall taste, but the Artisan Clouds version was spot on and masterfully created this wonderful combination. This almost made me want to chew and swallow while vaping.

Two thumbs up for Artisan Clouds for doing a great job in creating this cereal line-up. I’m excited to follow what they will offer in the upcoming months for their customers; a dessert line perhaps? I have tested other cereal flavors from many other e-liquid makers and many fail even to come close to the premium feel of Artisan Cloud e-liquids. If you’re looking for a morning treat, look no further.

Published: December 6, 2016


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