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Selection: 96%

Quality of Flavors: 88%

Value for Money: 93%

Our Verdict: Coming from one of our top e-cigarette brands for 2015, the Apollo E-liquid offers an array of affordable flavors that is bound to match any vaper’s search for their new fave. While their selection is limited to a 50-50 VG-PG mix (this bounds the choices of vapers between stronger flavor and vape production), Apollo E-liquid is still one superior preference for beginners and advanced vapers alike. 

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Apollo’s Best E-Juices:


apollo watermelonFruity and refreshingPrice: $13.95/30 ml

Apollo’s Watermelon flavor is so far one of the best they have got on their list. It smells very much like real, ripe, and juicy watermelons that you would just love to divulge in during a sunny day. The flavor is just as sweet and refreshing, but not overpowering and artificial.

Vapor production is of great quality—the flavor and aftertaste make the clouds of vape more satisfying. It does not taste like candy or chewing gum, making it a perfect flavor for fruit lovers and anyone who wants some natural sweetness as they vape.

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Baja Burst

apollo-baja-burstTangy, tropical limePrice: $13.95/30ml

If you are fond of fruity flavors but not so much on the sweet side, the Baja Burst Apollo E-liquid is a perfect blend for you. Combining the fruity and tangy taste of a Mountain Dew and a Margarita, the Baja Burst was derived from the Baja Blast, a tropical juice drink offered by Taco Bell. For many people, Citrus is an exceptional fruit flavor that is equally sweet and sour, and the Baja Burst is a mix of both worlds and is a fantastic everyday vape juice.

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Menthol Breeze

apollo-menthol-breezeCool and mintyPrice: $13.95/30ml

Just what any menthol vaper would look for, the Apollo E-liquid Menthol Breeze has a cool and minty taste for all-day vaping. The quality and quantity of the vapor is the same with other e-juices, which is a lot given the price of this juice. Apollo recommends mixing Menthol Breeze with other flavors, which when we tried with cherry added zest and sweetness to the whole menthol flavor.

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apollo-ry4Caramelly tobaccoPrice: $13.95/30ml

Tobacco with a twist of vanilla and caramel: that is what the RY4 is all about. This e-juice is somewhat sweet to the taste given its added mix, and can be a little too powerful for anyone who is used to smoking the real tobacco or vaping the plain and strong tobacco flavor. Probably mixing it with their Classic Tobacco will make the tobacco flavor a bit more distinguishable. Nonetheless, the taste is as succulent as your favorite caramel and vanilla dessert—creamy and sweet, and a lot of vapers will love it.

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Banana Cream

apollo-banana-creamSweet bananaPrice: $13.95/30ml

Another flavor for the sweet tooth, the Banana Cream is Apollo’s e-juice version of the banana split. This flavor got close to the real thing, as its taste is smooth and creamy. It is a good after meal vape or an occasional taste of the banana split sweetness, but we believe is not suitable for everyday, all day vaping.

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Meet the Apollo E-Liquid

Brand: Apollo has been manufacturing e-cigs since their establishment in 2008. As to when they began their journey towards creating their line of e-juice is pretty vague, but we are assuming that they did a few years after that. Apollo lives by one major goal, which is to provide their customers ‘with products and services that deliver the best possible vaping experience’.

Apollo boasts of having their laboratory and factory where they make their products, unlike other brands that import low-quality e-liquid into their stores and mark them as their own. Their customer support is rather quick and responsive, which makes transactions a breeze with this brand—whether you are asking for advice on which e-liquid to purchase, or trying to learn about their products.

Bottles and Flavors: Apollo E-liquids are available 10 ml and 30 ml bottles at $5.95 and $13.95, respectively. Perhaps it’s because of the affordability of their juice which is why their packaging is a simple plastic bottle with a small nozzle for doing refills. They have droppers and glass bottles for the Fa-Q series, but not on the standard e-liquids we are reviewing.

The plastic bottles, on the lighter side, are less prone to breakage.

Apollo offers five nicotine levels (0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg) for five flavor groups (tobacco, fruit, menthol, dessert, and drink) of quality blends.

Flavors are relatively sweet—even with some of their tobacco flavors—so anyone who is more of the strong-tobacco-less-sweet taste will have to wait a bit for Apollo to release more neutral tobacco-inclined flavors. In the meantime, their Classic Tobacco, Classic Tobacco Menthol, Sahara, American Cigar, Simply Tobacco, and Turkish Blend will suffice for a round of flavorful vaping.

With a 50-50 VG-PG mix, the vapor production using these e-juices is fairly remarkable. As mentioned earlier, they do not offer other VG-PG ratios, but hey, they have a special line of e-liquids for low resistant vaping where you can chase those clouds for as long as you want.

Additional Details

Apollo E-liquid is a quality brand of e-juices that are offered at pretty affordable prices. Their selection is great, with a lot of flavors to choose from, only a bit inclined to the sweet side of everything. They have terrific fruit flavors and tobacco blends, and every flavor is available in 10ml and 30ml bottles. Apollo also has five nicotine levels to choose from.

However, a pretty small downside apart from the sweetness of the flavors is the lack of options in terms of VG-PG ratios. Those who want a stronger throat hit (that can be attained by flavor and higher PG) are left to choose from their existing neutral tobacco blends since they do not have e-liquids with higher PGs.

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Published: August 19, 2015


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