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by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: July 29, 2021

Vandy Vape Simple Ex desktop

Review Score: 73/100

Price Range:
Black, blue, green, pink, ultem
Battery Capacity:
up to 20 watts
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Small and portable
  • Small and portable
  • Multiple drip tips that can be used


  • Does not have the highest of power as it maxes out at 20 watts.

The Vandy Vape Simple Ex is an extra small zinc alloy and plastic squonk vape mod that defines simplicity. The compact squonk device fits easily in your pocket or hand. It has adjustable air flow, a long battery life, and a great quality build. It’s powered by a built-in battery and features an OLED screen that displays the battery life and voltage settings.

This device also comes with multiple drip tips. This allows the user to change the mouthpiece whenever they want. This device is ideal for high nicotine e-liquids and for vapers who enjoy a mouth-to-lung experience.


The Vandy Simple Ex device is just that: simple. It comes in five stylish color designs: Amber, black, blue, green, and pink. The magnetic bottom feed door cover matches the top cap of the RDA on whichever color you choose.
The device is a tiny internal 850mAh battery semi-adjustable squonk mod and a small mouth to lung RDA.

Vandy Vape Simple Ex desktop

The Simple EX allows the operator to change the output of the device from 3.3V, 3.6V, 3.9V, 4.2V, and 4.5V. The lower voltage pairs with vape juice that has higher nic mg. The device has the ability to get up to 20 watts of power. The lower wattage in power is due to not having to purchase a battery outside of buying this mod. It also has to do with the smaller design because there is no need to fit such a large, powerful battery in this mod.

The battery takes 50 minutes to 2 hours to fully charge. It can be charged by plugging in the USB cable that comes with the device or any other USB cable the user owns.
The unit also comes with a stainless-steel top cap. This allows the user to change drip tips, the part of the vape that you breathe the juice in from, to customize their own vaping style. The two different drip tips that the top cap can hold are the 4mm PC 510 drip tip and the 3 mm Delrin 510 Drip Tip. Both these drip tips come with the kit.
The small, capable, and stylish mod will give the user a great vaping experience with little problems.

What does the kit include?

The kit comes with one simple ex squonk mod, one simple ex RDA, one stainless-steel top cap, one pc drip tip, one delrin drip tip, one instructional manual, one spare parts bag, two superfine MTL fused Clapton coils and a warranty card.

Vandy Vape Simple EX starter kit image

This BF squonk kit comes with great coils and two different, interchangeable, drip tips. The consumer is getting their money’s worth by purchasing this device.

How to use

This device can be used with either nicotine salts or freebase liquids. Freebase liquids provide more of a throat hit, but if you want a smoother hit use nicotine salts. When using nicotine salts, it’s important to remember that the higher the strength, the lower the voltage you should use. This means the airflow should reduce as well.
The device is small and easy to use. The display screen shows the battery life and the output voltage using zero to five bars full.

Vandy Vape Simple EX green image

The top cap is used to adjust the airflow settings. There are six different settings that should be changed depending on the type of juice being used. The higher that the mg nic salt is the lower the airflow setting should be. The makers of the device have recommended that the most common nic salts of 50-60 mg should have 0.6 mm airflow. Another common nic salt mg is 30-40 mg. This should have 0.8 mm airflow. The RDA’s six airflow openings range from 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm which means the airflow can be closed for a tight MTL draw or opened for a restricted DL hit.


The Vandy Vape Simple Ex is used like most other vapes out there. The user simply holds the button at the top of the device and on the opposite side of the display screen and he puts his mouth to the edge of the drip tip to suck in the vapor.

Vaping experience with the Vandy Vape Simple Ex

The 4 ml pod works with salt nic juice or freebase juice. Once the bottle is filled with juice the airflow and voltage can be manually adjusted to fit the nic mg. The higher the nic mg the lower the voltage and air flow. Because the device maxes out at 20 watts, the clouds will not be as big as some vapers may want, but the flavor is maintained from the juice extremely well due to the MTL fused Clapton coil. Flavor and overall performance are excellent across the board, especially since you can personalize your vaping experience by adjusting the airflow range.

Internal building quality and design

The zinc and plastic manufacture of the Vandy Vape Simple EX mod give it a solid look and feel despite the light weight and small size. The buttons work well although the fire button rattles when it is pressed.

Vandy Vape Simple EX colors image

The display screen provides a five bar visual for the battery level and voltage settings. The Vandy permits firing in increments of 0.3-volts, between 3.3 and 4.5 volts.
The display screen has a nice tint to it, allowing easy viewing indoors but making it a bit difficult to see in direct sunlight.

How long will the battery last?

The Vandy Vape Simple Ex uses a standard 850mAh battery. The battery life is good on the device as after an entire 4 ml of liquid has been vaped the unit still has two bars in the battery indicator on the display screen.

This unit takes 1-2 hours to fully charge it, but the user can vape while it is on the charger. It is charged by plugging the unit into any USB cable.


The Vandy Vape Simple Ex arrives with two 1.24ohm superfine MTL fused Clapton coils. Claptons, named after Eric Clapton the famous guitar player, has a special structure. The wire is high gage and very thin, tightly wound around the very thick core made of low-gage wire.

Vandy Vape Simple EX coils image

This method of manufacture increases the surface area of the coil. This minimizes any increased resistance that ordinary wire would cause.
When you press the fire button, lower resistance provides you with a larger heated surface area, vaporizing more e-juice per firing.

The thicker low-resistance wire in the core allows most of the current to flow smoothly, encountering little resistance. The hotter inner core wire needs less current to heat up quickly.
The biggest downside of the Clapton wire is that it takes a while to get up to the vaping temperature. You’ll also go through more e-liquid.

RDA on Vandy Vape Simple Ex

The rebuildable dripping atomizer is responsible for heating the liquid and turning it into vapor.

Vandy Vape Simple EX RDA image

The Simple Ex RDA is adjustable and there are recommended voltages for specific liquids: 10-20 mg nic salts are for 4.2 volts 2 mm airflow, 20-30 mg nic salts 3.9 volts 1.5 mm airflow, 30-40 mg nic salts 3.6 volts 1 mm airflow, 40-50 mg nic salts 3.3 volts 0.8 mm airflow, and 50-60 mg nic salts 3.3 volts 0.6 mm airflow.


Simple Ex vs. Pulse 80W

The Pulse 80W is a slightly larger mod. This allows for the mod to have a larger display screen and a higher wattage power.

Pulse 80w by Vandy Vape colors

The Pulse has 80 watts of power allowing for large amount of clouds whereas the Simple Ex has only 20 watts of power. The Pulse also has a lower resistance range allowing for higher nic salt mg. It has .05 to 3-ohm resistance, but the Simple Ex has .08 to 3-ohm resistance. Overall, the Pulse is a bigger and more expensive choice.

Vandy Vape Simple EX Specifications

Battery Capacity: 850mAh
Working Voltage: 3.2 to 4.2v
Coil Resistance Range: 0.8 - 3 ohms
Size: 42 x 58.5 x 24mm
Working current: up to 6.5 amps
Power: up to 20 watts
Silicone Squonk Bottle: 4mL
Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Ultem Black, Pink

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Small and portable
  • Great battery life
  • Multiple drip tips that can be used
  • Overall build quality is a strong structure that should not break from dropping it a couple of times

The Negatives

  • Dark display screen that only shows the remaining battery life and output voltage, but no resistance reading
  • Does not have the highest of power as it maxes out at 20 watts
  • Condensation builds up in the drip tips making it harder to vape making the device look less appealing


This device has an excellent design, is easy to use and very portable. It has a low wattage power which will not allow for the production of huge clouds, but it still has higher wattage power compared to vaping pens. Other mods focus solely on clouds and do not worry about giving the user personalization or comfort. A slim fit in the palm of your hand and adjustable settings create a great vaping mod, with a perfect MTL draw, excellent flavor and good battery life.

Published: July 19, 2019Updated: July 29, 2021

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