Xfire Vape: An Intuitive Beginner Cart Mod


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: November 6, 2020

VD Xfire Vape Open

Review Score: 93/100

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Rose, Gold Silver
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  • Small, portable, and discrete
  • Using it is effortless


  • Overheats too easily

The Xfire Vape from Xfire Inc. is a portable cartridge mod that is draw-activated and uses pods that hold 0.75 ml of e-liquid.

The cartridges are non-refillable and last 200 puffs. Four flavors are currently available. They are non-refillable and are thrown away when depleted. The pen is powered by a 210 mah battery that takes half an hour to recharge.

Vaping Experience Review

The Xfire e-cig is a portable and draw-activated pod mod that uses non-refillable pods available in four flavors. The entire pen, pods included, is very light, making it comfortable to carry. A 210 mah battery is used to power the pen, and the pod capacity is 0.75 ml. The pods come in four flavors, and they have very high nicotine content.

These are nice looking mods that have a slim and ergonomic look to them. The color scheme is also pretty good. Some areas in these products need improvement, but overall, this is not a bad mod to get.

Vapor Production

Vapor production with this mod is average. It does not produce thick clouds of vapor, but it is not an underperformer, either.

The drag is very smooth, which makes up for any lack of vapor production. Airflow accurately mimics the pulls one would take from a cigarette, making this product suitable for former tobacco users.

VD Xfire Vape Open

Cloud chasers should look for something else if they want to fill a room full of vapor. To get the biggest possible cloud, take a slow and deep drag.

Safety Features

This vape does not have many features, but it does have eight-second auto shut off. If the mod is puffed for more than eight seconds, the light will blink five times, and the pen will shut off automatically. Also, if there is a connection issue between the mod and pod, the light will blink three times.

Unboxing the Starter Kit

This starter kit is bare-bones, only coming with the battery and USB recharger dock. The pods have to be bought separately.

VD Xfire Vape Starter Kit

Internal Build Quality and Design

The quality of the build, excluding the pod, is excellent, and so is the overall design. It feels solid in hand, and it is small enough to be concealed. Its small size makes it an excellent mod for vapers who want something stealthy.

Xfire Vape Battery and Charger Performance

The battery is 210 mah, and it has to be charged several times a day. It is not an all-day vape. But, the advantage is that it only takes 30 to 40 minutes to charge.

The battery light indicator glows white when it is being vaped, and red when it needs to be recharged. It will flash eight times when it dies.

Xfire Vape Pods Performance

The nicotine strength is five percent (50 mg), and pod capacity is 0.75 ml. This amount should be good enough for a day or two of vaping, or 200 puffs.

They use silica for wicking instead of cotton. Occasionally, there may be some problems with spit back and juice dribbling out of the mouthpiece.

VD Xfire Vape Pods

But this does not happen very often. If it happens with the same pod repeatedly, throw it in the waste bin. It is likely a dud.

The only significant issue with this product is that coils get too hot if it is chain vaped. This pod vape cannot handle chain vaping at all. Doing so will lead to burnt hits with every drag.

Available Juices

Not many juices are available for this mod. Select between mango, mint, fruit punch, and tobacco. These liquids contain glycerol, propylene glycol, flavor, and nicotine. Mango and fruit punch are not that bad, but they do not stand out either. However, the mint and tobacco juices are outstanding. They are by far the best pods of the four. It is just too bad that the others are not as good.

How to Use the Xfire Vape

This device is very intuitive. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Put the pod in the mod
  2. Light will flash when pod is properly plugged in
  3. Take a draw to turn it on
  4. Recharge when needed

How to Recharge the Xfire E-Cig

  • Plug USB charger into a power source
  • Place vape onto the charger’s charging dock
  • The magnetic connection between vape in the charger keeps the vape secure
  • Light changes from red to white when fully charged

Is the Xfire Vape Available Now?

The Xfire e-cig is available right now, and it can be found on several websites. It is widely available, and online vapers should have no trouble finding it.

Competing Products

Xfire Vape vs. Juul

Juul set the standard for cartridge products, and they continue to be a hot buy even with so many competitors on the market. Juul pods contain nearly the same amount of liquid as Xfires vapes, and they come with four cartridges.

New Pod Vape MOTI Juul Review

Xfire Vape kits only have the battery and the charger. Xfire Vapes may look cheaper, but the money saved will be spent on carts, so no money is saved.

Additionally, Juul has five flavors available, and they are of slightly better quality. Plus, Juul customers can choose between three and five percent nicotine concentrations.

Xfire Vape vs. KandyPens Rubi

The KandyPens Rubi has several advantages over the Xfire’s pod mod, but the Xfire e-cig has a few benefits. The Rubi uses larger 1 ml carts that last longer and are refillable.

VD KandyPens Rubi Open

They are also liquid and oil compatible. Rubi mods also never leak or spit back liquid. Spitback happens with the Xfire pod mod, if infrequently, but it can happen.

However, the Xfire pod mod is smaller than the Rubi, making it slightly more comfortable to hold and easier to transport.

Xfire Vape Specifications

Battery Capacity: 210mAh
Pod Capacity: 0.75mL
Sizes: 80.7 mm x 18 mm x 7.8 mm
Weight: 12.6 grams
Nicotine Level: 5% (50mg)
Colors: Rose, Gold Silver

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Using it is effortless
  • Small, portable, and discrete
  • Solid airflow

The Negatives

  • Few flavor options
  • Overheats too easily
  • No carts included with the kit

Final Thoughts on the Xfire Vape

The Xfire cart mod is a suitable choice for beginner vapers transitioning from tobacco or people who want something more simple than a box mod. It is draw activated, and the pods slide in easily. There is no refilling to do. Once they are done, throw them away.

These pods last long enough to get the user through the day, and they have enough nicotine to sate even the strongest cravings. There are a few areas needing improvement, though. The biggest drawback is the low battery life. It continually needs to be on the charger. Also, it would be nice if they had more flavors, and it would be even better if the kit included a pod or two.

We want to know what our readers think about this device. If you have tried it, leave a comment below detailing your vaping experience. Share your opinion about this vape, whether it is good or bad.

Published: November 3, 2020Updated: November 6, 2020

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