Minion Vape Mod Kit Review — The Perfect Build


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: August 30, 2021

Minion Vape Mod Kit desktop

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
Classic-Silver, Hot Red, Aqua Blue, Tiffanny Blue, Pearl Green, Purple Rain, Pretty in Pink, Black Gloss, Pearl White, Grunge Splatter Green
Battery Capacity:
3000 mAh
20mm x 157 mm
Thread type:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Long battery life
  • Elegant design, durable build, affordable price


  • Not very customizable

Starting Price: $ 49.95

Mig Vapor Minion is a small, virtually concealable mod that offers decent power but at the same time is not too complicated. It is elegant, durable and offers a good vaping experience. The Minion Vape Mod is well worth looking into for vapers that are searching for a portable and powerful vaping companion. With a purchase of this mod, consumers will also get a Minion 30W battery, a micro USB charger, two sub-ohm coils (0.5Ω), a stainless steel mouthpiece, a 3 mL tank tube, a tank base, and a user manual to assist in assembly and usage.

The kit includes several accessories to take user’s vaping experience to the next level. It is also sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Friends are sure to be jealous when someone whips this vape out of their pocket. This tube mod kit comes in ten different colors. There is black, silver, and elegant pearl white for lovers of a traditional appearance. There are also brighter colors for those looking to make a statement. These solid brighter colors include hot red, aqua blue, tiffany blue, pearl green, purple rain, and pretty in pink. The last color is green splatter, which features the pearl green color with hot red splatters all over, looking a bit like blood on an alien.

Upon checkout, the purchaser has the option to add an additional 5 sub-ohm coils for a discounted price to save for later. The quality to price comparison of this mod kit is hard to beat. It will not break the bank, but it will surely break a consumer’s everyday vaping routine by providing a thrilling new vaping experience.

Mig Vapor Minion Mod: Build and Design

Minion Vape Mod Kit desktop

Those who enjoy smooth, warm and instant vape instead of having to tinker with 21 different buttons and a dozen different settings will love Minion Vape Mod’s minimalist design. On top of that, it is extremely elegant as well as durable, thanks to the stainless steel finish. Even the mouthpiece is made of stainless steel, so vapers do not have to worry about breaking the drip-tip in case of drop the mod accidentally.

Performance of the Minion Vape Mod

Minion Vape Mod Kit Design image

At 20–30 watts the Mig Vapor’s Minion might not be the most powerful mod, but it does the job. What is more, it offers an extremely long battery life, mainly because it is not excessively powerful. The 3000mAh battery will surely last for several hours of chain vaping and can last for days for intermittent vapers.

Another great thing about the mod is that in addition to the sub-ohm 0.05 coils, it also works with 0.5 ohms, gold-plated coils at the bottom. Therefore, users can rest assured to get a smooth, powerful flavor every time they vape because of the great contact.

Battery Life of the Minion

The Minion’s battery in collaboration with its atomizer produces a lot of heat, which can be extremely dangerous. To ensure both personal safety and proper functioning of the mod, there is a temperature control mechanism that shuts off the gadget when the temperature rises above 170F. In that case, the mod will not work until the temperature lowers back to its normal range. Since the power button is very easy to press, one should always turn the mod off by pressing the fire button five times consecutively when it is just sitting in a pocket. Once the mod is shut off like this, it will not turn back on until the user presses that center button five times again. This protects the user from accidentally turning their mod on or off when they do not mean to.

Click here to download the full manual and instructions on how to use the Minion Vape Mod Kit

Fair Competitors of the Minion Mod Kit

Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

mig-vapor-morpheus-tube-Vape Mod starter-Kit image

The Morpheus Vape mod’s retail price is higher than the Minion Mod Kit. Like the Minion, this portable mod is built for vaporizing e-liquid juices. Two benefits of this mod is that it is capable of reaching 100 watts of power and comes with two different sub-ohm coils. However, it does not come in any fun colors, and its design is chunkier. When used at high wattage settings, its battery also dies much faster.

SMOK Stick X8 Vape Starter Kit


The SMOK Stick is a portable e-liquid vaporizer that is less expensive than the Minion Mod Kit. It comes in six different colors, which is less than the Minion but more than the Kamry. Like the Minion, its battery capacity is also 3000 mAh and it features a 510 connection. A downside of this kit is that it uses an 8-second cutoff as protection against overheating instead of a temperature. This can unnecessarily cut inhales short, even if the temperature is not too high.

Specifications of Minion Vape Mod Kit

Minion Vape Mod Kit
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
Minimum Resistance: 0.2Ω
Dimensions: 20mm x 157 mm
Maximum Wattage: 60W
Tank Capacity: 3.0ml
Thread Type: 510
Weight: 140g
Color: Classic-Silver, Hot Red, Aqua Blue, Tiffanny Blue, Pearl Green, Purple Rain, Pretty in Pink, Black Gloss, Pearl White, Grunge Splatter Green
E-liquid Filling: Inject e-liquid from bottom
Connection: Gold-plated brass electrode

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Elegant design, durable build, affordable price
  • Long battery life
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Good, smooth flavor

The Negatives

  • Not very customizable
  • Frustrating temperature control mechanism

Minion Vape Mod Final Verdict

Users want three things in a mod: an elegant, durable build; good performance; and affordable price. As for the design, the Mig Vapor’s Minion Kit gets full marks. Although it offers great flavor and smooth vape, it is not a high-powered mod, and you cannot chain vape it for extended periods of time as it gets too hot. And as for the price, it is not expensive for such a high-quality portable mod kit. All said and done, the Minion Mod is recommended to new or intermediate vapers.

Published: March 14, 2016Updated: August 30, 2021

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